Top 10 Best Weapons in Overwatch (updated)

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If you’re interested in playing Overwatch, you’d probably like to know which weapons deal the best damage and give you an edge against your enemies.

Well, no worries. Here are the top 10 weapons to use in the game:

Mei’s Endothermic Blaster

If you’ve played Defense hero Mei, then you’re already familiar with her Endothermic Blaster. Endothermic Blaster or Ice Gun is a debuff rapid linear projectile type/debuff linear beam type of weapon that unleashes a concentrated, short-range stream of frost. This stream of frost slows, damages and freezes enemies in place, traveling at a speed of 20 m/s. As the blaster delivers 45 damage per second, it consumes 20 ammo per second. What’s more, it can create icicles and launch them across relatively long distances or simply forms giant blocks of ice.

Zenyatta’s Orb of Destruction

A linear projectile type of weapon used by Support hero Zenyatta, the Orb of Destruction shoots fast-moving orb projectiles at a reasonable rate, dealing damage to an enemy. Specifically, a series of orbs can each cause 46 damage. While a rapid-fire volley of multiple orbs can go as high as 230 damage. When using the weapon, Zenyatta only needs 2.6 seconds to charge up to 5 orbs. Then he can hold the charge for 3.8 seconds max until he has to fire it.

Torbjorn’s Rivet Gun

Torbjorn’s primary weapon, the Rivet Gun is both an arcing projectile type and shotgun projectile type of weapon. The primary fire (arcing) deals 70 damage for each rivet shot, with no damage falloff and can headshot. On the other hand, the secondary fire (shotgun) is a slow-fire, short-range burst of 10 rivet pellets that each do 15 damage (for a maximum of 150 damage) and costs 3 ammo per second. Unlike the primary fire, it has damage falloff and can still headshot. Torbjorn is able to reload the Rivet Gun by switching to his Forge Hammer for more than 2 seconds.

Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer

The Rocket Hammer is Tank hero Reinhardt’s primary weapon. An exemplary melee weapon, the hammer is able to deal punishing damage in a wide arc with every swing. This is especially effective when Reinhardt is in close range with an enemy. While it can be swung 360 degrees by having Reinhardt rotate mid-attack, striking everyone in a 10 meter radius, it’s also capable of swinging once every second in a horizontal 180 degree angle where Reinhardt is facing, damaging any enemies caught in its range. As such, it can be used to cause environmental kills.

Zarya’s Particle Cannon

The Particle Cannon is known as Zarya’s weapon. It’s a linear beam type (primary fire) and arcing splash projectile type (secondary fire) of weapon, firing a short-range (15 meters) beam of destructive energy that deals 90 damage per second at 0 Energy and 190 damage per second at 100 Energy while consuming 20 ammo per second. It can also shoot out a grenade-like ball of energy that detonates when it hits an enemy or solid surface, dealing 46 damage at 0 Energy and 92 damage at 100 Energy, with each shot consuming 25 ammo. While the primary fire can take down single targets, the secondary fire can hit particularly evasive enemies or damage groups.

Genji’s Shuriken

Shuriken is Offense hero Genji’s primary weapon. On its primary fire, it’s a burst linear projectile type of weapon and a shotgun linear projectile type on its secondary fire. It can be used by Genji to shoot three projectile shurikens towards his crosshair in a volley, or fling three shuriken at the same time with a horizontal spread – with one shuriken flying straight down the crosshair and the other two flying at a 30-degree angle on either side of the first shuriken. The shurikens from the primary and secondary fire can both headshot, and are not subject to damage falloff. Stored and deployed from his cybernetic arm, Genji’s shuriken is capable of puncturing most light armor.

Junkrat’s Frag Launcher

Junkrat’s primary weapon, the Frag Launcher is an arcing splash projectile type that launches a grenade, which is homemade and classified as rack-loaded ammunition, to deal 80 splash damage and 120 damage for a direct hit. This grenade explodes in an instant upon contact with an enemy or other damageable objects, or bounces twice before exploding on the third contact. While the grenade deals high damage and is hard to aim properly, especially at small targets or targets that are above Junkrat. As such, it is best used for delivering indirect fire or unleashing grenades in an area filled with enemies.

Pharah’s Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher is Offense hero Pharah’s primary weapon. A linear splash projectile type, the weapon is used against arm foes and small vehicles. It launches rockets to deal significant damage in a wide-blast radius: 30 to 80 splash damage for a close-range hit and 120 damage for a direct hit. Although the amount of damage dealt changes depending on the distance between the target and the explosion. The further the distance, the lower the damage dealt.

Hanzo’s Storm Bow

A charged arcing projectile type of weapon, the Storm Bow is Defense hero Hanzo’s primary weapon. Depending on how far the bow is drawn, this weapon can deal 29-125 damage when fired. If the bow is drawn farther, then the arrow will be more linear and travel faster. Hanzo’s Storm Bow takes up 0.75 second to draw the bow to its maximum charge. The delay between shots is 0.5 second. The bow’s arrows can do headshot and greatly increase the damage they deal. That’s why it’s best to aim for headshots when the enemy is stationary or only making slight movements.

Reaper’s Hellfire Shotguns

The Hellfire Shotguns are Reaper’s twin shotguns. They’re a hitscan type of weapon that Reaper uses to tear apart enemies, alternating between the two of them. Known to be powerful, these guns fire 20 pellets each – dealing maximum 7 damage per one pellet – for one round. Although they have a widespread, close-distance falloff range, so the shots are ineffective if fired from a moderately far distance. Still, the pellets can deal headshots and inflict large amounts of damage in close range. They are deadly in close-quarter combat, making the shotguns the most powerful weapons in this list.

Our final thoughts

Knowing which weapons to use in the game will definitely help you in choosing the character you’d play. You can go for the Rocket Hammer if you’re looking for a melee weapon, or the Rocket Launcher for a wide-blast damage, or maybe settle for a hitscan type of weapon and go for the Hellfire Shotguns. But whatever you decide on, make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

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