Top 10 Hottest VR Games for 2019

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Six years after Oculus revived the public’s interest in virtual reality with its Kickstarter campaign, VR gaming is now slowly starting to become more mainstream. Big names such as Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation and even Samsung, among others, have also jumped into the fray. And hundreds of games have been released both by indie and well-established developers.

With experts predicting a higher adoption this year, we list down the ten most interesting VR games we found, so you’d know which ones are worth checking out.


Previously from number 7 is Minecraft. With over 100 million units sold, Minecraft is an awesome game on its own and is a fine addition to VR gaming even with its peculiar art style – blocky and pixelated – that gives you this feeling of truly being in virtual reality. All of the game’s modes work great in VR too, whether it’s building things in creative mode or trying to survive in adventure mode. Minecraft also lets you slide between first-person and theater view (wherein you view the game from a virtual screen that doesn’t respond to movements) to alleviate nausea.

Tilt Brush

Moving down a few spots from number 4 is Tilt Brush. While not exactly a game, Tilt Brush offers the same joy and satisfaction a VR game would. It’s fully immersive and features brilliant colors that can makeup stunning visuals. You can create life-size sculptures and even landscapes born from your imagination. Colors that glow breathe life to your creations as you are only limited to what you can imagine, making drawing a more awesome experience overall.

Lucky’s Tale

Previously from number 10 is Lucky’s Tale. From a classic 3D platformer, Lucky’s Tale adds a new twist to the game in virtual reality to make it more fresh and dynamic. Changing your perspective during levels unlocks secrets that you would’ve otherwise missed, such as those hiding under obstacles. Compared to Mario, Lucky features softer jump animations that are more relaxed than the former, making it less stressful to play. The levels are also shorter in consideration for VR players that may get nauseous playing lone ones.

Robinson: The Journey

Moving up from number 9 is Robinson: The Journey. A modern retelling of Robinson Crusoe, Robinson: The Journey is a pleasure to play just for its music and visuals. The game features mesmerizing sceneries and well-detailed dinosaurs that instantly captivate the heart. And although the gameplay can be a hit or a miss like many other scenario puzzle games, wherein finding the solution can drag on for minutes, its excellent storytelling still more than makes up for its flaws, making it a great game overall.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Fighting a dragon may not be very impressive on a third-person perspective, but facing one in first-person perspective is a sheer spectacle in itself. Skyrim VR pulls you back in its familiar world, but in a more thrilling and engaging gameplay, as the character truly becomes you. As amazing as it sounds, the game still suffers the same complaint from ported non-VR games: non-immersive controls. Close combat is a pain (like in its original game, but more so here), but ranged combat is actually nice. Just don’t expect sniping to be really good, because the lowered resolution can greatly affect your accuracy.

Fallout 4 VR

Jumping up from number 8 is Fallout 4 VR. Launched in 2017, Fallout 4 VR presents the same ruins of Boston in a more immersive and thrilling gameplay. Since the game uses a first-person shooter perspective, the mechanics translates well when ported to VR, although not as great when compared to other specialized VR shooters. Although the Pip Boy menu can be a bit troublesome, and some mechanics from Bethesda’s original game (such as picking up corpses) were sadly left out, perhaps due to technical limitations. Still, Fallout 4 makes for an amazing VR experience with its beautifully animated environment and characters.

Resident Evil 7

Moving up a spot is Resident Evil 7. If RE7 on the TV screen didn’t scare you, then don’t expect it will be the same experience on VR. You will be thrown front-and-center into the game’s dark universe, fending against morbid creatures as you try to survive. Instinct will take over and your sense of safety at home will be replaced by a sense of dread as you wander in your new environment. Capcom’s game brings the scares and the thrills into a whole new level. Although it would have been way better if the gameplay is not limited to using a controller.

Project Cars 2

Simulation games really shine when played on virtual reality, and Project Cars 2 is one of them. Turn your head to the left and right to see the competition, and avoid crashes and being overtaken. The game physics is also amazing with its realness, such as the grip changing depending on the weather, rubber and time of the day. The game also features a huge roster of 180 cars and 60 tracks to play, so you can try playing different vehicles in different pathways. Just don’t get too excited when you just started to play, because nausea will surely get you when your car flips and crashes.

Superhot VR

Whoever said that breathtaking graphics are needed for an amazing VR game experience? Superhot VR surely isn’t one of those as its simple 3D-stickmen and cool gameplay gives a fun and satisfying experience. Time is slowed down in the game until you move or shoot, giving you an illusion of superhuman reflexes and awesome ways to deal with the situation, similar to that in Matrix. Of course, it’s not without flaws. Movement tracking can be a hit or miss, which can lead to annoying accidental deaths. Thankfully though, the quick respawn time lets you get back on action in no time.

Rez Infinite

Who knew a 14-year-old game would offer an amazing experience when ported over to VR? Most of the models remained unchanged from the HD re-release years ago, and yet it somehow manages to feel new when played in VR. Despite its simple gameplay, Rez Infinite lets you enjoy virtual reality thanks to its cool visuals and entrancing music that blends with your attacks. Aiming at enemies is pretty easy and intuitive with head tracking, making the gameplay even more smooth and dynamic. Which is why we put this VR game at the top of the list.

Our final thoughts

With most of the games being ports of popular titles, it’s a bit surprising that it’s the simple ones that dominated the top. It’s proof that VR gaming is way different than what we’re all accustomed to playing on a screen, which can either be a plus or a bad taste in our mouth. We expect more exciting games to come this year and on the next. And we will surely give you a fresher list by then.

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