Top 10 Best Resident Evil Youtubers

Do you know the experienced Youtube gamers you can rely on when it comes to the Resident Evil series?

Well, don’t fret. Below are not only experienced, but also the top Youtubers you can learn winning Resident Evil tips and tactics from.

Let’s take a look:


A Youtuber since 2013, xTGE is known for providing walkthrough videos of the games he plays to his subscribers, including Resident Evil. His in-depth reviews and the useful information he generously shares to the gaming community has earned him a total of 6,869 subscribers and 4,969,234 video views. If you’re just getting started in playing RE 7, you might want to check out his Youtube channel for newbie guides. Take for example the video above, which gives a hint on the wide arrangement of weapons in the game and how to acquire them.

Boss Fight Database

With 117,572 subscribers and 83,943,825 video views since 2012, Boss Fight Database has risen through the ranks to become the ultimate source of greatest boss battles in the gaming world. Providing tips and tactics on how to beat tough bosses, this Youtuber features awesome playlists of Resident Evil walkthroughs that can whet the appetite of any Resident Evil player. In his channel, he’s featured bosses from RE 1 to RE Zero, RE 4, RE 5 and the latest, RE7. For now, watch his video of all the boss fights you can come across yourself in RE 4.


GamerForEternity launched his channel in 2012 and boasts a total of 32,239 subscribers with 31,276,959 video views. This Youtuber provides walkthroughs, location guides, collectible guides and trophy guides of several popular video games. Although he only features RE 7 out of all the series in his channel, he makes sure that every video on the game packs a punch. As of now, he managed to make several RE 7 videos that feature weapon locations, how to use and attain a certain weapon/secret weapon, and walkthroughs of some of the chapters in the game; as well as upgrades and collectibles, as shown in the video above.


If you want high-quality Resident Evil guides and walkthroughs that are also comprehensive and thorough, MrReign is the Youtuber for you. His channel started in 2011 and since then it’s accumulated 22,486 subscribers and 12,887,279 video views. He uploads tutorial guides, walkthroughs as well as ammo and weapon tests among other in-depth tactics on playing the game. In the video above, he shows a detailed speedrun guide packed with other useful information.


CaleoGaming has been creating boss videos, gameplays, reviews, walkthroughs and other guides on Resident Evil and various games since 2013. He now has a total 17,558 subscribers and gathered 6,696,035 views. Included in his playlists are high-quality videos of all bosses in RE 6 and 7 as well as a walkthrough in RE 4 and other Resident Evil Remastered videos. Now watch this cutscene video showcasing every boss of RE 7.

Joe E. Kennedy

Joe E Kennedy is a Youtuber with 5,637 subscribers and 1,507,451 video views. He created his gaming channel around Resident Evil and the horror genre in general. In the gaming community, he is formally known as RE4Gamer9 creating different walkthrough videos on Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil Remastered, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 7 and it’s DLC. He’s not just uploading RE video guides though. He also makes sure to give his commentaries and insights on the game while playing. Like in this video where he gives a full playthrough of Mia’s Flashback in RE 7.

Where’s Barry

Where’s Barry is a die-hard Resident Evil gamer who wants to impart useful tactics and information to his subscribers in a clever and humorous but thought-provoking way. His goal is to be informative and at the same time entertaining so he makes use of extensive research, excellent video editing, graphics and production to stand out among typical streamers. What’s more, he also provides theories, news, information and predictions about the latest installment of Resident Evil and the series as a whole. As such, he’s managed to gain 12,798 subscribers and 3,275,822 views. Now if you’re interested about the backstory of Lucas Baker, check out the video above.


With 48,745 subscribers and 9,202,544 views, SinglePlayerNacho is one quirky Youtuber. He’s always interested in the smallest details in horror and single player based games and tends to explore the Resident Evil series by making a plot guess for each RE character, aside from creating playthroughs. He also uploads updates and lore videos of the game. In the video above, he talks about Ethan’s wife Mia and makes speculations about her and her importance in RE 7.


The one of the two Youtubers on this list that focuses solely on the Resident Evil franchise, TheGamerShankster has 6,385 subscribers and 2,323,479 video views. He creates reviews on weapons and showcasing characters’, especially bosses’ impressive melee moves. Recently, he also started doing Let’s Play videos. Watch the video as he reviews the folding knife, survival knife and axe found in the game.


The top spot in this list is none other than BiohazardGeek. Having started his channel in 2010, BiohazardGeek has 10,617 subscribers and 6,496,382 video views. Like TheGamerShankster, his sole focus is the RE franchise. His videos are mostly walkthroughs, Let’s Play series, RE top 10’s, RE mods and even Director’s cuts and Cutscenes. He also uploads funny parts from the game for entertainment value. The video here is a preview of the best modifications in Resident Evil 4.

Our final thoughts

There you have it, the top 10 best Resident Evil Youtubers that are more than willing to sate your hunger for all things Resident Evil. And if you need a hand in playing the franchise, their helpful channels are just there to provide awesome tips and tricks – from dealing with villains to knowing your weapons to learning mods and melee moves. So don’t hesitate to check them out!

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