8 Powerful Pokemons to Catch in Pokemon Go

I don’t think I know any person who hasn’t played Pokemon Go in recent months. Young or old, just about everyone around me got hooked on the popular game at one time or another.

Like other mobile games (i.e. Temple Run, Angry Birds and the like) Pokemon Go turned out to be awesomely addicting. It’s a fun and stimulating game that will take you places (literally!) as you play. Because it’s a location-based reality game, staying home for hours while glued to your tablet or smartphone doesn’t work. Unless maybe if you live in a palace or a castle. But even then, you can only catch a handful.

As you venture out to catch Pokemons, you’ll obviously be wanting to catch the most powerful ones. Well, just take a look at this list and you’ll know what to look out for.


Watch how an adorable Growlithe evolves into a powerful Arcanine. You’d be impressed at what it can do as an evolved pokemon. It boasts of having a maximum critical power of up to 2,839. Their best stats? Attack and stamina. Now if you’re interested in catching this powerful pokemon, you’ll need 50 Candy. Sounds easy enough, but we all know Candy is not easy to come by. So you’d better work hard for it.


This video will show you how Eevee evolves into a powerful Flareon. You may not know it but this evolved pokemon can easily reach a maximum critical power of 2,904. That’s right. It can also do a high damage to its opponent by using awesome move sets like FireBlast, FlameThrower and HeatWave. It may be second to the last on this list, but still dangerous to have. Watch out for it.


Who says Exeggcute can’t be powerful? Well if they turn into Exeggutor, they will be. Once evolved their max CP of 1102 boosts up to an impressive 2,916. They have great move sets too. They can confuse and be a psychic during Gym Battles. Now watch as Exeggcute evolve into Exeggutor and learn how to achieve higher CP tips and tricks at Level 20.


I admit. Lapras is one of my favorites. And why not? This water type pokemon bags a mean 2,980 max CP and it’s best asset is its defensive abilities. Now in this video, Think Noodles is playing Pokemon Go through ROBLOX, which is an awesome imagination platform. Watch as he tries to catch the elusive Lapras. If you ask me ROBLOX Pokemon Go 2 looks like a cool game.


Have you ever caught a 100% IV Vaporeon? Well, this gamer did and it was a great achievement. With a critical power that reaches up to 3,157 it’s easily one of the most sought after pokemons. HydroPump and WaterGun are just some of its fantastic move sets during battle. The best part though, you only need 25 Candy to evolve into Vaporeon. Sweet, right?


Ranking in third place, Gyarados is definitely one of the most powerful pokemons out there. From an almost harmless Magikarp with only a critical power of 220, Gyarados has 3,281. I know. What a big leap! Its best stats are attack and defense, with move sets of HydroPump, Twister and DragonPulse among others. Now if you ask how many Candy you need to get your Magikarp to evolve, well you only need 400 Candy. Sounds like a lot, right? But, hey, if it’s worth it…


As the second most powerful pokemon in the list, Snorlax’s critical power soars up to 3,355. This pokemon is both a good attacker and defender in Gym Battles, boasting abilities like BodySlam, Earthquake and HyperBeam. Be warned though. If you’re eager to get your hands on Snorlax you must know that it has no counters. Well, this video right here explains that in good detail.


The most powerful pokemon of the bunch, Dragonite is known as a physical attacker and a defensive wall, and occasionally even a cleric. What’s the special ability of Dragonite, you ask? Well it can Multiscale which can damage the opponent greatly. Pretty cool, huh? If that’s not enough to convince you, try this for size: it’s maximum critical power can reach up to 3,581. Like I said, pretty cool.

Our final thoughts

So that’s it. You now know the 8 most powerful pokemons to catch in Pokemon Go. I hope you find this list useful as you embark on a fun adventure. If you ask me, I’ll make catching Dragonite a priority. But then who says you can’t catch them all?

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