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The Roblox community is probably the most active and creative one in the gaming verse. With so many games to play within the platform, you’ll never run out of fun. From simple role-playing games to fast-paced ones that will have you at the edge of your seat, Roblox has it. But of course, like any other large gaming community, a few games will always stand out from the rest.

Care to find out what they are? Well, here are the top 10 popular Roblox games:

Treasure Hunt Simulator

One of the simulator games in Roblox, Treasure Hunt Simulator is the game for treasure hunters at heart. Or simply the ones who like to try their hands at treasure hunting. Get your backpack at the ready and discover treasure chests along the way. Then buy better bags and better shovels to dig deeper and find more valuable treasures. You can even sell your sands to earn money and get rewarded by tons of badges. Explore the different digsites and enjoy digging!

Theme Park Tycoon 2

Want to build your very own Disneyland? Then Theme Park Tycoon 2 will definitely please you. One of the best and most popular games in the Roblox universe, get ready to be addicted. Earn money from entry fees, rides and stalls while you work on your theme park. As a bonus, you can even challenge other online rivals and climb the leaderboard to be the best theme park owner in the game. Use your imagination to expand and grow your park.

Work at a Pizza Place

Want to be a cook, a cashier, a supplier or delivery person in a game? Then Work at a Pizza Place is the one for you. A team-based Roblox game, Work at a Pizza Place will have you and other players working together in a pizzeria. Role-playing has never been this fun. Work hard, satisfy customers and earn your wage. Then have fun spending the money you earn. Build a luxury house or purchase something. After all, it’s your money to spend.

Super Bomb Survival

Survive in two and a half minutes in various maps as bombs rain from the sky. Sounds like your idea of fun? Then Super Bomb Survival is right up your alley. Featured in numerous developer-made events, this game has won the hearts of thousands of Roblox players. The game will keep you running from the get-go. But as it progresses, you’ll encounter hard-to- avoid bombs. So make sure to pay attention.

Blood & Iron

Centred around the legendary Napoleonic Wars, Blood \& Iron is a first-person shooter game that features the battle between Britain and France. Immerse yourself in historical locations and authentic weapons – be it as a cavalry soldier, a rifleman, officer dummer or as a sapper. Battle enemies with your teammates and have fun rewriting history. Featuring outstanding sword animations and combat techniques, Blood \& Iron is quite popular and can be often seen on Roblox’s front page.

Counter-Blox: Roblox Offensive

If there is a more similar Roblox game to Counter Strike, other than Phantom Forces, it’s Counter-Blox: Roblox Offensive. ROLVe community’s top earning and most popular game, it’s a Roblox clone to Counter Strike. Just like in game it’s based off, you’ll get to use powerful weapons like grenades, SMG, rifles and more. Play either on the team Terrorist or the team Counter Terrorist. Then complete your objective based on maps.

Natural Disaster Survival

This is first Roblox game to hit one million favourites, Natural Disaster Survival is about just that – surviving natural disasters. In this game, you’ll be facing Mother Earth and her tough, angry elements. From floods to tropical storms to hurricanes to earthquakes, you’ll find yourself facing natural disasters. The only goal? To survive. The only question is: do you have what it takes?


Using the theme of hide and seek, Jailbreak is a prison-style game. It has two player types. You can be a prisoner or a cop. If you choose to be a prisoner, your goal is to escape the jail without getting caught. If you decide to be a cop, your job is to catch the prisoners and prevent them from escaping of course. But that’s only the beginning. The fun really starts after that. As a prisoner, you get to become a criminal. And as a cop, you get to find and detain the fugitives. This awesome Roblox game is played by millions of players.

Apocalypse Rising

Run from zombies and other dangerous creatures when you play Apocalypse Rising. One of the best adventure survival games within Roblox, Apocalypse Rising is an open world zombie game where you have to eliminate not only the infected, but also hostile survivors. Build bases, group up and repair vehicles as you tackle enemies and zombies. A truly fun, action-packed adventure, it’s the most visited zombie-themed Roblox game.

Phantom Forces

Action-packed and fast-paced, Phantom Forces is a first person shooter game within Roblox. So if you’re a fan of the concept of Counter Strike, then this game is for you. It has the best graphics in the platform and displays realistic combat mechanics. And because of that it’s well received by the Roblox community. It is, in fact, considered as one of the all-time best scripted and well-made games in the the platform and known to have the second fastest popularity rate next to MeepCity.

Our final thoughts

Now that you know the top 10 popular games in Roblox. Join the ever-growing community and have fun playing awesome games. You’ll surely find the one you’ll like best. What’s more, you can even create your own game. Who knows? It may end up as a hit.

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