Top 10 Toughest Bosses in Monster Hunter: World

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Who doesn’t love slaying virtual beasts and monsters? Not a gamer, definitely. And Monster Hunter: World just delivers the right amount of variety of colossal beasts for slayer-wannabes to take down with glee. That’s probably one of the reasons why this game became Capcom’s best selling game, but we couldn’t care less because the game is truly enjoyable as it is.

With dozens and dozens of monsters to hunt, we ranked them all up and present you the 10 toughest ones to kill.


Introduced in Monster Hunter 3, Uragaan is basically a giant rocky armadillo T-rex hybrid. He loves to stomp the ground not with his feet but with his oversized jaw, and sometimes in combination with his signature rolling attacks. He is pretty much tough to kill with his armor alone, but this baddie has more aces in his sleeve: He can throw out explosive rocks that he can detonate during one of his attacks. So when attacking him, not only do you have to dodge his strikes, you also have to take note of his bombs.


Another monster with a humongous jaw but with an even bigger belly, Dodogama may not look as tough as Uragaan, but he has more projectile attacks that can really be annoying. He eats rocks and mixes it with his saliva to either spray lava or launch a fireball from his mouth. You can intercept his attacks though, when his mouth starts to glow, but you still have to be wary of his melee strikes.


If you thought fighting a monster who resides in a swamp a pain in the back, try fighting someone who lives in the mouth of a volcano: Lavasioth is a fish-like monster that swims in lava that can also walk on land. He can launch huge fireballs from his mouth that also scatter to smaller fire bits that also deal considerable damage. He also loves to body slam the hell out of hunters, but what makes this piscine wyvern tough is that his armor gets harder when he is out of the lava.


The face of Monster Hunter: World, Nergigante is an elder dragon that has the bad-ass looks: massive bull-like horns, spiky hide and a menacing set of fangs. Killing him can be quite a task because he constantly regenerates his skin and spikes, and cutting this newly grown spikes should be your priority. Once they have fully grown and hardened, his attacks deal more damage and they are harder to damage. Unlike all the other Elder dragons though, Nergigante can be fatigued during battle.

Azure Rathalos

A normal Rathalos is scary, but an Azure Rathalos is terrifying. This blue-and-green wyvern actually stays in the air longer than other Rathalos would, so you have to be more creative and patient when fighting this oversized lizard. He shoots out fireballs and can stun with you with an air blast shortly followed by a poisonous airborne claw attack. He also has a high HP, so taking this guy down can take a while especially if your gears are not optimized.


An organic flying bomber, Bazelgeuse is a highly aggressive apex predator. This massive beast usually attacks when hunters are currently engaged in fighting another large monster and it does so without any warning. He can shed (and regenerate) his scales from his body at will that will either explode or detonate upon contact. He also loves to slam his massive body to deal great damage, and he can breathe fire too, although quite rarely.

Kushala Daora

You thought stone hides are tough, but wait until you fight this Elder Dragon who has steel for his skin. What’s more is that’s not really his main selling point: He can summon strong gusts of wind to attack and defend, including an aerial wind blast that can kill you in one shot. Yup, he’s just that scary. He can also summon tornadoes that can last for a long time, so you need to avoid them when fighting this dragon. He can also set a wind barrier to protect himself from attacks, making even veterans scratch their head when fighting this guy.


Arguably the most majestic among the Elder Dragons, Teostra is what happens when a dragon mates with a lion. (Not really.) Nicknamed Flame King Dragon (for a reason), this leonine lizard can emit a flame aura that deals damage over time to anyone standing nearby. And unlike other fire-breathing monsters, Teostra can breathe fire in true dragon fashion like a flamethrower instead of your regular fireballs. He can also leave out explosive powder clouds around the map, and he can instantly kill you with a massive explosion attack.

Vaal Hazak

If Teostra has a damaging flame aura, Vaal Hazak has the Effluvium—a life-sapping miasma that weakens anyone as it accumulates in the body. He can also reabsorb this miasma, and will instantly drain most of your HP if he does so while also healing himself in the process. Although he has wings, he doesn’t really fly in battle, but that doesn’t make him any easier. His Effluvium blast is pretty much a sure hit if you’re in front of him, regardless of your distance, so potions and nulberry are your keys to winning this long battle.


Don’t be surprised. Xeno’jiiva is the final boss in the story mode, so him being at the top of this list should already be within your expectations. Xeno’jiiva is a newborn Elder Dragon, which can be obvious when he makes silly mistakes like falling on the hole he created on the ground. But make no mistake, this young one is still the hardest to beat as he becomes better as the battle goes on. All of his attacks deal massive damage, including his bursts of blue flame or his continuous flame jet steam. He can also shoot out these flames from all over his body and the ground as well. His most frightening attack though is his front leg slam, which doesn’t look much at first, but causes a massive explosion shortly after that can instantly end the battle in his favor.

Our final thoughts

Unsurprisingly, the Elder Dragons dominate this list, but that’s expected because they are the king of kings in this world of monsters. But just because we didn’t include the other beasts in here doesn’t make them easy to kill. Some can be very challenging and sometimes even harder than the ones in here if your items aren’t for it. Optimizing your gears is still your key to success, so slay away and have fun.

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