Top 10 Best Overwatch Heroes (updated)

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You already know the top 10 weapons to use in Overwatch. But are you familiar with the heroes that use them?

Well, here are the top 10 best Overwatch heroes you can choose from.


A Support hero, Zenyatta is an omnic guru looking to mend the problems between humans and omnics through engagement and interpersonal connection. His primary weapon is the Orb of Destruction and he calls on his Orbs of Harmony and Discord to heal his teammates and weaken the enemies, all the while he’s pursuing a transcendent state of immunity to damage. He has low health and mobility, but becomes briefly invulnerable by Transcendence. On the other hand, Zenyatta’s overall lack of mobility is considered a weakness. It makes it easy for Offensive heroes like Genji, Tracer and Reaper to take him down. In fact, he usually stays in the backlines until Transcendence becomes available or there’s a specific tank to follow for protection.


Formerly from number 6 is Mei. A Defense hero, Mei is a climatologist passionate about the preservation of the environment and the ecosystem after waking from a decade-long sleep. She uses Endothermic Blaster as her primary weapon that unleashes frost streams and damaging icicles against enemies. One of the least played heroes in the game, Mei’s win rate in competitive play only reaches 50%. But for defense, she can use Ice Wall to obstruct the enemy’s movements or Cryo-Freeze herself to guard against counterattacks and heal up in a stationary ice shield. What’s more, her Ultimate Blizzard lets her deliver damage over time on a large damage while slowing down enemies. All in all, her abilities make her quite a powerful foe.


Moving down several spots from number two is Lúcio. Lúcio, an international musician, may be a Support hero, but his cutting-edge Sonic Amplifier damages enemies with projectiles or knocks them back with blasts of sound. He can also play two different songs to help his teammates: an up-beat one to increase speed and a gentle song to heal them. He uses his Amp It Up ability to increase the effectiveness of his two songs for a short period of time. What’s more, his Ultimate ability, Sound Barrier, emits protective waves from his Sonic Amplifier to provide powerful shields for him and his allies, allowing them to survive Ultimates coming from enemies or escape from other dangerous situations. His mobility, team mobility boost, passive healing, ability to wall-run as well as the incredible overheal from his Ultimate make him a very popular hero to players.


Previously from number 8 is Junkrat. A demolitionist and an international criminal, Junkrat is a Defense hero who’s obsessed with explosives, wreaking havoc in on the battlefield and living to cause chaos and destruction, which makes him excel in the offensive side as well. He uses his primary weapon, the Frag Launcher to bounce grenades at his enemies while planting Concussion Mines and Steel Traps to defend targets. The mines can also be used to as a means of mobility which allows him to jump high and surprise-attack his enemies or retreat from a losing battle. Junkrat’s range allows him to comfortably attack enemies with little risk of death. His Concussion Mines, Steel Traps and his habit to harass using his Frag Launcher effectively make him a constant nuisance.


Formerly from number 5 is Mercy. Mercy is a Support hero who uses Caduceus Staff as a primary weapon. She’s a nanobiologist as well as a field medic who always stays on the battle frontlines to heal the wounded. She can either heal or damage boost a teammate as well as deal damage with her Caduceus Blaster against the enemies, but she’s best played by following friendly heroes to heal and buff them, using the beams emanating from her Caduceus Staff. Mercy’s Ultimate ability, Resurrect, is considered as one of the most powerful ultimates in Overwatch. This ability brings back all nearby dead allies to life, changing the tide of the battle in her team’s favor. Although very powerful in that regard, her known weakness is her lack of self defense, battle-wise.

D. Va

Moving down a couple spots from number 3 is D. Va. A Tank hero, D. Va is a former eSports gamer and a mech pilot recruited to help quell the robotic omnic uprising by controlling a weaponized mech suit. The mech is equipped with powerful Fusion Cannons, which she uses as her primary weapon, without the need for any reloads. It can fire away at short range while her Boosters provide strong mobility around the battlefield, allowing her to barrel over enemies and obstacles. Her Defense Matrix ability allows her to block most incoming shots and projectiles, including most Ultimates, in a 15-meter range. Self-Destruct is her Ultimate ability, which gives her the capability to self-detonate her suit, wiping out most enemies in line of sight.

Soldier: 76

Previously from number 9 is Soldier: 76. Soldier: 76 is an Offense hero in Overwatch. He is a vigilante whose aim is to take down the enemies that brought down his former organization. Armed with cutting-edge weaponry, which includes his primary weapon, Heavy Pulse Rifle, that is capable of firing spirals of high-powered Helix Rockets, this character lives up to his name. He possesses the speed, skills and support know-how of a highly trained soldier. Soldier: 76 is a very flexible hero. As such, he can easily adapt to most team compositions and comfortably kill most enemy heroes. His ability to sprint and heal himself, coupled with his Ultimate ability and burst alternative fire, make Soldier: 76 a powerful hero.


Moving up a spot is Tracer. Tracer is a time-jumping adventurer willing to fight for the virtuous in the face of her life-threatening chronal disassociation condition. An Offense hero, she totes her primary weapon, Pulse Pistols. She’s able to “blink” through space and rewind her personal timeline for a do-over, all the while displaying unrivalled speed and mobility. She’s also known for her Pulse Bomb which, when coupled with her Blink and Recall abilities, allows her to drop a deadly bomb in very well guarded areas, and then escape unscathed, usually leaving her enemies disoriented. One thing you can also rely on Tracer is her exceptional strength and the ability to bypass enemy defense lines.


Taking a giant leap from number 7 is Genji. Genji is an Offense hero and a cyborg ninja with a criminal past. His primary weapon is Shuriken which he flings, precise and deadly, at his target. He also uses his technologically-advanced wakizashi to deflect projectiles or deliver a Swift Strike to cut down enemies. His cyber agility and Ultimate ability, the Dragonblade, allow him to quickly kill enemy heroes. Genji can be a menace to an enemy as he works, harassing them from all angles and picking them off when they’re nearly dying. Winston, Mei and Zarya are the known heroes to counter him effectively.


The top spot in our list is Reinhardt, a Tank hero and a wandering knight fighting for justice and defending the innocents. Reinhardt is easily one of the strongest Tanks in Overwatch. Barrier Field, his iconic ability, lets him shield allies and defend objectives. His Rocket Hammer, which is an extremely powerful melee weapon that can hit multiple targets at once, makes him a threat at close range. Charge also lets him charge enemies, enabling him to push and harass the front line, or pin anyone in his path to a wall. With flaming projectiles caused by Fire Strike as well as the Earthshatter which, as an Ultimate ability, can single-handedly change an entire fight, Reinhardt’s incredibly strong. The ability to deal close-quarter damage, combined with his powerful shielding and charge, make him, more often than not, a first choice hero.

Our final thoughts

So these are the most powerful heroes in Overwatch. From Offense to Defense to Support to Tank, you got them all. Now it’s your turn to decide which hero to play. Will it be Junkrat, Genji or Reinhardt? The choice is yours.

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