8 Gruesome Resident Evil 7 Scenes You Shouldn’t Miss

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is the most recent installment – the 24th entry, to be exact – in the Resident Evil franchise. It’s also the first main series installment that can be played from a first-person perspective.

Just like the past installments, Resident Evil 7 turns out to be a pretty badass game. It’s no Candy Crush. This chapter follows civilian Ethan Winters as he searches for his missing wife Mia and battles it out with the crazy and infected Baker family.

If you’ve already started playing the game you’ll know it’s just as graphic and brutal as the rest of the entries in the franchise. And probably even one of the best.

Now how about you take a break from gaming and watch these graphic RE 7 scenes that will definitely make you lose your lunch?

Scary Moments

Who doesn’t love a good scary moment when playing RE 7? Whether it’s Ethan getting killed or it’s Ethan doing the killing – but mostly Ethan getting killed – it’s sure to be a true horror experience. That said, aren’t the villains impressive for coming up with creative ways to eliminate Ethan? That’s commitment right there.

Ethan’s Deaths

Let it not be said that Ethan never had his fair share of deaths. In this video, we see him getting killed by some members of the Baker family as well as the Molded. Pretty gruesome, if you ask me. But then what do you expect when the kill involves a chainsaw? A definite bloodbath.

Officer’s Death

Who says well meaning-officers are safe in video games? Not in Resident Evil 7, they’re not. Especially when Jack sneaks behind his back. There’s just no escaping Daddy’s thirst for blood. It’s just too bad Ethan didn’t bother to warn him. Maybe then he wouldn’t have lost his head. Ouch!

Hand Cut

Here we thought Mia is a loving wife. Boy, did she prove us wrong. Who knew she can be so vindictive? Here Ethan learned firsthand what would happen if he pissed off his infected wife. It cost him his hand. Literally. He might want to think twice before getting into his wife’s bad books again.

Leg Cut

We all know Ethan Winters is a badass protagonist. But sometimes villains get the best of him. In this instance, it was Jack Baker, the head of the Baker family, who did. Watch as Jack cuts off Ethan’s leg, helps him heal it, then chases him (Ethan) once again. Aside from the icky factor, it was a pretty funny scene. It just goes to show that good ‘ol Jack loves a good chase.

Dinner With The Bakers

Who knew dinner can be a horrifying experience? But then it’s not everyday you dine with the Bakers. Those human parts scattered on the table? Just your average dinner. Force-feeding their guest? Infected or not, never let it be said that they’re not an accommodating bunch.

Brutal Kills

Warning: This video is not for the faint of heart. I repeat. It’s not for the faint of heart. These kill scenes are gross, brutal, and ugly. Although if you’re a fan of the Resident Evil franchise I’m sure it’s unlikely that you have an easily upset stomach. Otherwise, you’ve been warned. One thing is for sure: these players and zombies meant business.

Boss Fights

Want to find out how hard it is to kill the bosses of Resident Evil 7? Then you might want to check this out. From Mia to Marguerite to Jack, you’ll witness what it’s like to fight the boss – gore and all. I can’t guarantee you’ll get out with all your body parts intact though.

Our final thoughts

Indeed, Resident Evil 7 is every horror survival game fanatic’s dream. It’s brutal, gruesome and outright scary. The gameplay design and graphics were masterfully done. No wonder it’s already selling millions of copies even early on and has received favorable reviews from critics and gamers alike.

How about you? Any other gruesome RE 7 scenes to share?

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