Top 10 Best Characters in Red Dead Redemption

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The anticipated release of Red Dead Redemption 2 is right around the corner. So before we get our hands to the next installment in the game, let’s take a look at the memorable characters from RDR 1 first.

Here are the top ten best characters of the game:

Abraham Reyes

A Mexican revolutionary, Abraham Reyes is a major character in the game. He’s first encountered in the mission “Must a Savior Die” where John Marston rescues him from execution. Abraham is known to have a wealthy upbringing, having been born from a rich family. A son of a nobleman, he has a vision of achieving social reform through violent revolution, thus becoming a revolutionary guerilla leader fighting against the Mexican army. Abraham’s army ends up helping John kill Colonel Allende and Bill Williamson.

Colonel Allende

A major colonel in the second area of Red Dead Redemption, Colonel Agustin Allende is a major antagonist featured in RDR 1. He’s not only the colonel of the Mexican Army, he also serves as the provincial governor of Nuevo Paraiso. He’s a vicious cynic and a corrupt, known for torture and sexual abuse. He’s also known for suppressing the Nuevo Paraiso rebellion led by Abraham Reyes. Eventually, he is killed by Reyes and John Marston after a long battle between the Mexican Army and the Rebels.

Bonnie MacFarlane

A daughter of a rancher, Bonnie MacFarlane is a primary ally of John Marson, serving as the first quest giver in the game. Bonnie is outspoken and strong-willed, spending her whole life working on the MacFarlane’s Ranch with her father. Due to five of her six brothers dying and the surviving male leaving, she has took it upon herself to become the “man” of their family’s ranch. She’s first seen on the Blackwater train and rescues John when he gets seriously wounded from his initial confrontation with Bill Williamson. She gives John several missions at the ranch.

Annie Stoakes

A major character featured in Red Dead Revolver, Annie Stoakes works as cattle rancher and wields a repeating rifle called “Faith.” She was raised as a successful, independent rancher in a male-dominated society as her father didn’t believe in adhering to traditional gender roles. She’s an ally of Red Harlow and assists him in his quest for revenge, as a result of Governor Griffon being obsessed with owning her ranch for himself. After Red kills Griffon, he gives Annie the $5000 in gold from the Battle Royale so she can keep her ranch.

Bill Williamson

One of the primary antagonists in Red Dead Redemption, Bill Williamson is a former gang partner of John Marston. He’s ruthless and self-serving as well as ambitious and greedy by nature. He’s a central character in the game and spends the whole game being tracked by John. The hunt for Bill serves as the impetus for the game’s plot and it’s the central motivating factor throughout the first and a part of the second act. He and John have a confrontation in Fort Mercer where John ends up shot, believing him to be dead. Discovering that John is alive, he and his followers burns the MacFarlane’s barn to the ground. Later in the game, he’s eventually killed by John with the help of Abraham Reyes.

Archer Fordham

A junior agent in the early Bureau of Investigation, Archer Fordham is a supporting character and a secondary antagonist featured in Red Dead Redemption. He’s a partner and protegé of senior agent Edgar Ross, and characterized as assertive and more hot-headed than his mentor. He’s first seen in the opening credits of the game alongside John Marston and Edgar Ross. He aids Ross in the detention of Marston’s family and extortion to pursue John’s fellow gang members. Archer demonstrates himself as exceedingly capable in combat.

Landon Ricketts

A major character in RDR 1, Landon Ricketts is an Old West legend and an ally of John Marston. He used to be a famous gunslinger during the height of the Old American West. He was so famous that stories of his fights and adventures were rampant during John’s childhood. He also appeared in many gunfights, including the Blackwater Massacre before his retirement. He becomes John’s mentor for a short time, giving him a Schofield Revolver to replace his less powerful Cattleman Revolver and then teaching him the third level of Dead-Eye. As an experienced gunman, he serves the people of his town as a vigilante or unofficial lawman.

Dutch Van der Linde

A central character and one of the primary antagonists in the game, Dutch Van der Linde is a former mentor of John Marston and the leader of a dangerous gang called Dutch’s Gang. He’s known as a merciless killer who kills even innocent people or lawman on the guise of fighting the corruption of the federal government. Although his methods are brutal, he’s an educated man and his actions aren’t driven by greed but instead by idealistic reasons. Dutch even believes that his gang can make a difference in the world. Even though he’s being hunted by John, he dies by throwing himself off a cliff, choosing suicide over capture.

Edgar Ross

A senior government agent, Edgar Ross is the main antagonist of RDR 1 and a central character in the game. He’s a cynic who sees the worst in everyone and greedy with the power the government has granted him. He sees himself as an individual who is completely above any law. A purveyor of modernism, he usually rides in automobiles and uses automatic weapons. He strong arms John into hunting down his old gang by holding his family hostage. At the end, he kills John. Jack Marston, John’s son, can have his revenge by defeating him in an epilogue mission in the game.

John Marston

Topping the list is none other than the main protagonist of the game, John Marston. He’s known to be shrewd, fearless and strong-willed. He was born to a prostitute and an illiterate Scottish immigrant. After escaping the orphanage at an early age, he fell into Dutch van der Linde’s gang and became an outlaw and gunslinger. He remains as an experienced marksman, hunter and gunman despite his reformation after a botched robbery. When Edgar Ross becomes in charge of the western region, he decides to blackmail John into doing his dirty jobs for him, thus starting Red Dead Redemption’s storyline.

Our final thoughts

Now that you know the top ten best characters in Red Dead Redemption, you’ll have a better perspective in playing/dealing with them. They can surely help you prepare for the next installment!

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