Top 10 Most Awesome Critical Edges in SoulCalibur VI

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Finishers are the most memorable move of a character, and Soulcalibur VI features many awesome ones. Called Critical Edge, these super moves range from plain simple ones to outright fantastic. We list the 10 best we find, so let’s see if your favorite one is in this list.


Let’s admit it: Voldo looks funny and weird, and that’s why we love him. His Critical Edge isn’t as explosively powerful, visually speaking, but it has its quirks that we just love. It’s unique and it’s weird, and that’s why we believe it’s worth including in this list. In his finisher move, he spins around to attack his enemy with his jamadhar until they fall midair. He then launches them high up in true Voldo fashion: not with his arms or legs but with his belly. He then quickly jumps into the air for the finishing strike, and lands on the ground with a classic bow. Of course, it doesn’t end there because it’s Voldo we’re talking about, and he just has to bend backward right after.


The dominatrix is back again in our list, and that’s just how awesome her overall character is. She doesn’t just strike down her enemies; she also makes sure to humiliate them. Complementing her personality, Ivy’s Critical Edge is one of the most overkill in the game. She spins her living weapon around to strike her enemy several times until they are thrown into the air and she pierces them in the stomach. Ouch! But it doesn’t end there. She then binds her enemy with her snake sword, and pulls them down while finishing them with a kick to the head that slams them to the ground. And yes, she just had to insult them right after too.


If you agree with us that Ivy’s finisher is an overkill, then Astaroth slightly ups it a notch. There might not be some blood animation, but it’s still brutal as hell. He first grabs his foe by the mouth, telling them to shut up, then proceeds to slam them to the ground. Astaroth then impales them with his huge ax, drags them a bit on the ground and jumps on the air with his foe still on his ax. Apparently, he just wants some quiet time as he says so while he spins vertically with his foe still on his ax until he smashes them on the ground with great force, creating a fissure on the ground. He’s satisfied with the results and so are we.

Seong Mi Na

Seong Mi Na’s super isn’t exactly as grand as others, but we find its elemental attacks to be very pleasing to the eyes. Wind and lightning? Yes, please. She starts her finisher with a wide slash that bounces her opponent from the ground and follows it with an undercut swing to further launch her enemy into the air. Mi Na then spins around with her weapon like a tornado and finishes her opponent with another upper swing, but this time around it also summons lightning. BOOM! And it’s done.


Everyone rejoiced when Talim made it back in the series, and her finishing move didn’t disappoint either. It’s pure and straightforward, and it suits her really well. Dedicating it to the wind, she starts her super with a combo of five slashes imbued with the wind. She then attacks with a mini tornado uppercut to throw the enemy into the air, then she jumps and punches them with another tornado that slams her opponent onto the ground. Despite the violence, it’s actually kind of calming because of her chanting, and that’s why we really like it. As we said, it suits her really well.


Chosen and blessed by Hephaestus, Sophitia has the power of the divine to cleanse her enemies. Her super move is a bit simple, but it has an explosive finish that we find satisfying to watch. She first slashes her opponent twice quickly in a row, then gives a strong uppercut with her shield, tossing her opponent up in the air. She then throws her sword towards her enemy to impale them, and momentarily suspends them in midair while the sword is charging energy. The sword then explodes with divine energy, finishing the opponent. The best part is Sophitia catching her sword with her back on her fallen foe. Pretty badass.


The series’ resident ninja, Taki has a rather flashy finisher in contrast to the covert operations of her job. Make no mistake though: we love it! That’s why it’s way up here in this list. Her Critical Edge starts with her slashing her opponent several times using her kodachi imbued with mystical energy, which then binds her opponent midair. She then unsheathes her second weapon, and guess what happens? She stabs her defenseless opponent, and BOOM! Turns out it’s a nuke, and it’s freaking awesome.


Now that we’re in the top three, everything will just get flashier and flashier, and Nightmare’s finisher is truly astonishing. If Taki’s super is flashy, it actually doesn’t even hold a candle to this. Nightmare charges his sword and stabs it into the ground creating an explosion of energy that knocks back his opponent. Like a knight, he emerges from the explosion riding a dark abyssal horse and charges forward. He strikes his foe with great force, causing a blast of dark energy and finishing them in a single strike. KO.

Transformed Kilik

Kilik’s Critical Edge is pretty meh. Malfested Kilik’s finisher, on the other hand, is so damn awesome. It’s arguably the best nuking finish in the game, but only falling short by a slight margin from the top 1. Transformed Kilik begins his super move by grabbing his opponent on the chest and jumps high in the air to throw them on the ground. He then charges his staff to imbue it with dark energy, turning It into a double-edged spear. He then throws it into his enemy and a massive explosion occurs as the screen fades to white. Beautiful. Just beautiful.


The best finisher in the game is actually from one of the newest characters introduced in the franchise, and it’s Azwel. And it’s not just that he has the best finisher, but he has the best finishers. That’s right: he has two different finishers and one is just as awesome as the other. His normal one begins with him summoning two weapons to uppercut his foe, then summoning a handful more of weapons and commanding them to hit the enemy several times midair. He finishes the opponent by summoning a hundred more swords around the enemy and pierces the opponent simultaneously, creating a powerful explosion of energy. The weapons’ blue and red color really make this super move visually appealing, like watching a symphony of attacks being overseen by a maestro.

Our final thoughts

And those are the best finishers we find. Finishers are not everything though. They don’t solely define a character, and they are not the be-all and end-all. Other moves count too, and you can’t rely on finishers to just win the match.

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