World of Warcraft: 10 Best Classes In 2019

So you already chose races, quests and pets in World of Warcraft. You’ve also learned about the toughest bosses in the game. What about the class? To help you with that, here’s the list of the best classes in WoW – ranked based on their skills and abilities to better help you decide.

Check them out:


A unique ranged DPS class in WoW, Hunters are non-magical damage-dealers. They fight their enemies at a distance, using their arrows and guns while commanding their pets to attack. Hunters restrain their enemies and deal damage by laying traps. They use Focus and Health as their resource bars. Whether it’s a crossbow or gun, they tend to be deadly with ranged weapons and can dish out high damage. Due to the strengths of their pets and their skills in dealing damage, hunters complete quests and level up effectively and quickly.


Damage-dealing spell-casters, Mages specialize in Ranged Damage and Area of Effect spells. They’re well known for teleporting portal to major cities and attacking enemies with Arcane incantations, which they sometimes use for additional protection. They keep their foes at bay by summoning bursts of fires, setting even distant targets ablaze. They use daggers, one-handed swords and wands as weapons, using their amazing speed to deal high amounts of damage. These spell-casters are also adept at controlling the battlefield, by freezing enemies in place, transforming enemies to critters or using waves of Arcane power.


Shapeshifting hybrid class, the druids can harness the powers of nature to preserve balance and protect life. They can even unleash nature’s raw energy to use against their enemies. It will either bind the enemies with enchanted vines, rain celestial fury or ensnare them with unrelenting cyclones. What’s great about the druids is that they are versatile combatants, allowing them to be a tank, damage-dealer and even a healer. They use daggers, mace, polearms and staves as weapons. The druids have the talent of improving the powers both of their natural and animal forms, which only enhances their ability to summon natural phenomena or increase the potency of their healing magic.


Masters of healing and preservation, priests can restore wounded allies, shield them in battle, and sometimes even resurrect them. They are a diverse and powerful class – being able to take on multiple roles – and use the powers of the Holy Light to purge and smite their enemies. While the priests are the best healing class in the game, they can also deal out strong damage potential, punishing their enemies with great amounts of damage or extreme pain. What makes the priests dangerous is that their spiritual connection to the minds of the living beings allows them to control and manipulate others.


Rogues are melee damage dealers. With an ability to be stealthy, rogues can sneak up on their enemies without being seen, which allows them to attack without a hitch. They are mercenaries and lethal assassins, relying on their brutal and efficient tactics and are free of conscience. Their weapons include daggers, one-handed maces, swords, axes and fist weapons. Because of their stealth they can one-up their enemies in the battlefield by dishing out surprise attacks and causing catastrophic damage with their weapons.

Death Knight

Death Knights are melee fighters like the rogues. They wield dark magic and enchanted rune weapons, which they also use to enhance their abilities. They are heralds of doom, spreading infections and disease among their enemies while using dark magic to heal in battle. That said, they can also increase damage and spell attacks or summon minions during fights. They can also bolster their defensive abilities by forging runes into their blades to increase their power.


A hybrid class that can be a healer, tanker and DPS, the Paladins use auras, blessings and seals for mitigating damage and forging strong defensive abilities. They’re considered holy knights or blood knights. As such, they are even more able to empower their healing. Paladins are known to protect their weaker allies by directing the attention of the enemies to themselves as well as by standing directly in front of the former, relying instead on their heavy armour for defence. They also have potent healing abilities, to keep themselves and their allies in shape during battle, all the while dealing out vicious damage.


Channelers of forbidden powers, Warlocks dish out fire and shadow damage through spells. They are skilled at summoning allies – whether true allies or bloodthirsty demons – to fight beside them and strengthen their defense. They use a combination of dark magic and crippling illnesses to weaken their enemies. If attacked, they let their demon pets take the brunt of the damage to save their own skin. As magical creatures, warlocks can increase the potency of their curses and damaging spells as well as empower their pets.


Highly trained in the art of weaponry, Warriors are melee fighters that are quick and strong on the battlefield. In fact, melee combat is their strongest skill. As such, they are tough to kill. They use shield to improve their defenses and strengthen their deadliness with two-handed weapons. On the other hand, they employ dual-wielding to bolster their savagery. Warriors also depend on rage to maximize their effectiveness in battle, which allow them to deliver crushing attacks on their enemies.


The shamans are a hybrid class specializing in melee damage-healing, offensive spellcasting and healing. Which makes them one of the most adaptable and versatile classes. They serve as mortal mediators between non-benevolent elements, but can be chaotic when left to their own devices. It’s the job of the shamans to prevent them from raging against one another, providing balance when needed. They call on their spiritual power to restore the health of their injured allies. They use their elemental powers – earth, air, wind, ice, or fire – to enhance their weapons and deal damage to their enemies. They even go as far as using earthquakes, lightning strikes and lava bursts during battle. No wonder then that I chose shamans as the strongest of the bunch!

Our final thoughts

There you have it – the best classes of World of Warcraft. Each of these classes has an edge over the other and proves to be competitive in the battlefield. They all present unique challenges and skills for you to master and play the game seamlessly. So what will it be? A rogue? A paladin? A death knight? Or a shaman? Whatever your choice is, make sure that it is your calling.

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