World of Warcraft: Best Races and Classes Combo

You already know the distinctive races and classes in World of Warcraft. Now it’s time to see their best combinations.

Did I pique your curiosity? Well, here, they are ranked based on their expertise and level of power.

Let’s take a Look:

Dwarf Paladin

The paladins are a hybrid class with the ability to play all three major roles – DPS, healing and tanking. Because of this, they have auras, blessings and seals that provide useful buffs for other players while wearing plate armor to heavily mitigate damage and strong defensive abilities. Which is why the dwarves are a good race for them. The dwarves have some useful abilities. They have a natural resistance to Frost magic and can temporarily turn into stone to neutralize ailments and reduce damage taken. Definitely a good reason to go for this combo, and why I made the Dwarf Paladin the 9th place in this list.

Orc Shaman

Shamans are jack-of-all-trades, making them a hybrid of many abilities rather than a class with one specialized role. They can do a lot of things like fighting, healing, dealing out direct damage, and even causing damage over time. While they’re very versatile, shamans aren’t known to be powerful. Which means you’ll need to settle on a race that will compliment. Orcs come to mind in an instant. With Blood Fury which allows them to fly into a rage that increases their attack power for a short time, orcs are the best race for this class. It also doesn’t hurt they have the ability to recover from stuns quickly. An Orc Shaman is a sure winner in my book.

Gnome Mage

Spunky and oftentimes eccentric, gnomes are known to be a nimble race. This racial trait allows them the skill to escape cunning traps. They are curious and brilliant, enabling them to be experts in gizmos, gadgets and gimmicks. Like the gnomes, the mages are also quick. But while gnomes have a natural resistance to Arcane magic, the mages’ expertise lies on enhancing magic – Fire spells, Frost spells and Arcane magic. Their ability to enhance frost spells allow them to use sheets of ice to attack and even freeze their enemies during battle. One thing is for sure, a Gnome Mage is a very magical combo.

Human Warlock

Known as the defenders of the kingdom, the humans are among the younger races in Azeroth but get along well with other races. Humans are very adaptable and this trait earns them additional bonuses to all secondary stats from all sources. They may not be the most powerful of the bunch, but they have the ability to shake off debilitating stun effects. On the other hand, warlocks are known as the channelers of forbidden powers. They can improve the damage of their searing magic as well as increase the potency of their curses and persistent damaging spells. Their spells deliver fire and shadow damage, which hurt enemies instantly and with ongoing afflictions. During battle, warlocks are adept at summoning their allies to their presence – whether heroes or bloodthirsty demons. With this combined traits, you get a Human Warlock – which is a deadly combination.

Orc Warrior

One of the prolific races in Azeroth, Orcs have the abilities of increasing their attack power even at a short time and working well with their combat pets. What’s more, they recover from stun effects quicker than other races. On the other hand, the warriors are fighters trained in the art of weaponry. Called the Lords of War, they are skilled in melee combats and expected to wreak havoc during battle. Combining the abilities of the orcs with that of the warriors, the Orc Warrior is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Troll Hunter

The masters of voodoo and the inescapable stalkers makes for a great WoW combo. Trolls are berserkers, which gives them the ability to launch themselves into a frenzy and increase their attack while casting speed. They’re like hunters in a way that they hunt with keen awareness. Which what makes them an effective combo. Hunters excels in hunting by using venoms, traps and explosives to deal damage to their enemies. They are also skilled at using ranged weapons like gun, crossbows or bows. With the ability of the trolls to constantly replenish their health and the hunter’s ability to level up quickly, a troll hunter is definitely a win-win.

Night Elf Druid

There are actually four races suitable for the druid class: the night elf, tauren, troll and worgen. Personally, the best race for this particular class is the night elf. Mystical and powerful, the night elves can slip into the shadows which gives them the advantage of waiting for the right moment to strike. And their quickness gives them the chance to avoid physical attacks. Known as the master shapeshifters, the druids can easily take on the forms of a variety of beasts that can focus on different roles. They are also adept at healing, which is very useful during battles. Combine these traits with that of the night elf and you get yourself a fantastic combo.

Undead Death Knight

The second best combo in this list. Death knights are melee fighters that wield dark magic and runeforged weapons. They utilize enchanted rune weapons that enhance their abilities, making them powerful foes in the battlefield. They also deal large amounts of physical damage as well as being capable of withstanding the same amount of damage to protect their allies. But that’s not all. Death knights are known to spread infections and diseases among their enemies, giving themselves utmost advantage. With the ability to remove charm, fear and sleep effects at will, the undead is the perfect match to the death knights. They also have a natural resistance to Shadow magic and can even drain the life from their enemies to repair their own bodies. With these racial traits and features, you wouldn’t want to underestimate an Undead Death Knight.

Blood Elf Priest

Choosing the Blood Elf Priest combination gives you the best stand in the game. Which is why it landed the top spot in this list. It combines the preternatural talent for precision of the blood elf and the priest’s priestly Shadow magic – both of which can provide a great deal of magic when used. As a race, blood elves also have ability to disrupt magic and briefly silence enemy casters. They also have a natural resistance to arcane magic spells. On the other hand, the priests’ powerful connection with the minds and spirits of living beings gives them the ability to control and manipulate others. Having a combination of these impressive traits makes the Blood Elf Priest a highly powerful foe.

Our final thoughts

Playing World of Warcraft is definitely more fun if you know the best race and class combos that will help you level up smoothly and quickly. Now that you know which combo to use, do you think you’ll have what it takes to win the game? Well, I suggest taking note of the powerful combos in this list.

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