Top 10 Best Characters in Tekken 7 (Updated)

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Tekken is right up there with Street Fighter when it comes to fighting video games. And just like the latter, it has an awesome set of playable characters to choose from.

That said, here are the top ten picks of the best to play:

Bryan Fury

A pretty straightforward character, Bryan doesn’t have any flashy moves or attacks. Instead, he just smashes things with his feet and fists, which is actually enough because each hit deals significant damage. He may not have complex combos like the others, but his two-punch attack alone really packs the punch. His wide-arc moves are also a great counterplay against sidestepping enemies, so time your attacks right to prevent your opponents from closing in. Simply play him aggressively to bully and keep your opponents down, so your path to victory is sealed.

Steve Fox

All punches and no kicks, Steve Fox may seem to be an odd character in this fighting game, but don’t mistake him as useless because he is far from that. The kick buttons for this guy serves as an ensemble of footwork for ducking, dodging and spinning to create awesome counterplay. He can quickly counterattack right after a defensive move with his quick jabs and hooks. Once you set him right, he can easily chain a combo to secure a victory. Just make sure to master him first because his moveset is also far from easy.


Moving down a few spots is Akuma. Akuma may not be the fastest character in the roster, but his ability to absorb Mid/High attacks and his dodge abilities that keep opponents confused more than compensate for his lack of speed. His short range dodge can go through attacks and the opponents themselves, allowing him to charge from behind. And his Hyakkishu allows him to switch and mix up during a fight to maintain the edge. Akuma has an EX/Super meter that bolsters many of his special attacks so he can deal massive amounts of damage. This character definitely has strength and sheer power in spades so you won’t regret choosing him.


Moving up a spot is Eliza. A well-rounded character, Eliza has a unique approach that holds her above the rest. She’s a female vampire who, like Akuma, had EX/Super bar that powers up some of her special attacks that can be strung into combos to deal massive damage. And if you fill up both bars, she’ll be able to access an extra Super ability. On top of these special attacks, she’s pretty quick and can outmaneuver and dish out a lot more combos than most of the roster. She’s also great at mixing it up from mid-close range all the while charging low players with ease.

Nina Williams

A deadly assassin and the mother of Steve Fox, Nina possesses not-so-powerful basic attacks but overcompensates this weakness with her superb agility and very flexible moveset. She can dish out devastating combos and counter enemies from any angle, making her a difficult character to play against if sidestepping is your approach. With the help of her unbreakable grab, she can also easily tear down enemies’ defences and deal damage. You can only effectively use her though, if you have a good grasp of her and her enemies’ moveset as timing is very crucial. Her combos are also not as easy to set, especially with that tricky dash cancel.


Previously from number 7 is Bob. Bob may look big and dishevelled but he’s just as a beast in the game as the rest of the characters in this list. In fact, he’s one of the fastest, more powerful characters in Tekken 7. He’s fairly easy to use from a roster full of complicated individuals, making him a great character for newbies. Excelling in three areas (defense, power and speed), he can pull off quick combos with relative ease and break through defenses. His attack absorption coupled with his ability to turn into a ball and roll on the ground makes him great for blocking and counterattacks. His speed and brute force are his strengths.


Switching places with Marshall Law, Hwoarang moves back to number 4. First appearing in Tekken 3, Hwoarang has easily become one of the fan favorites due to his badass looks and attitude. While he is the opposite of Steve Fox in that he specializes in kicks instead of punches, he can still throw punches that syncs well with his moveset. What’s more, his kick-centric attacks allow him to deal damage from midrange and set devastating combos. He can also change his stance and make feints to lure enemies down to their defeat. Although readily available from the get-go, Hwoarang still needs a good level of mastery since it’s not easy to memorize his two lists of attacks. So don’t expect to kick some ass without any practice.

Marshall Law

Marshall Law now claims number 3. Law, along with Hwoarang, needs no introduction to fans. He’s one of the most popular characters in the franchise. And for good reason. If there’s a character whose speciality is speed and switching heights, it’s him. He’s modelled after Bruce Lee, after all. So his fighting style is very much badass. Switching between High, Low, and Mid attacks with ease makes him very hard to block. He can pull off big and powerful attacks as well as a chain of awesome combos that will have his opponents’ wishing they didn’t mess with him in the first place. Need I say more than he’s one tough cookie to crack?


Moving down a spot is King. With his iconic jaguar mask, King returns as the only pro-wrestler in the latest instalment of the popular series. Which makes him one of the most unique among the game’s pool of characters and the top-rated Tekken 7 player. Like his animal mask, he is best played with an opportunistic playstyle rather than getting aggressive right off the bat. His attacks require him to be very close to his opponents, which can be very hard to do. Once you have closed the distance, however, you can start your throw chain that will eat through your opponent’s HP bar if not broken soon enough. And yes, breaking the combo is not that easy.

Kazuya Mishima

Stepping up from number 2 to become the top of the list is Kazuya Mishima. The son of Heihachi and the winner of the first King of Iron Fist Tournament, Kazuya is a beast that has perfect control of his Devil Gene, allowing him to transform to his alter persona at will. In his original form, he can execute quick and intricate combos that can deal serious damage. And once he transforms, he is able to shoot out a powerful beam and absorbs attacks, all the while maintaining his speed. As you should expect, he isn’t quite easy to use, especially if you want to dominate with him in all your games. Dashing during his combos alone takes a lot of practice to accomplish, so don’t expect to ace the character from the get-go if you just started playing him.

Our final thoughts

Now that you know the top characters to play in Tekken 7, winning a fight will be relatively easier. Just make sure to pay attention to the strengths and flaws of your chosen character so you can handle the game well.

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