Top 10 Overwatch Players in the World

Ever played Overwatch? Do you know the popular Overwatch players in the world?

If not, it’s time to meet them. Here, I’ve rounded up the best of the best players in the game. And when I say “best of the best,” I mean the whole world. You read that right.

So check out these skilled players and find out where they rank based on their level of awesomeness.


AKM is a star player of Team Rogue. Whenever his team wins, it’s always him filling the killfeed. His great ability to undertake any hero allows him to single-handedly defeat an enemy team. But not only is this guy skillful in playing a wide range of heroes in the game, he’s also known for showcasing his excellent McCree talent. Unfortunately, his stint in IEM Gyeonggi didn’t end well. Let’s hope 2017 will be a better year for him.


Reinforce is dubbed as one of the strongest player of the Team Misfits and an exceptional Reinhardt player. Not only is he consistent in showing his skills during team battles and game events, he’s also an excellent main tank player of his team. What’s more, he has the ability to stand in front of his other team members while holding right click which is not very common in an Overwatch tournament scene. APEX and IEM Gyeonggi tournaments was a disappointing year ender for him and Misfits, but maybe he’ll get lucky this year.

Internet Hulk

The team leader of the Team EnVyUs and considered as a star playe, Internet Hulk boasts of having a pleasing record in all the Overwatch tournaments that he joined. One good reason why he landed the eighth spot in this list os because of his ability to lead and manage his team flawlessly during competition. Not to mention that his team dominates almost every competition. Which is a sign of good leadership and direction. And that is why Internet Hulk tends to make an impact on every role he plays.


Flow3r is a popular player from Korea who is currently playing under LW Blue. Formerly known with the nickname “Nanohana,” his versatility and aim are his two greatest assets when playing. This makes him an absolute force to be reckoned with whatever hero he uses. His exceptional skills made it possible for his team to win the final round of the IEM Gyeonggi tournament, beating other strong competitors. Definitely one of the best players in 2016. Now, let’s see if he can continue his winning streak this year.


This 21-year old player from team Fnatic has demonstrated his strength by playing with multiple teams across Europe and North America. Vonethil is notable for keeping the spirit of his team alive even in the hardest of battles. Like other Overwatch players, Vonethil boasts of having a large hero pool. Although he is a Lucio top-tier player first and foremost. He even makes the usually-boring hero turn into a badass character. That’s how good he is.


GrimReality earned his spot in this list when he showed his gaming prowess during the Next Generation Esports’ Overwatch Winter Premiere, leading the Team Immortals to victory. Even at a young age, he’s already proving to be a great deadeye in the game. But more than just the Q button, he’s turning out to be an unstoppable force for any enemy team. So much so that even top tier players are wary of fighting against him.


Situational awareness is definitely one of Ryujehong greatest gaming assets. A member of Team Lunatic-Hai, he’s both a support and tank player for the group. He deals damage on his enemies as a single player and also helps in keeping his teammates alive. The end of 2016 saw Ryujehong showcasing a top-tier Zarya performance at IEM Gyeonggi. His game sense, positioning and versatility made him one of last year’s best Overwatch players.


A truly gifted hitscan player, Taimou is another member of Team EnVyUs, serving as the in-game leader and shotcaller. He’s one of the reasons why the latter is North America’s top Overwatch team. Known as a versatile and consistent player, Taimou helped the team make it to the Overwatch Open finals and then eventually winning the championship titles at Apex and MLG Vegas tournaments. Considering his exceptional hitscan skills, it won’t come off as a surprise if the team’s winning streak continue on this year.


Another player under Team Lunatic-Hai, Miro bagged the MVP for his performance in Overwatch World Cup.Aside from flashy Winston plays, he’s known for his excellent timing and great survival skills and was consistent in showing solid gameplay throughout 2016. If there’s an Overwatch player who loves to push the limits of his character, it’s Miro. Not only that, he’s also popular for creating openings for his team – a good strategy to defeat enemies. Need I say more why he’s deserving of the second spot in this list?


Last but definitely not the least… This player is known for his consistency to control the game with his aggressive Genji moves, with some people going as far as proclaiming him as the best Genji player in the world. Which shouldn’t come off as a surprise, considering his strong performance and high ranks/rates in tournaments. Currently playing for the Team Afreeca Freecs Blue, ArHan greatly contributed on landing his team’s top 2 finish at APEX. Definitely worthy of the first spot in this list.

Our final thoughts

There you have it. The top Overwatch players in the world. Impressive, aren’t they? Personally, I’d put the money on the top three players, but ArHan takes the cake.

Of course, these players didn’t reach their popular and respected status overnight. They played consistently and diligently to get where they are right now. Want to be just like them? Then go pick up that controller and start mastering Overwatch. Good luck!

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