Top 10 Games of 2017

2017 has now come to an end as we welcome the new year. We have seen a fair share of new fun and addicting games. From the most popular to the most peculiar, we reviewed all that came under our radar to bring you the best games this past year.

Did your favorite game make it to this list? Let’s find out:

Halo Wars 2

Boasting outstanding animation quality, Halo Wars has received positive reviews from critics mostly thanks to its rich campaign content and familiar universe that we came to love. As with all real-time strategy games, Halo Wars 2 offers a variety of units and structures to build and control to attain your objectives. The campaign missions try to not be repetitive by using a variety of methods. There are also a handful of multiplayer modes to scratch that competitive side of yours.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

The fourth major entry in the Mass Effect series, Mass Effect: Andromeda opens up with a lighter tone than its precursors. Exploration is the emphasis of the game, and the player can choose whether to focus on either the main quest or side quests. The game starts slow though, which can be a bit boring to some, but everything goes better as the story unfolds with more characters, unexplored worlds and exciting combat. You are also offered lots of choices, from customising your character’s look, making decisions for the future of humanity, to choosing a romantic partner (whichever the race or gender).

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

With small and subtle changes, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon actually greatly enhance the original Sun and Moon pokemon games. With new pokemons and better UI, these newer games give a more pleasant and satisfying experience. There’s also new content to explore, with changes in trials to make it more puzzle-like rather than the tried-and-tired find/fetch quests. The only downside about this game is that you have to ‘learn’ yet again how catch a pokemon among other basic things with no way to skip them.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The most popular mobile MOBA game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has managed to squeeze the hour-long challenging gameplay of known popular MOBA titles, such as as DOTA 2 and League of Legends, into fun and addicting 15-minute matches. This lets players enjoy the game on the go with the same amount of thrill and excitement. With over 40 characters to choose from (and still growing), Mobile Legends offer players numerous play styles to enjoy. The game also enjoys weekly patches to balance characters and to change the meta every now and then.


The only sports game in this list, FIFA 18 has been commended by critics as the best yet in the popular sports game series. Smoother gameplay, gorgeous graphics and realistic commentary make this simulation game closer to the real thing you see on TV. There’s also a new offline mode that will surely be appreciated by those who don’t like stressful competitive online gameplay. EA may have an infamous reputation among gamers, but they’re certainly not messing around with this one.

Tekken 7

It has been five long years since the previous installment was released, and Tekken 7 does not disappoint with its grand arrival. The game features the largest pool of characters yet, even with characters from other game franchises such as Street Fighter and more to come in the form of DLCs. The classic fighting game also brings new features onto the table, primarily with the introduction of Rage Art and Rage Drive, which will be activated when you’re in low health to give your character an extra oomph for that epic comeback. Of course, your favourite characters are still in the new title with their mostly unchanged moveset, so you can play the game for the first time and still kick some ass.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Zombies may be the highlight of the Resident Evil series, but RE7 actually does itself without the hordes of the undead. Instead, the antagonists of the game are called the “Molded,” a humanoid form of bacteria, which is pretty much just as terrifying as its rotting counterpart. RE7 also deviated away from the third-person perspective and moved to a first-person shooter gamestyle. Surprisingly, all these changes actually helped the popular game title receive favourable reviews and sell a whopping 4.1 million copies. Many critics lauded the game’s excellent story-telling and limited resource that will make players feel a sense of dread. Puzzles were also incorporated to further increase the game’s challenges. Just make sure to prepare your heart, because jump scares are still present in this one.

Injustice 2

A huge improvement over its already successful predecessor, Injustice 2 brings the popular DC Universe heroes back again in a gloomy yet action-packed fighting game. The program offers a wide variety of fighting styles thanks to its large roster of 28 characters, from fan favourites such as Batman and Superman to bad-ass villains like the Joker and Harley Quinn. The game’s story mode showcases the heroes’ struggles and conflicts that give you a nice perspective of the character’s traits and narrative, giving the game more depth and making it more lovable. Injustice 2 also added equipment to its gameplay, which makes it all the more challenging. Like its first title, the game superbly meshes hand-to-hand combat, special abilities and the environment to create a satisfactory battle experience.


A crossover of two popular genres, MOBA and First-Person shooter, Overwatch has seen an exponential growth in its player base since its inception last year. From about 10 million players during its open beta, Overwatch now boasts a 35-million-strong player base – triple of what it had from the start, which is a testament that it’s not just pure hype, which is also the reason why it’s still one of the best games this year. Featuring 26 different characters, Overwatch captures the exhilarating gameplay of a first-person shooter and beautifully mixes it with diversified gamestyles of RPGs. Characters have assigned roles such as Offense, Defense, Tank and Support, so players are not restricted to use the same approach over and over again. The game also flaunts awesome visual graphics and matching sound effects to offer gamers a solid gaming experience.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

It’s the same old Link in a brand new adventure: Breath of the Wild throws you in a vast open world to explore with complete freedom of whatever you want to do. There are no quests that you need to finish to go from one stage to another as the story is told through flashbacks, so you can enjoy the game at your own pace. The game also isn’t short of challenging scenarios, which you need to solve on your own with no given tips at all. Like all Zelda games, Breath of the wild features an outstanding musical score that harmonizes well with its unique visual style, making it an instant classic. The intuitive gameplay will surely immerse you in the game’s scenic world for dozens and dozens of hours. It’s no wonder that this game isn’t only hailed as the best game of 2017, but also one of the best of all time.

Our final thoughts

While some of these games haven’t been released in 2016, it’s actually in 2017 that they truly shine. As this list is made up of different genres, it’s just really up to you which ones you should play as tastes easily differ from one person to another. Love games? Check out our review of gaming jobs online.

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