Top 6 Scariest Resident Evil Villains Of All Time

Resident Evil might be famous because of its countless hordes of the undead, but this video game series doesn’t fall short of vile and twisted enemies, ranging from the ridiculous to downright heartless monsters.

Don’t believe me? Then check out this toplist of Resident Evil villains who, one way or another, scared our favorite characters. Let’s countdown to the scariest and strongest of them all.

The Jealous Soldier: Jack Krauser

Starting the list s the “weakest” of the villains (and I’m using weakest loosely!) – Jack Krauser. A military agent-turned-henchman, Jack turned from hero to villain. He once worked with Leon S. Kennedy and suffered a great injury to his arm in their mission, prematurely ending his career. With his growing jealousy of Leon and unquenchable thirst for power, he faked his death and found himself looking for Wesker.

With the help of his newfound boss, he was able to fully recover his arm and joyfully continued his bloody lifestyle. He infiltrated the Los Illuminados to gain a sample of the Los Plagos parasite, upon the orders of Wesker. Ambitious as he is though, Krauser used the sample on himself to gain superhuman powers, including an oversized mutated arm-blade. In the end he still died in the hands of Leon (with the help of Ada). A bitter end for a bitter guy.

The Cult Leader: Osmund Saddler

Next on the list is part-time kidnapper and full-time crazy, Osmund Saddler. This guy is your typical twisted cult leader. Charismatic and manipulative, he leads the group Los Illuminados, which aims to take over the world. Yep, typical. What makes him stand out a bit from your ordinary extremist is that he actually despises violence, so he lets his minions do the dirty work for him. His calm demeanor and unbending resolution to achieve his goals give his character color and depth, making him an effective villain. As for his fighting abilities, he possesses superhuman strength, agility and durability, even being able to tank shots from a machine gun. He can also control the minds of other Las Plaga-infected individuals, befitting for a cult leader.

The Cross-Dressing Dictator: Alfred Ashford

Can you hear that dolphin-like sound? That’s Alfred’s laugh, apparently. Born from the madness of Dr. Alexander Ashford, Alfred Ashford is one of the two modified clones of the first Countess Ashford, Veronica. Unlike his genius twin Alexia though, Alfred is just above average – although his laugh certainly isn’t. This intellectual discrepancy with his sibling made him hateful of the world, yet still very loving to his dear sister. In fact, long after Alexia was sealed in cryo-stasis, Alfred had developed a second persona embodying his idealized version of his sister – with fashionable clothes to boot! So what made him so evil and outright scary? Just torturing and killing people, that’s all.

The Tyrant: Nemesis

Now, let’s go to the third scariest and strongest Resident Evil villain there is. As if zombies aren’t enough, Umbrella Corporation had to release one more terrifying creature among its arsenal of horrors. Towering at over 7 feet tall, Nemesis is an intelligent Tyrant that can act upon orders, proving that a T-virus-infected creature doesn’t have to be as dumb as your regular zombie.

To make matters worse, Nemesis can also protrude tentacles that can pierce through skulls and can equip weapons (even bazookas!) for some long-range massacre. Of course, his terrifying abilities can only be matched by his gruesome appearance and his odd choice of clothing: a Nazi-inspired coat. Yikes!

The Traitorous Scientist: William Birkin

The creator of the more formidable G-Virus, William Birkin is no weak nerd. Well, not after he mutated anyway. A true prodigy, he started his work at Umbrella at a very young age of 16. But despite his high intelligence, he started to feel insecure when Alexia Ashford entered the company at a much younger age of 10, earning praises while he fails in his findings. What started his fall out of Umbrella though was his unguaranteed promotion in spite of his achievements. He collaborated with his once-rival Wesker after their failings, and things went downhill soon after Umbrella finds out.

Ambushed and cornered, Birkin injected himself with the G-virus, mutating his right arm into a giant mass of muscle with an eyeball at the shoulder. Several mutations later, he has transformed into an unrecognizable monster that looks nothing but abomination. What made him so dark and twisted though is his plan to inject his larvae into his own daughter for reproduction. Gross! Now do you have to ask why he is getting neck and neck with number one?

The God-Wannabe: Albert Wesker

If gods top power rankings, then it’s only natural a god-wannabe tops this list. A skillful martial artist and marksman, Albert Wesker possesses a special blood type that lets him reap the benefits of mutagens without the awful side effects: superhuman strength, speed, vision, regeneration and fortitude. Yup, pretty much overkill. Combine that with his cold personality, cunning ability and grand ambition, Albert Wesker proves that he is the villain of the story.

Our final thoughts

So, there you have it – the scariest villains of the Resident Evil franchise. From Jack Krauser to Albert Wesker, you’ll definitely have your hands full. But if there’s one villain you should fear, it should be Albert Wesker. With a god-like complex, he’s the most dangerous of them all.

With all the antagonists and their powers in this list, it may seem impossible to defeat them with just bangs and booms. Thankfully though, the game series has led an intricate plot for our main characters to tread to triumph over evil, which made the Resident Evil series a must-play for gamers. Agree?

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