Gaming Jobs Online Review … any good in 2019?

I’ve always been curious about video game testing, since getting paid to play and test a game seems like a very fun job. And since there are no video game companies knocking on my door to try out their games, I decided to score the internet to find video game testing jobs.

That was how I came across Gaming Jobs Online. Gaming Jobs Online claims to be the number one gaming jobs website since 2008.


The site are looking for gamers who are willing to test or review games and get paid while doing so. Even products like game consoles, memory cards, controllers etc. It says there that you’re not only going to get paid to test games, you can also take online surveys, get invited to game conferences, participate in focus groups and more. The site claims that you can make an average of $39,063 a year as a professional video game tester. $3,255.25 per month sounds like a promising side income. 

So I decided to join their membership to see if it’s any good. So I registered and paid for the first week, which is only $1.00. It’s a limited time offer since they normally charge $27.00. But the $1.00 membership fee only applies to the first week. They will charge $27.00 in the succeeding weeks.



I logged in and gained access to the members’ area. It says there that the the average member earnings is $800.00 a month while the top members earn $4,000.00+ a month. Aside from getting access to a gaming jobs database,  I can also see a list of services that will pay me to take surveys.


The downside? When I clicked on those services, they prompted me to register. So if you’re going to answer a ton of surveys, you’re also going to join and register a ton of services. But there are some that offer $1.00 just for joining, so it may be worth your while. There are also survey services that are available depending on countries. You can check them out, but again you’ll have to register for each of them.

I tried the list of Premium Survey Jobs that are available for this month due to the appeal of earning $75, $80, $100, $300, etcetera as it’s stated there. But when I clicked on them I only got redirected to the log-in page not to the actual page of the survey. And that happened to every link with distinguished amounts. The ones that don’t have, they redirected me to their respective LinkedIn pages where I assumed I had to manually apply. So that was a disappointment.

I came across the Free Games feature so I thought I’d give them a try, but when I clicked on them, I only got the 404 Not Found error – for all of them. So that’s one’s a bummer, especially since I was excited to try at least the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Demo, but it turned out to be a dud too like the surveys.

The Paid to Play program feature got my attention and I thought maybe I could try my luck with it. Well, guess what? It’s currently suspended. Apparently, there’s been an increasing amount of negative feedback from the users so the site decided to suspend the program indefinitely. Again, it’s a program that doesn’t work. What could I do on the site, really?


Well, there are premium game testing jobs available. Sounds promising, right? But then they have specific requirements and preferred qualification you’d have to meet if you want to apply for the jobs. Again, there’s a downside. The links redirected me to where I had to register, upload my resume and apply for the job manually. So if you don’t want to go all through that trouble, you’d be disappointed. Also, since you’re likely going to here from them after a week or two, you’ll have no choice but to extend your membership on the site. Which means you’ll have to shell out $27 a week while you’re waiting for their response.

Want to earn $400? Well, all you have to do is submit your profile to some companies. It’s yet another program included in the membership. Just submit your profile and you’ll get a sign-up bonus. Easy peasy, right? Not if you’re worried about sharing your personal information. So proceed with caution.

In conclusion, Gaming Jobs Online doesn’t seem like a good resource for video game testing jobs. Too many links and programs not working and there’s no guarantee you’d land a job from their database. Those jobs aren’t even offered directly on the site. You’ll have to log in to Indeed. Which can be an inconvenience.

I’m sure there are more issues I haven’t encountered. But my verdict so far? Skip this one.

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