World of Warcraft top 10 best addons in 2017

So you’ve been playing World of Warcraft for a while now. But are you sure you’re already doing things right and having the time of your life?

How about some perks to make your gameplay even smoother and easier? Well, below are the best 10 WoW add-ons that makes playing the game even more fun:

Master Plan

Designed to modify the Garrison Missions UI, Master Plan is an add-on launched in 2014 for the “Warlords of Draenor” expansion. This allows you to figure out what needs to be done like suggesting parties to let you maximize mission rewards or increase the chance of a single mission success by 20%. What’s more, it aids your followers by showing the threats of the mission they’re facing and giving them the best solutions for the said threats. It also features a “followers” tab that gives you armour upgrade options for your followers and what you want to do with your traits.


When it comes to providing enhanced mailing system support, Postal is the add-on for it. This add-on lets you track all of your characters in the mailing system as well as the last twenty people you’ve sent mail to. If you prefer shortcuts in the system, Postal implements them to make the process easier and quicker. There are definitely lots of benefits with this add-on, including removing items or money from your mail without any fuss, swiftly moving an item in your inventory to a mail letter, opening your mail in one click, and more.

World Quest Tracker

The World Quest Tracker shows the available world quests as well as different filters and functions. One filtering option is to help you hunt down those annoying Kirin Tor an Wardens quests and allow you to prioritize quest rewards. It also provides a great way to gain better gear, more order resources, additional power for your class artifact weapons and give perks for your character in Legion. Basically, World Quest Tracker is the best add-on for managing your quests.


If you need an add-on to alert you to threats and potential damages to your character, then GTFO is the answer for that. It gives out an audible alert in cases where you’re standing over a trap or if you’re about to be dealt with damage. Which means it’s a good mod for improving your situational awareness, teaching you to be always on alert. It’s also particularly useful when you play with your spell graphics turned down. What’s more, it’s good for assisting with PvP when you can’t tell who’s casting the AOE.


A bag replacement add-on, Bagnon is designed to help you find items quickly and easily. It eliminates the need for having several bags by combining your bags into one bag and allowing you to view your bank remotely, as well as checking your alt’s banks from your main character. The Bagnon shows the contents of all your bags in just one simple window – with convenient functions like sort, vendor grey and gold montering. Definitely the most easy-to-use and highly functional WoW bag add-on out there.

WeakAuras 2

A powerful and flexible framework, WeakAuras lets you display highly customizable graphics on your screen to indicate buffs, debuffs, and other host of similar types of information. It was supposed to be a lightweight replacement for PowerAuras, but turned out to be much better than its predecessor. WA2 works in a way that it is an intuitive and powerful configuration interface which gives you different highly functional customization options, such as custom textures from Power Auras and the new Cataclysm spell alerts, CPU optimizations, preset and user-defined animations, and a whole lot more.


Recount is a recommended add-on when playing WoW and considered as the most popular of the damage meter add-ons because of its simplicity. This mod improves your gaming experience by letting you know what kind of damage you’re doing compared to others. It gives you the opportunity to look into your character’s abilities and gear, allowing you to make necessary tweaks. It can even break down specific information like the dps, hps and overall damage. As such, it makes for a great addition to your GUI to make sure that you’re keeping up with your teammates.


If you’re looking for an add-on that will make the use of auction house easy and smooth, Auctionator is the recommended mod. It presents the auction house listings of items such as materials, cloths or other ingredients you have searched in a clear and simple manner, eliminating the tedious process of posting and managing auctions. It’s no secret that finding the right items you need at a decent price can be a struggle, but this add-on makes it easy by displaying them in a relevant order (lowest price first, time left on auction etc). A definite must-have.

Bartender 4

Bartender4 is a full ActionBar replacement add-on. It provides all the features you need to fully customize most aspects of your action and related bars. Basically, its function is to replace WoW’s standard action bar that holds your character’s moves, and help you customize it to the way you want. With this mod, you’re also able to adjust the scale and colour of your bars’ buttons, and even hide unwanted information that comes with the action buttons. You’ll also have the freedom to put related actions next to each other and enhance your character’s output in the game. Although you may find yourself tweaking with the add-on a bit to fully customize, but it’s truly worth it when the results finally come in.

Deadly Boss Mod (DBM)

Deadly Boss Mod is downright the best add-on in this list. It’s a very important addon when it comes to serious raiding as it is designed to give visual, graphic and audio alerts during raid boss encounters. Not just simple alerts either. They range from specific boss moves, changes in the fight (phases), minion spawns, buffs and debuffs and a whole lot more. The mod alerts you when something bad is about to happen, essentially keeping you alive in the game. What’s more, it suggests the right time for you to use your special damage reduction abilities with long cool downs. And the best part is that it alerts you to move away from the incoming area of effect damage coming from the boss. Now, is it still a wonder why it’s the best add-on in the list?

Our final thoughts

Having these add-ons while playing WoW truly help in improving your gaming experience. It also gives you an edge against other players. But what’s important is to learn how to customize them, especially the DBM, so you’ll be able to take advantage of their full potential and breeze through the game.

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