The 8 Best Playable Characters in Temple Run

Do you pay attention to your character when playing Temple Run? Are you aware that you can unlock more than just one if the “price” is right?

That’s right. Temple Run offers a variety of characters for you to play with as you further into the game and earn more coins.

With that, here are the playable characters you can choose from. To help you get to know them better, let’s rank them down to the best ones.

Montana Smith

Montana Smith is a character in Temple Run and Temple Run 2. Montana is known as the second greatest explorer ever – because we all know Guy Dangerous (more on that later) is the best. In Temple Run, he can be bought for 25,000 coins. On the other hand, he costs a whooping 250,000 coins in Temple Run 2. For a very expensive character, he has no special abilities or power-ups. But he is the most used character in both versions, although he was only added to Temple Run 2 due to popular demand. Probably because he closely resembles Indiana Jones. So I guess he has that going for him.

Guy Dangerous

Guy Dangerous is the default character in both Temple Run and Temple Run 2. So if you’re just starting out in the game, he’s your guy (pun intended). While he’s just an average explorer in the first installment, he’s an improved version in the second one. In Temple Run 2, he’s equipped with a Shield power-up which he can use to protect himself from the enemies throughout the game. Pretty cool, huh? As a bonus, in the expanded Frozen Shadows, his usual outfit – tan shirt, blue pants and brown boots – can be replaced with an alternate ensemble by acquiring 60 gems.

Scarlett Fox

Scarlett Fox is basically the female version of Guy Dangerous. They’re both redheads and sport almost the same outfit – only the former is wearing a backpack in Temple Run 2 – as the two characters were designed very similarly. But while Guy is an explorer, Scarlett is described as a, err, “cunning escape artist.” In Temple Run, Scarlett can be purchased for 10,000 coins. In the second version, she can be obtained for only 5,000. Then as a bonus, you also get to enjoy her Boost power-up. Now that’s neat.

Zack Wonder

Who would have thought an American football player would make it to Temple Run? Well, Zack Wonder did. Wearing his football gear and carrying a football in his left hand, Zack can be obtained in exchange of 25,000 coins. Like Indiana Jones, errr, Montana, you’ll need 250,000 coins to unlock him in Temple Run 2. Seeing that he is a football star, Zack is notably good at jumping. And he’s a fast runner too. So he may be pricey but you’d definitely want him on your side.

Barry Bones

Ever saw a former city cop with an attitude? Well, that’s Barry Bones for you. Barry has an unpleasant personality. Let’s get real. It’s probably why he’s no longer a police officer. Still, despite having an attitude, he’s a playable character and has even accompanied Guy Dangerous in his quest for the Cursed Idol. He has no special skills like Zack Wonder. But once you purchase him for 10,000 coins in Temple Run and 25,000 coins in Temple Run 2, you can activate then activate the Coin Bonus power-up. Which is pretty useful for unlocking other more skilled characters.

Karma Lee

If you want a kick-ass female player, then Karma Lee is the girl for you. With an Asian heritage, Karma is dubbed as “the fastest legs in the Far East,” making her worthy of the third spot in this list. Her awesome speed is definitely a great asset in the game. She can be unlocked for 25,000 coins in Temple Run and 50,000 coins in Temple Run 2. But don’t be disappointed. Your 50,000 coins also get a 500-bonus power-up. This makes Karma one of the strongest characters in the game.

Bruce Lee

Closing in on number one is Bruce Lee. That’s right, THE Bruce Lee. The legendary martial artist joined the playable characters in both versions of Temple Run but only for a limited time. Which sucks. But his awesomeness was what made him a popular choice even in his short stint and the second best player in this list. His agility and martial arts expertise helped him escape the Evil Demon Monkey chasing after him. If that’s not enough, in Temple Run 2, he even gave bits of encouragement and words of wisdom to the gamers. Great stuff right there. Unlike the other characters, he could only be bought with real money, at $0.99. Too bad, he’s no longer in the player roster.

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt. Enough said. Topping out at number one, Usain is the most powerful player in Temple Run. Usain was originally intended to be available for a limited time only, but then later made permanent. Like Bruce Lee, he can be purchased for $0.99. This character has a special power-up, known as the Bolt Distance. This power-up is a combination of Boost Distance and Magnet power-ups, making Usain one of the strongest playable characters in the game. So don’t ever hesitate to get him.

Our final thoughts

So, that’s it. Now, that you know the 8 powerful characters to use in Temple Run, maybe it’s time to rethink your strategies. Or change your character altogether. While these characters all have their strengths and assets, personally I’d go for Usain Bolt as he’s the most powerful of them all. Because how can you ever go wrong with the Lightning Bolt? The Evil Demon Monkey won’t be a match for his agility and speed, that’s for sure. How about you? Who is your choice?

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