6 Awesome Temple Run Tricks You Should Know

Temple Run is, no doubt, one of the most addicting mobile games of recent years. It joined the ranks of Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds, Pokemon Go, and Candy Crush to name a few. Like these games, Temple Run once swept the world by storm. But just because it’s old, doesn’t mean it’s not fun.

The concept of this game is real simple. All you have to do is keep running. Sound easy enough, right? But not really.

As you run, you’ll be chased by the Evil Demon Monkeys. What’s more, you’ll have to face fire-breathing gargoyles and other obstacles. Until you reach the priceless idol. Definitely not a piece of cake. That’s why I compiled a few videos teaching you awesome tricks on how to play Temple Run and beat the game.

Unlimited Gems and Coins

This is a tip for Temple Run 2 players. How to get unlimited gems and coins. Because we all know they’re not nearly as many as we’d like.So how about you pay attention to this video to know what I’m talking about? Then maybe you teach your fellow Temple Run 2 addicts how to do the same.

Temple Run Oz

Have you ever heard of Temple Run Oz? Do you want to play it? Well, here’s an awesome tutorial for you. This video will teach you how to play and win at Temple Run Oz. Good luck and let’s see how you’ll fare.

No Obstacles

We all know how many obstacles there are in Temple Run. Aside from the Demon Monkeys, you face different obstacles in just about every turn. But did you know that you can play Temple Run without any obstacles? This is not a joke. I repeat: this is not a joke. Watch as The Sic Gamer shows you what it looks like to run without any obstacles. Now if only all of us can do this neat trick!

Invincibility Trick

Who doesn’t want to be invincible? This player sure did. And he’s generous enough to show us what will happen if he turns invincible in the game. Seriously, it’s like having Superman and The Flash take over the game. Don’t believe me? Then go ahead and watch the video.

100 Gems

Let me ask you this: how many gems can you collect in one run? 10? 30? 40? Well, this guy right here has managed to collect a whooping one hundred gems. Impressive, huh? The tutorial was done in Temple Run 2, so if you’re using the original version you might want to download the second one.

23 Million Points

Who says achieving 23 million points can’t be done? Well, this Youtuber just proved it can. She even shows how to do it in great detail, so you won’t have to stress yourself coming up with ridiculous ways. She also gives a great trick on how it can be done easily. No more spending hours on numerous tutorials. This one right here is the real deal.

Our final thoughts

Temple Run is definitely an enjoyable albeit, sometimes, frustrating game. But once you learn to get the hang of it, playtime will be so much fun. And with these awesome tricks, you can proudly say that you’re able to beat the game. Now take that, Evil Demon Monkeys!

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