AppCoiner review .. does it work in 2019?

I found Gaming Jobs Online to be a dud, but my quest for finding a good paid testing job didn’t end there. So I decided to check out another one — AppCoiner. While Gaming Jobs Online calls itself as the number one gaming jobs website, the #AppCoiner makes no such claims. It only says I can get paid to test out the coolest apps. It even has an Earnings Disclaimer that says it doesn’t guarantee any earnings.

Although it says there that I can earn $15 – $25 per app review.  I was curious, so I decided to give it a try. When I joined their membership, I only paid $17 for a lifetime membership, instead of their regular $27. They said it was a limited time offer. There was actually a countdown of three hours when I registered. But when I went to click the link a few days later, the offer still stands. I guess it’s an ongoing offer. Which is probably a good thing. Also, I like how it’s a whole lot cheaper than Gaming Jobs Online’s weekly membership fee.

I logged on to the members’ area where I found the three steps I needed to take before I start earning money. The first step is to create a FREE Clickbank and/or JVZoo account. What’s the need for that, you ask? To set up my affiliate ID– Wait, is that how I’ll earn?

But I’ll get back to that later.

So after that, I click on the next step. Well, the next step is to try out and play the apps then review them. I’m given a dedicated blog where I can post my reviews after playing the apps.


The aesthetics of my blog doesn’t look good. Sponsored ads and sign-up links are pre-included in the design. It has a WordPress dashboard, but I’m not allowed to make changes to the design. Basically, all I can do on the blog is write and upload reviews as well as save my affiliate ID. So how can I choose the apps I want to review? Well, there’s slideshow of them in the dashboard itself. There are maybe a hundred gaming apps available, but I can’t tell for sure because they’re displayed in a slideshow and I have to scroll through them one by one.

I decided to download at least two apps, the Minimapp and Pizza City Tycoon. I have to admit, I was a little excited to try them and see if I could enjoy playing them. Well, guess what? I didn’t. I’m sorry to say but they seem like mediocre apps. I didn’t enjoy playing them at all. Minimapp confused me and I couldn’t understand how to play it. Pizza City Tycoon’s navigation was a lot easier, but ten minutes into testing it out, I got bored. I was hoping it would be a little like Diner Dash, but it was nothing like that at all. So I can only imagine what my reviews of the apps will be like if I decide to publish them on the blog. I just hope the other apps will be better. So, that was step 2. How about the last step?

The last step is to get paid, of course. It’s why I joined the site in the first place. Now, the question is how do I get paid? Well, it’s nothing like I expected. I was already skeptical about the $15 – $25 potential earnings per app review, but I expected to at least find out that I could earn at least $5 for every app testing and review. But, wait, remember the affiliate account they asked me create?

See, there are three ways to earn: (1) when people click on the banners on my site, (2) when people opt in to my email list, and (3) when someone clicks on an app download link. It sounds great… if you have loads of traffic. For a newly created site with zero traffic, I doubt. It says there that all I had to do is set up my account then test and review apps, and leave the rest up to them. Are they going to drive traffic to my site? They say that the more apps I test, the more I can make money. But how long does it take to start earning money from them? When will I start earning the projected $15 – $25 earnings per review?

The answer most likely is that it will probably take several months to even a year. Well, that’s another dud. If you’re willing to wait this one out, I say go for it. But if you’re looking for quick, easy money, I say pass.

Oh and one more thing: they also e-mail job openings that I can apply for. Which aren’t hosted in AppCoiner. It’s a different site altogether. I suggest you check it out but I can’t promise it won’t turn out to be a disappointment.

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