Top 10 Best Weapons in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Like any other video game, the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End won’t be complete without the array of powerful weapons you can use while playing.

What are those, you ask? Well, ranging from good to outright fantastic, here are the top 10 best weapons found in the game.


An explosive weapon, the C4 is a variant of the grenade in the multiplayer mode of Uncharted 4: ATE. Taking up 3 Loadout points, it’s basically a no-timer version of the grenade and can be unlocked by using any other thrown equipment. You’ll have to detonate it after it’s thrown. It easily sticks to any surface it lands on. On the other hand, it will be automatically detonated if you’re K.Od. You can enjoy 10% faster resupply and 15% faster detonation when you decide to upgrade your weapon.


An automatic shotgun with 18 max ammo and 6 magazines, the Condor is first found in Chapter 13 and normally used by armored soldiers. It’s best used as a close-range or medium-range weapon and appears to be modeled on the Kel-Tec KSG, although modified to use a detachable box magazine rather than the usual seven round tubular magazines. It can be unlocked by defeating 120 opponents using other heavy weapons. While it has moderate rate of fire and recoil, it also has high damage accuracy. Make sure to drop the Spezzotti when you come across this weapon.

Barok .44

A revolver pistol with 12 max ammo and 6 magazines, the Barok .44 is first found in Chapter 8. It’s not always available and only normally dropped by armoured shoreline soldiers. It has slow rate of fire and average accuracy but has high recoil and deals out very high damage. As such it is best used at medium range. Known as a powerful weapon and a high caliber pistol that can kill opponents in a single hit, the Barok .44 is great in a 1v1 firefight. You’ll be able to collect this weapon after a long battle with the mercenaries in Chapter 8.


The P90 is a fully-automatic submachine gun with 150 max ammo and 50-rounds magazine capacity. It’s a DLC weapon, from the Lost Treasures DLC, and can be collected by purchasing the DLC Gameplay Chest for 2500 relics or acquiring 500 Uncharted points. Best used in blindfiring and in medium range, this weapon has moderate damage accuracy, high recoil and a very fast fire rate. If you’re looking for a viable replacement for the XCR and the MP34a, the Barok. 44 is recommended since it shares the same stats with both guns.


The Jackal is a semi-automatic revolver with 6 magazine capacity and 24 max ammo capacity. Although it can be found in Uncharted 4, it can’t be used and only seen once in the hands of Evelyn in Chapter 16. It deals out high damage, but has slow rate of fire, moderate recoil and only adequate accuracy. Best used in close to medium range, this weapon is particularly helpful if you’re flanking an enemy as it can quickly finish the latter off. You can use it to replace the Para .45 for a secondary gun with higher damage. Because of its higher magazine capacity, it’s also a good replacement for the Pistole and the Spezzotti 12 Gauge.

Stoner 63

An automatic machine gun, the Stoner 63 is only available in Uncharted 4: ATE multiplayer. It is known as the cheapest among the heavy weapons. Although it has a slow rate of fire, moderate damage, accuracy and recoil, it can easily eliminate sidekicks and suppress a large group of enemies. Its steady recoil and higher ammo capacity makes it a great weapon for blind firing. It also serves as a good back-up if you have a single-shot or burst-fire weapon in your Loadout.

Mazur LDR

A bolt-action sniper rifle first found in Chapter 9, the Mazur LDR has a 5 magazine capacity and 15 max ammo capacity. It’s not common and only dropped by Shoreline’s snipers. It works best during long-range fights as it has a slow rate of fire but has high damage, recoil and accuracy. While it’s not recommended to use for blind firing and in close to mid-range shooting, it’s a great weapon for scoping out enemies from a long distance. Make sure to press the Aim button to zoom in the scope.

M14 Custom

The M14 Custom is a semi-automatic sniper rifle with an 8 magazine capacity and 16 max ammo capacity. Like the Mazur LDR, it’s not commonly found. First appearing in Chapter 8, it is also commonly dropped by the Shoreline’s snipers. With great accuracy and high recoil and damage as well as a moderate range of fire and zoom capabilities, the M14 is best used in medium to long range shooting. As such it’s a good alternative for the Mazdur LDR and proves to provide a faster rate of fire.

Spezzotti 12 Gauge

A pump-action shotgun, the Spezzotti 12 Gauge has a 4-magazine capacity and 16 max ammo capacity. It’s quite common and first appears in Chapter 7. It deals high damage at close range, with high recoil and spread, and slow rate of fire. It’s a very powerful weapon and great for blind firing as it can hit multiple targets as well as finishing off opponents in their “down but not out” stage. You can pair it with a booster that adds ammo to its clip, allowing you to clear a large group of enemies without reloading. Thus it’s a great weapon, even better than any pistol, to get you out of a close-combat fight.

China Lake Grenade Launcher

The top spot in this list is none other than the China Lake Grenade Launcher – also known as the China Lake GL. A pump-action grenade launcher, it has a 4 magazine capacity and a 6 (single player) or 8 (survival) max ammo capacity. With its aiming reticule similar to the throwing arc of an ordinary grenade, this weapon is good at eliminating large enemy groups. That’s also because the China Lake GL has very high damage (strong enough to destroy small pillars), medium range, and a slow rate of fire. In fact, it only takes one or two shots to down a target: to incapacitate and to put them into the “down but not out” stage.

Our final thoughts

Now you know the best weapons to use in Uncharted 4 – from the Spezzotti 12 Gauge to Mazur LDR to China Lake GL. They are sure to give you not only an edge, but also the confidence to win the game. And isn’t that what we all want?

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