Top 10 Stardew Valley Guides on YouTube

I’m all for helpful guides and video walkthroughs when it comes to gaming. The more video guides, the better. As long as they contain great tips that any player can learn from, I’m on board.

That said, I found some awesome Stardew Valley Guides on Youtube that I believe can help players, both new and old, to fare better in the game. I ranked them based on their usefulness (and content!) to help you try out each guide. Read on:

Farming Tutorial

Are you a total noob in Stardew Valley? Want to learn the basic tips and techniques you can try in the game. Well, no worries. Here’s a video for that. It covers basic procedures such as tilling the soil, planting the seeds as well as watering and harvesting the fruits of your labor. It even shows what to do after all that process and provides notes on all the materials needed for each procedure.

Producing Giant Crops

Who doesn’t like giant crops? Definitely not you. Giant crops give as much as twice the profits than regular ones, so it’s best to learn how to grow them. Thankfully, this gamer’s got our backs as he shows us in this video how to produce giant crops from the three giantable plants – cauliflower, melon and pumpkin – which isn’t easy to do, by the way. Just check the video to start learning. Pretty nifty, huh? That’s why it landed a spot in this list. But it only covers one tip though, which is why it nabbed the 9th spot. Still, the tip is very helpful for getting extra ka-ching in the game.

Artifacts Mining

After learning the basics, let’s talk about artifacts. If you have no idea what artifacts are in Stardew Valley, they’re the special stuff that can help you progress better in the game. And this video right here uncovers the five must-have artifacts that you can acquire through mining: Strange Dolls, Rusty Spoon, Rusty Rug, Sketial Tail and Dwarf Scrolls. No worries, this player will tell you exactly where these artifacts can be found and how to get there. Just follow the instructions and you’ll get the results you want.

Iridium Ore Locations

Crafting is an essential part of this indie game, and Iridium Ores lie just at the heart of it. So if you ever get trouble in finding them, then start watching this video tutorial. It lists many of the locations where these precious items can be found. The good thing about Iridium Ores is that they’re not only used in crafting, they can be sold for gold too. So if you’re also low on funds, it will help that you know how to acquire them. After all, you’ll never know when you’ll need them.

Automated Plot Farm Layout

Coming in 6th place, this video guide benefits intermediate players the most as it deals with farming efficiency. Basically, it shows what plot layout is the best in combination with sprinklers, which is definitely better than using the watering can. In this day and age, who doesn’t like automation? So check out the video walkthrough and learn how to fully utilize sprinklers to free some of your morning time. Reminder: you’ll need to have access to the materials and places first before doing this.

5 Farm Layouts

Let’s delve into more farm layouts. With this Stardew Valley guide, you’ll learn about not one but five different farm layouts. That’s right. The gamer here discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each, so listen closely before you decide which layout to use. Remember that your layout will affect your yield, so I recommend that you choose wisely. You don’t want to have any regrets now, do you?

Farm Tour and Decorating Tips

Let’s be honest here. The only joy we get from farming games – aside from earning virtual money, of course – is aesthetics. Pure and plain beauty. Thankfully, our good player over here gives us a tour of her farm and shares decorating tips to design your farmland beautifully. Not only that, she also discusses how to manage different activities effectively like animal farming ,crop planting, fishing and more. With all the awesome tips alone, this video guide deserves a high spot in our list.

Rod Fencing

Tired of replacing your broken fences and worried that it can’t protect your animals anymore? Well, this video offers a suggestion of using rods instead of wood as a fence to protect your farm animals from scattering in town. The rod fence protects not only the animals but also the grass starters that animals feed on the entire the year, so you can do other activities without worrying about broken fences again. Just watch this video tutorial to learn how.

Caves and Mining

If you want to learn and in-depth knowledge about mining, then this video guide got you covered. This tutorial explains everything you need to know about caves and mining, including all the materials, tools, mining resources and artifacts – like gold, copper, iridium ore, stone and quartz – that can be found in the caves. As a bonus, it also breakdowns every level of the game and gives tips on how to surpass each, making this video truly deserving of a high spot in our list.

Top Tips For Every Player

Featuring 10 awesome tips, our number one video guide on this list will definitely benefit anyone regardless whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player. It covers a lot of topics from acquiring items and rewards, to providing cool tips and tricks that can help you be more successful in the game. It even includes layouts and designs. So what are you waiting for? Go check out the video and see it for yourself.

Our final thoughts

One thing I managed to take away from these guides: it’s all about farming and mining. Well, I hope now you know how to farm and mine like a pro in the game after watching these guides. And no more confusion about the artifacts, right? But if you still have questions, go ahead and watch them again. You’ll never know what you can learn the second time!

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