World of Warcraft: 10 Best Races In 2019

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There are classes, battle pets and quests in the World of Warcraft. But what about the races?

That said, would you rather be a stalwart defender of the Alliance, or a fierce guardian of the Horde? Whichever faction you choose, deciding what race to play in the World of Warcraft is very important.

If you’re a newbie and in need of a guide and still undecided on the race, here’s the updated list of the best races in 2018 for you to choose from – a countdown based on each race’s skills and strengths.

Now, read on to take your pick:


Moving a few spots down from number 5 is Tauren. Known as the honorable conservationists, the taurens are large, bovine humanoids dwelling in Kalimdor. They are a honorable, peaceful race and strive to preserve the balance of nature. They are also one of the most stalwart allies of the Horde, becoming fierce fighters when need be. As large, able-bodied warriors, they gain bonus for critical strikes. They can briefly stun their enemies by stomping and shaking the ground with their hooves. They are resistant to Nature magic.


Moving up a step is the Dwarf. Bold and courageous, dwarves are believed to be an ancient race descended from the earthen-beings of living stone created by the Titans. They are short and stout – shorter than humans but taller than gnomes – making them rely more on their strength and robustness. While dwarves are naturally composed and observant, they step up to the plate – be it work or combat – when the need arises. As explorers, dwarves are rewarded a skill bonus in archaeology as well as the ability to survey faster than the other races. Battlewise, they are quite powerful when dealing critical strikes and can even turn into a living stone to reduce damage and neutralize ailments.


If there’s a race of diminutive yet highly intelligent humanoids, it’s the gnomes. With curious and creative minds, they’re brilliant inventors and famous for their mastery when it comes to technology. The gnomes are also known as a clever, spunky and eccentric race with never-ending cheerful disposition even in the face of calamities. They’re dangerously quick, like the night elves, making them ideal escape artists. Even the most cunning traps can’t hold down these small and nimble creatures. What’s more, they’re naturally resistant to Arcane magic.


Previously on the number 2 spot is the Goblin. Goblins are covetous schemers. Once the slaves of jungle trolls, are gifted in crafting powerful artifacts of alchemy and engineering. Their love of money, technology and explosives makes them a highly dangerous race. They are cunning and intelligent, so never underestimate their small size. But due to their size, it’s easy for them to launch themselves to enemies in short distance. That said, they can also launch rockets to cause fire damage to their targets. With a natural affinity to hazardous materials, they get a bonus for Alchemy.


Previously on number 4 is the Troll. If there’s a race that has a seething hatred for other races, it’s none other than the trolls. Savage and mystical conspirators, the trolls can be found in every part of Azeroth. Although the Darkspear tribe is the exception. The playable trolls in WoW along with a small population of Shatterspear troll, this tribe serves as an ally to the orcs – even going as far as offering strategic advice and assisting with critical operations. When berserking, trolls can cast speed and increase their attack. They can also regenerate, allowing them to constantly replenish their health.


Moving up two spots is the Worgen. Known as cursed recluses, the worgens are the lupine beasts found the isolated kingdom of Gilneas, behind the formidable Greymane Wall. Before the night elves taught the worgens how to control their curse, they’ve been mindless savage beasts enslaved by their own primal instincts until they managed to shapeshift at will. Now self-disciplined, they serve as powerful allies to the Alliance. Worgens, as lupine beasts, fight ferociously using their viciousness and extremely sharp claws to attack the enemies. As a bonus, they are also naturally resistant to Nature and Shadow damage.


Previously holding the spot of number 6 is the Orc. Once enslaved to the Burning Legion to serve as unholy vanguards, the orcs one of the most prolific races in Azeroth and belong to the Horde faction. They freed themselves from the Legion’s and united under Thrall’s – the shaman warchief – guidance, they founded the nation of Durotar and the great city of Orgrimmar. Of course, the orcs are very skilled in combat. Not only can they use their rage to increase attack power, they are also resistant to stun effects and can recover quicker than other races. They work well with combat pets, after having tamed the large wolves of Draenor, and often use them for mounts during fights.

Blood Elf

The blood elves are called vengeful outsiders of the Horde faction. A race composed of former high elves, these creatures joined the Horde in the hopes of reuniting with Prince Kael’thas in Outland. With a preternatural talent for precision, the blood elves gain bonus for critical strikes. And not only are they skilled in the mystical arts, they can also disrupt magic which allows them to silence enemy casters. So it’s no surprise that they have a natural resistance to Arcane magic spells.

Night Elf

Taking a big leap from number 9 is the Night Elf. Like the dwarves, the night elves are an ancient race. Powerful and mystical, their ancestors were known as the founders of an advanced and magical civilization that once spanned the breadth of ancient Kalimdor. The night elves are known as the venerable guardians of the Alliance faction. In fact, the fate of Azeroth rests on their willingness and resilience to help other races. They are highly skilled, with the ability to resist Nature magic and slip into the shadows undetected. As if that’s not enough, they can also avoid physical attacks due to their quickness.


The undead – Forsaken for the independent undead – are a highly dangerous and powerful race. Which is why I chose it to be the top spot in this list. Much like the other races, the undead has a dark past and had to endure enslavement for a time. Under the guidance of Sylvanas Windrunner – former Ranger-General of Quel’thalas – they managed to establish the Undercity beneath the ruins of Lordaeron. Their abilities include shaking off any charm, sleep and fear effects as well as having a natural resistance to Shadow magic. What makes them absolutely powerful is the fact that they can drain the life from their enemies and use it to repair their own bodies.

Our final thoughts

Now, you know the different races in World of Warcraft. Have you made the choice yet? Personally, I’d go with either the Undead or the Blood Elf, considering how powerful they are. But whichever race you choose, make sure that it will give you the edge you need in playing the game and making it to the end. Good luck!

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