Play Like a Boss: Top 7 Space Pirate Trainer Vids

Space Pirate Trainer is a dream virtual reality game for wannabe space pirates. Laser guns? Check. Killer droids? Check. Realistic space setting? Check. Definitely a dream come true.

I guess I don’t have to ask if you want to play this game. Seriously, who would say no? That said, here are some great tips on how to play like a boss in Space Pirate Trainer.

Look Up and Look Back

We have all been too spoiled by our video games wherein enemies are always in front of our eyes, but things are quite different around here. The player in the video keeps on dying because he always forgets to look up and scout for enemies. Every. Single. Time. Yikes! So to not make the same mistake, keep in mind to look up from time to time and sometimes glance to your back to check for enemies. This is virtual reality, mate. Enemies are not as easy as they were back in the old days.

Know Your Enemies

As they say: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Well, you really can’t keep your enemies close in this game, but you know what I mean. Just pay attention to which enemies you are facing, as each behaves differently. The white ones are the easiest to kill, while the reds are tougher, and the blacks are even more dangerous. So make sure to also check the map/radar as the player in this video points out. Remember that the radar shows you the droids’ position. So you’ll easily know where your enemies will attack and where you can attack them back.

Take Advantage of Power-ups

Power-ups provide an easy way to defeat enemies, so make sure to use them when you get the chance. However, some power-ups are best saved until the use for it arises. The red power-up, for example, will rain down missiles upon your enemies, so use it only when there are plenty of droids to kill. Now the blue power-up is more useful and versatile. As seen in this video, it completely blocks the attacks of the enemies. Pretty awesome, right?

Move, Move, Move

Like I said, Space Pirate Trainer is a virtual reality game. Which means your real body is a part of the game as well. See those bullets coming at you? Dodge them! Try ducking just like the guy did in this video ala-matrix style. Do a rollover, a side step and whatever that works! Maybe even try doing a flip! Well, on second thought, maybe don’t. Getting injured while playing is definitely the last thing you want.

Prepare Your Poses

Never mind the language and accent, matey, it’s the form that makes one a true space pirate (and gets you a great score). In this short video, GoldVision suggests you use a multitude of poses for different enemy formations: The ‘Yarr Ahoy, Matey’ pose, which uses two blasters aimed straight ahead, is ideal for killing an idle group of enemies. Then a crowd favourite, the starboard pose, uses two blasters with each gun aiming at the extremes, perfect for multiple swarming groups. Most of the other poses are really for fun, but you should really try them out too. After all, a space pirate should know how to pose like one. Yarr!

Know Your Weapons

Watch this video of Bumble that shows you how to master your arsenal to improve your kill rate. Different scenarios require different weapons to effectively win, right? So make sure to know what each weapon does. In this case, the Volton, which is practically a plasma lasso, can deflect bullets and catch enemies. You can use it to capture enemies that are either too fast or too far. What’s more fun is that you can fling the enemies around and smash them to the ground. Just like a space cowboy, son. Yee-haw!

Build Your Defenses

So you want to beat your high score? Then watch Matthias in this video as he obliterates those droids. Pay attention to see what’s a good way to defeat the game and emerge a victor in the end. That one move will radically increase your survivability especially if you’re too lazy to dodge the enemies’ pesky lasers and bullets. Because, let’s face it, it happens sometimes. It effectively blocks and deflects the droids’ attacks, and lets the slow-mo effect kick in, giving you a great opportunity to retaliate. Just don’t forget to attack, okay?

Our final thoughts

So all-in-all, your performance in the game boils down to how much you know about the game itself. And the only way to ace the game is to practice, practice, practice. So just play the game over and over and remember these tips and tricks. And don’t fret if things don’t go your way at first. You’ll own the game soon enough, so just you wait and have fun. Yarrr. Ahoy, matey!

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