Top Stardew Valley Ways to Make Money

Stardew Valley is a breakthrough indie game that captured the hearts of many thanks to its open-ended world and addicting gameplay. But like in every other game, you’ll need money – gold, in this case – to survive and be successful.

So how do you earn some gold in Stardew Valley? Well, I listed 8 ways on how to just to do just that – starting from least to best.

Get Money-making Artifacts

Feeling lazy and don’t want to put much effort? Trust me, I know the feeling. Then here is a tip for you. Simply acquire these two money-generating artifacts: Statue of Endless Fortune and Statue of Perfection. While the Endless Fortune statue generates 2000g (gold) a day, the Perfection statue produces 2 to 8 Iridium ores that you can sell for 100g each. Seems too good to be true, huh? Well, it’s not. Because possessing these statues takes a lot of work. But once you get them, making money becomes easy. Not bad.

Start a Pig Farm

You may not know it, but raising pigs is the best way to make money with animals. And when I say it makes money, it makes lots of money. So this video will show you how to make money with pigs and what you need to do to raise them. You think it’s easy but pigs are quite expensive. You can buy one for 16,000 gold coins and sell for 20,528g. Not a bad return, is it? The best part? They even find truffles for you. Which in turn can also make you money.

Build a Bridge

Another way to make money in Stardew Valley is by building a bridge. For this task, you’ll need your trusty axe because you’ll be doing some digging. The thing is, you’ll need lots of wood to build a bridge. The total number of chopped wood pieces you need? A whooping 300. If you have no idea how to build a bridge and where to build it, don’t worry, this video will teach you step by step. So watch closely.

Learn to Fish

What better way to enjoy and complement your laidback farming lifestyle – while earning at the same time – than fishing? In this video, you’re advised to bring your fishing gear and choose a good spot to catch fish. If you think that’s all, you’re wrong. This player right here teaches a simple trick you can use while fishing. It’s fairly easy and once you do it, you can end up catching more than twenty fish in just a span of three hours and sell them for 14,000g. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

Farm Blueberries

Blueberries are pretty valuable in Stardew Valley. So why not take advantage of that fact? Start farming blueberries, that is. Grow blueberries in your backyard and wait for at least a week, then harvest them over and over again. These blueberries can sell for a ridiculous amount of gold so you’ll probably end up set for life. Impressive, isn’t it?

Make Money During Winter

If fishing and farming isn’t your thing, then you might just enjoy some more digging (Nope, not the trees this time). You can do this during the winter season. What can you get from digging? Plenty of items you can sell for gold. The little trick? You need to have full energy because digging takes a lot of work. Just keep on digging with your iridium hoe until you manage to get lots of items. It can be tiring, but if you’re lucky like the player in this video, you can very well earn 80,000g after your session.

Sell Aged Wine and Cheese

There’s a reason why I ranked selling aged wine and cheese as the second best money-making method in this list. Selling these products will make you tons of money. And I’m talking about millions. Yes, millions. All you need to do is upgrade your house and put cellar in it. Now, a cellar costs 100,000g. But don’t let it deter you. That will be nothing compared to how much you can earn when you age wine and cheese in your cellar. Don’t believe me? Then watch the video.

Exploit Your Fence

So you don’t want to farm, you don’t want to fish, you don’t want to dig and be bothered with the rest of the methods mentioned above. So what other options do you have? Exploit your fence. You read it right. Exploiting your fence will give you unlimited items which you can sell for gold without much hard work. That makes it the best way to make money in my book. The awesome part? You don’t have to worry about your fence being destroyed with all your exploiting. Now, go ahead and watch the video to see how it’s done.

Our final thoughts

Who knew making money in Stardew Valley is this easy? Okay, maybe not that easy. But by using the right methods like I mentioned above, earning gold coins won’t be hard for you. So which do you think will work for you: farming, fishing, digging or exploiting your fence?

Well, how about all of the above? Knowing their efficacy, it can’t hurt to try them all.

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