Top 10 Best Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Weapons (updated)

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Do you know which weapons to use in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard? If not, no worries. We’ve compiled the best weapons to use in this latest installment of Resident Evil.

Ranked from least to best, here are the top weapons you’ll come across with while playing the game:

G17 Handgun

Moving down a spot is the G17 Handgun. Once the Deputy’s firearm, the G17 Handgun is located at the Main House. It’s a copy of the Glock 17 and has a 10-round magazine ammo capacity. Weaker than the M19 Handgun, this weapon has a decent stopping power that can be improved by using the Enhanced Handgun Ammo. It can be obtained and crafted for 50 Scrap. Otherwise, you can pick it up once the Deputy is killed by Jack Baker. If it’s not picked up during the fight, it will be moved in front of the ladder where it must be obtained in order to progress.

M19 Handgun

Previously from number 8 is the M19 Handgun. It can be found found first in the Guest House and then as a Broken Piston in the trailer of the Main House. It shares the appearance and ammo capacity (7-round ammo capacity) of the Colt M1911 series pistol. It’s also similar to a Browning Hi-Power in that it uses 9mm Parabellum cartridges. The best tactic in using this pistol is to make sure that you’re keeping your distance from your enemies while aiming for the head. Although it has a bit more power compared to the G17, it has a lower magazine capacity. So you’ll have to make each shot count. On the other hand, it has a slightly higher damage per shot and higher critical head shot rate.


Moving up from number 10 is the Burner/Flamethrower. One of the most unique weapons in the game, the Burner is a homemade weapon with an ammo capacity of 150 flame units and used for eliminating swarms and other bugs. It is located in the first floor of the Old House. The Burner, as the name implies, causes damage on enemies like Marguerite and her insects by setting them on fire. It won’t kill enemies right away, so it’s best to keep shooting until they stop moving. You can get the Burner by combining the Burner Grip which is found near, and the Burner Nozzle which is located in the Water Station. You can also get it as a part of the “Burner Set” reward, once you accumulates 80,000 points and craft it for 150 Scrap.

M37 Shotgun

Also located at the Main House, the M37 Shotgun seems like a mix of features of the Mossberg 500 and Remington 870. It’s a high-powered, pump-action shotgun with 4-round ammo capacity. The buckshot fired by this gun tends to have a widespread, so wait for your enemies to get closer first before you hit them. To get this weapon, you’ll need to get the Broken Shotgun found in Grandma’s Room first and then swap it with the M37 Shotgun held by the statue in the main hall. You may encounter Jack while getting the gun, so stay alert. This weapon can also be acquired and crafted for 100 Scrap.

M21 Shotgun

An old-fashioned weapon, a classic over-under break-action shotgun, the M21 Shotgun doesn’t hold much ammo. It’s only able to hold two shells at a time, but it has considerably more power than the M37. Although it fires fewer shells before needing to be reloaded, it has a heavier knock back power, and concentrated blast, which gives you more effective range compared to the M37. Most enemies don’t normally survive full two shells from the M21 at close range, but it’s not recommended for you to use it during fights where reloading can be a problem. The M21 Shotgun can be found in Grandma’s Room in the Main House and can be obtained by replacing the M37 shotgun on the statue. You can also acquire this weapon by crafting it for 200 Scrap.

Circular Saw

A powerful melee weapon, the Circular Saw is a standard circular saw that you can only unlock by finishing the game in under four hours. It has two types of attack; one is slashing and the other is by making the saw run continuously which can eliminate enemies fast. Compared to other melee weapons, like the Knife, the Circular Saw is relatively more powerful and can severely damage enemies. On the other hand, it can be rewarded by accumulating 10,000 Points. You can then craft it for 3,000 Scrap.


A functioning replica of the anti-bio-weapon handgun, the Albert-01R is named after Albert Wesker and considered as one of the most powerful handguns in the game. It holds 9 Handgun Ammo and emits a laser while being aimed. It has an amazingly high firepower and stopping power, but only able to hold 3-round ammo and significant recoil. Its power efficiency makes it comparable to the 44 MAG, just without ammo scarcity. You can even increase its firepower by coupling it with the Enhanced Handgun Ammo. While the Albert-01R will be given to you during the Final Boss fight, you can also get it as a reward by accumulating 5,000,000 points.

Remote Bomb

The Remote Bomb is a bomb that can be detonated by remote control. It can be found first while playing as Mia in the Wrecked Ship. You can use this bomb as a great weapon of destruction, by placing it on the ground and setting it as a trap, then detonating it remotely. They can only be placed on a surface similar to a mine though, so you’ll have to be careful when timing it. It delivers massive damage and covers a large area when detonated, so make sure to stay far away from it after setting it up. This weapon is all over the place. They’re easy to find and all you have to do is collect as many as you can.

44 MAG (Magnum)

A large caliber firearm, the 44 Mag is easily one of the most powerful weapons you can collect while playing RE7. It is the single most damaging firearm in the game and holds 7 44 MAG Ammo at a time. Not only can it give high damage per shot, it can also behead Molded with a single headshot. The 44 Mag can be found in the trailer located at the Bakers’ yard, which you can access by completing the three-headed dog puzzle in the Main House. You can’t just take it though. There are still necessary steps to take before you can acquire the weapon. And it’s not a very easy feat. It’s also available to craft for 100 Scrap once you accumulate 200,000 Points.

Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher is easily the most powerful weapon in this list. It’s a homemade weapon and contains one grenade round, although similar to the M79 Grenade Launcher when it comes to its break-open action. It uses two kinds of ammunition: the Flame Rounds and the Neuro Rounds. While the Neuro rounds can slow down and deal high damage to a Molded, the Flame Rounds can be used against Marguerite’s mutated form as well as Jack’s. The weapon is fairly easy to find. In the easy level, it’s located in the Supplies room of the Main House. While it can be found in the trailer in the Yard in the higher difficulty level.

Our final thoughts

Now that you know the top weapons to use in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, it’s time to take your pick. Or, better yet, try them all to see what they have to offer. After all, you only have one goal. And that is to kill all the enemies and finish the game successfully.

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