Dugi Guides Review … any good in 2019?

You’ve read about the Zygor Guide for World of Warcraft. And you’ve learned its efficacy on playing the game. Now it’s time to review another guide for the game. This one is called the Dugi Guides. It is said to have over 80 questing zones and compatible with any character as well as any race/class combo.

Unlike the Zygor Guide, I managed to get the Dugi Guides for free. Well, at least I got the 1-40 leveling guides for free. But it’s still enough for me to work on and see if this particular guide is any better than Zygor. So for this I created a new character – a Blood Elf Mage named Eridrel – who I think looks pretty badass.

I turned the Dugi Guides add-on on and I immediately liked what I saw. There’s the helpful waypoint arrow at the top and beside it is the DG icon. I find the DG interface pretty easy to navigate. Every task and quest is listed in a straightforward manner, complete with details, making leveling up very easy. So there’s no confusion on my part. Like the Zygor Guide, there’s a counter on the right side of the screen to show my ongoing quests and side quests.


After tinkering with the DG interface, I started my quest in Sunstrider Isle located in northwestern Eversong Woods. My first task was given by Magistrix Erona which is Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle. In this quest, I had to head over to the Burning Crystal and kill 8 Mana Wyrms using my Arcane power. Afterwards, I returned to Magistrix Erona and turned in the quest, receiving Green Chain Boots.

Then I carried out another task called Unfortunate Measures back at the Burning Crystal to kill Mana Wyrms, Springpaw Cubs, and Springpaw Lynxes to loot Lynx Collars and Arcane Slivers. They’re not ferals, so they’re not that hard to kill. Afterwards, I turned in the quest to the Magister. After rewarding me, he tasked me to talk to Lanthan Perilon for a new quest.

Lanthan Perilon gave me the Aggression quest where I had to head towards the shore by the Shrine of Dath’Remar to kill 7 Tenders and 7 Feral Tenders. They’re swarming the place, so I had to be a little cautious when blasting each of them and looting what needs to be looted. Returning back to my quest giver, I turned in my completion and received my rewards. Aside from coins, I also got a Sunstrider Staff, which I promptly mounted on my back. As for the next quest, Lanthan Perilon tasked me to head over to Falthrien Academy.


In this quest, I had to kill 8 Arcane Wraiths and 2 Tainted Arcane Wraiths as I get to the top of the academy. At this point, I’ve already unlocked my Fire power so killing them and looting their essence hadn’t been tedious. But they weren’t the main objective of this quest. What I really needed to do was kill Felendren the Banished and bring his head back to Lanthan Perilon. At first, I thought it would be hard to kill him but it wasn’t the case. I managed to eliminate him with just a few strikes. So that’s a definite win.

After turning in my completed quest, Lanthan Perilon gave me my next one – Aiding the Outrunners. In this quest, I had to leave the Sunstrider Isle and head over to the Silvermoon City to continue with the reclamation efforts. But before heading on my next quest, I decided to exit the game. My laptop froze and when I entered the game again, I was no longer able to speak to Lanthan Perilon or Magistrix Erona to get the details of my task. Thankfully, the DG interface lived up to expectation and I was able to reclaim my quest there. So now I made my way to the Silvermoon City and entered the Eversong Woods.


There, near the bridge leading to Falconwing Square, I spoke with Outrunner Alarion – thus completing my Aiding the Outrunners task – who in turn gave me my next task: Slain by the Wretched. I ventured into Dawning Street and to find any traces of a slain outrunner. Alarion warned me that the place was crawling with the Wretched so I had to be alert and ready to kill them if they came across my path. So naturally, I got nervous. But it turned out, there was no need for that. I was able to complete my task without killing any Wretched.

Returning to Alarion, I completed the quest and received the package Erona apparently sent me. He then sent me on my way back to the Dawning Lane all the way through the Ruins of Silvermoon until I reached Falconwing Square. There I was tasked to speak with Innkeeper Delaniel to complete the package delivery and rebind my hearthstone, making Flaconwing Square my new home.

There were a few side quests available inside the inn – from cooking, to first aid, to jewel crafting. I tried jewel crafting, but realized it wasn’t for me. So I headed outside to find a new quest and there I met Majister Jaronis. He gave me the Major Malfunction task where I had to collect 6 Arcane Core from the Arcane Patrollers roaming the ruins of Silvermoon City at Falconwing Square. Since the place was crawling with the Wretched, I had to kill them and the Arcane Patrollers alike. They were aggressive so I had watch where I was going so I wouldn’t have to deal with more than I could handle.

Going back to the Falconwing Square, I turned in my completed quest and headed over to Aeldon Sunbrand to get my next one: Unstable Mana Crystals. I had to bring back 6 Unstable Mana Crystals from around the Square. I once again fought against the Wretched and Patrollers while I searched for the barrels of crystals within the area. I didn’t have to go too far as they were quite easy to find once I stumbled on the first one.


I definitely enjoyed using Dugi Guides while playing World of Warcraft. While there was still room for improvement, I was pretty satisfied about the guide. It was truly helpful whenever I needed, well, help. And it made sure to remind me of tasks that I’ve overlooked, so I appreciated that. There were even a lot of features I was yet to try, like the taxi system. So all in all, I recommend the Dugi Guides for all players who want to level up fast and efficiently.

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