Be a Sniping Badass: Top 7 Sniper Elite 4 Videos

Warning: violence ahead. Oh, who am I kidding? Everybody loves some violence in their video games. And let me just say that Sniper Elite 4 is full of it.

Sniper Elite 4 is set in the immediate aftermath of the last game installment. Here, we meet OSS sniper Karl Fairburne sent to the island of San Celini tasked with assassinating General Tobias Schmidt. It’s a wild action-packed adventure from there on out.

Elite 4 is definitely not an easy game to play. You have to have wit, skills and even more wit to outmatch the enemies. So how do you do it? Well, watch these videos as they show you how to be a bad-ass player in the game.

5 Awesome Things To Do

Everybody’s raving about Sniper Elite 4. From the graphics and design down to the gameplay. Gamers everywhere are loving it. So what are the new awesome things to do in this latest installment of the game? Well, let’s see. There are still the old moves and techniques that Sniper Elite is famous for, but now you’ll see new explosion and kill techniques as well as weapons to help you be a kickass Karl. Why don’t you watch the video and see for yourself?

Unlocking Trench Gun

The Trench Gun is one of the known weapons in Sniper Elite 4, but unfortunately cannot be bought. It needs to be unlocked. So how do you do it? Easy. You’ll have to locate one and use it to kill an enemy. Okay, maybe it’s not that easy. But no worries, this video will show you simple ways to unlock the Trench Gun. In this level, it’s Karl’s mission to destroy the German railgun. So be careful and stay on the lookout for enemies. They’re practically everywhere.

Walkthrough Mission: Abrunza Monastery

This level is not easy. Heck, I know a couple of gamer friends who are stuck in this level. So finding a walkthrough guide on how to finish this mission is definitely helpful. In this video, you can see Karl stealthily eliminate the hostiles one by one. Stealth is very important in this case as you don’t want to attract attention and get overwhelmed by the enemies.

Walkthrough Mission: Hydrogen Peroxide Plant

This level is a lot harder than Abrunza Monastery. But who says it can’t be finished? Watch how this player navigates through the power plant, kill the enemies and then sabotage the whole place. Can we say “badass?”

5 Favorite Ways To Kill Nazis

This video is a walkthrough on Nazi soldiers’ territory and shows you the player’s five favorite ways to kill the enemies. How awesome is that long shot sniping? Impressive graphics, let me tell you. And how neat are those stealth kills? You’ll have to be really quiet and stealthy to do them. Now make sure you watch the rest of the video to see the remaining three ways. You’ll be just as in awe, I guarantee you.

All Ways To Kill Hitler

Real life or video game, we all know that Hitler is a menace to society. In Elite 4, he sure is. In this video walkthrough, it’s Karl’s mission to eliminate the Fuhrer. Here you’ll see all the ways to kill Hitler – from a long range shot, to causing an accident or explosion, it sure is entertaining to watch the Nazi leader being killed. These killer methods will be definitely useful once you get onto this mission. So watch closely.

Assassinating The Fuhrer in 3 Minutes

Apparently, showing us all the ways to kill Hitler is not enough. There’s also a way to kill the Fuhrer in just three minutes. Yep. That’s possible. You know what’s amazing about this video? It only took a couple seconds to kill Hitler. Probably because most of the time is spent entering the facility. Still, three minutes is a pretty badass time to complete the mission.

Our final thoughts

The truth is you don’t get to become a badass player in Sniper Elite 4 overnight. Like in other video games, it takes a lot of wit, skills and weaponry. While weaponry can easily be obtained in the game, wit and skills are another thing altogether. You have to hone them by practicing. When you finally manage to do that, who knows, maybe you can even kill Hitler in just a minute or two. Now, that’s really badass!

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