The 10 Best Moves In Pokemon Go

You already know the most powerful pokemons to catch in Pokemon Go. How about the most powerful moves to use with them?

Want to know what they are? Well, you asked for it. Starting from the most basic moves down to the most powerful, here are the best moves you can use while playing Pokemon Go:

Psycho Cut

A damage-dealing psychic-type move, Psycho Cut was first introduced in Generation V. Pokemons like Mewto, Alakazam and Kadabra use this move by tearing at the opponent with blades formed by psychic power. Usually, this particular move can inflict a high critical damage with a DPS (damage per second) of 8.33 and is effective to use against the Fighting and Poison types of Pokemons. But not in some cases. As seen in this video, Alakazam tried to use Psycho Cut against Snorlax but lost. Yikes! Better luck next time, Alakazam.

Water Gun

Introduced in Generation I, Water Gun has a DPS of 10, slightly higher than that of Psycho Cut. Although it has no secondary effects, it can still inflict damage especially if it’s paired with another move – just like in this video where Golduck used Water Gun and Ice Beam against Dragonite’s Steel Wing and Dragon Pulse, and won. This move is very effective when used against the Ground, Fire and Rock types, but not much against Grass, Dragon and Water types. Golduck, Squirtle, Starmie, Blastoise and Slowpoke are just some of the Pokemons that use this move.

Frost Breath

Started in Generation V, Frost Breath is an ice-type move that almost always results in critical damage, with a DPS of 11.11. Unless, of course, the opponent is equipped with a Battle Armor and Shell Armor, or using Lucky Chant. While it’s not effective against Fire, Ice, Steel and Water, this move is highly effective against Ground, Grass, Flying and Dragon types. Not quite powerful on its own, although if used with other moves like what Lapras did against Dragonite, it can pack quite the punch. Aside from Lapras, Smoochum, Cloyster and Jynx are some of the Pokemons using this particular move.


A damage-dealing normal-type move, Pound is first seen in Generation I. It has no secondary effects like the Water Gun, but it inflicts serious damage (with a DPS of 11.7) like the other moves. Pound can be done using foreleg or long tail. Be careful in using this move though. It’s not very powerful against Rock, Steel and Ghost types. Which is why here Wigglytuff incorporated Hyper Beam with a Pound move against Snorlax. Nicely done, huh? Other than Wigglytuff, Pokemons like Mew, Clefairy, Smoochum and Drowzee use this move.

Dragon Breath

Dragon Breath is a pretty cool damage-dealing dragon-type move. Introduced in Generation II, Dragon Breath can render the target 30% paralyzed, with a DPS of 12. In the video, watch how Dragonite defeated Snorlax using Dragon Breath and Hyper Beam. Like I said, pretty cool. Anyway, this move is effective when used against a Dragon type and fairly ineffective when used against the Fairy and Steel moves. The pokemons that use this move are Dragonite, Kingdra and Gyarados among others.

Body Slam

Body Slam is a normal-type move with a whooping 26.3 DPS and introduced in Generation I. Like Dragon Breath, it can paralyze the target by 30%. But not very effective when used against Rock, Ghost and Steel types. Now, watch how Snorlax used Body Slam against another Snorlax’s Earthquake and ended up winning. Not very ineffective now, isn’t it? This move can be used by Snorlax, Jigglypuff, Eevee, Growlithe, Rattata and others.

Dragon Claw

Dragon Claw has a DPS of 29.41 for a reason. It can be a quite powerful charge move when used properly. This move is done by slashing the target with sharp claws. It’s very effective against the same type (Dragon), but not so much if used against the Fairy or Steel type. Only Dragonite and Charizard can use this technique. Now watch how a Dragonite used Dragon Claw and Steel Wing to fight against another Dragonite’s Dragon Breath and Dragon Pulse. Did it work? You’ll have to see for yourself.

Fire Blast

With a 33.3 DPS, Fire Blast is easily in the top three of the best moves in Pokemon Go. Once used, this type of move can inflict damage with a 10% burn to the opponent, considering it’s one intense blast of fire. Fire Blast is very effective against Ice, Bug, Grass and Steel, while getting the opposite results if used against Fire, Dragon, Water and Rock. Arcanine, Charizard and Flareon are some of the pokemons that can be equipped with this move. To top it off, watch how Charizard defeated Exeggutor with a Fire Blast. Took the former awhile, but it was still a great success.

Power Whip

Power is the second best move in Pokemon Go. It’s also considered a good friend when playing the game. With its awesome 34.62 DPS, you can never go wrong. Introduced in Generation IV, Power whip deals a great damage when it lashes the target. While it’s effective against Ground, Rock and Water, the same can’t be said when facing against Bug, Fire, Dragon, Flying, Grass, Steel and Poison. It’s an awesome move for Tangela (as seen in the video), Bulbasaur and Weepinbell among others.

Hyper Beam

Easily beating all the other moves and reigning at number one is Hyper Beam. With a very impressive 39.47 DPS, no wonder it’s the most powerful move in this list. When used, a powerful beam knocks the target out of the park, so to speak. This move is so powerful, the Pokemon that uses it requires a recharge after. Hyper Beam is not only effective against Rock, Ghost and Steel. So watch out for those opponents. Hyper Beam is normally used by Snorlax, Porygon, Raticate and others.

Our final thoughts

Impressed with these best moves? You should be as they can help you win Gym Battles against some of the most powerful Pokemons out there. Just make sure to find Pokemons that can use Hyper Beam, Fire Blast and Power Whip and you’ll be all set.

Now keep playing Pokemon Go and make sure to use these moves wisely. Agree with my best list? Hit the comments section below!

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