Top 10 Most Underrated Heroes in Mobile Legends 2019

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Everyone loves playing meta heroes. They believe it will improve their chances of winning in a ranked match. Now if you pick an off-meta/underrated hero, chances are, you will be asked to change your choice. But who says they’re not worth playing?

Having looked at the most powerful Mobile Legends heroes, let’s now take a look at these underrated heroes:

Layla, Malefic Gunner

Taking a big backward leap from number 4 is Layla. Of all the marksmen, Layla is often touted as the easiest to kill thanks to her lack of escape mechanism and disabling skills. Because of this, she needs her teammates to act as meat-shields during team fights. While this sound all bad, her vulnerability is pretty much offset by her insane damage especially late game. Her ultimate skill alone deals great damage in a large area, which can either be used for an HP advantage at the start of a fight or to simply secure kills from running enemies. Just make sure to play her safe early game and get well fed so you can wreak havoc with her later.

Balmond, the Berserker

Formerly number 5 is Balmond. He is neither a great fighter nor a first-rate tank because of his comparatively low damage and non-defensive skill set. Surprisingly though, he performs well as an off-tank that chips away damage over time primarily with his second skill. When combined with lifesteal, he can easily endure more attacks and peel enemies during team fights. To top it all off, Balmond can easily secure a kill with his ultimate skill that ignores defences. Pro-tip: you can also use his ultimate to steal the Lord or Turtle from the enemy. You can get Balmond with 6,500 Battle Points or 299 Diamonds.

Alice, Queen of the Apocalypse

Moving up from number 9 is Alice. The most durable of mages late game thanks to her passive ability, Alice is actually one of the least picked magic users in the game. While her first skill allows for poking and teleporting, her second and ultimate skill requires you to be in close proximity to enemies to be effective. This is disadvantageous because of the fact that she’s still a mage, meaning she’s not as tough as tanks so she can’t handle as much damage. So to make her shine, make sure to never initiate a team fight with her and only jump in after the tank does. This way, she can take some of the tank’s damage load once she caught the enemies’ attention while unleashing the full wrath of her abilities. Alice is worth 15,000 Battle Points or 399 Diamonds.

Johnson, Mustang

Moving up a spot is Johnson. One of the least used tanks in the game, Johnson has a rather hard-to-use ultimate skill that people don’t find rewarding to employ. Still, he’s actually an excellent tank thanks to the extra armor he receives from his passive ability and his ultimate can be used in a variety of ways. His first and second skill can also be used as a combo for crowd control that can change the tide of the battle. Of course, the only sure-way for Johnson to truly shine is to have teammates that understand Johnson’s capabilities. He costs 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds.

Sun, the Monkey King

Formerly number 10 is Sun. For a so-called king, Sun is a rather unpopular choice for players because of the lack of control for his clones. Still, he can easily prove his worth with the right team composition and strategy. His clones are most useful for tower-diving to give your team a short moment to invade enemies under the turret. He is also one of the most suitable heroes for split pushing because of his clones’ extra attacks and with the quick escape mechanism of his second skill. As his offensive skills are also area-of-effect, he performs well in team fights especially when he summons two clones with his ultimate. Sun can be acquired for 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds.

Alpha, the Ultimate Weapon

Taking a couple steps forward from number 7 is Alpha. Despite his superb soubriquet, Alpha is rarely used in ranked matches due to the nerf he received a long time ago. Thanks to his recent buffs, however, players are now starting to notice this ultra-modern warrior. Although he’s still not as popular as before. All of Alpha’s skills are actually area-of-effect, and they should be chained from one to another to unleash his scary passive: continuous damage that disregards defences. He’s also not short of crowd-control skills with his slows and stun, so better be careful when you engage him one-on-one. Alpha can be played for 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds.

Nana, Feline Wizard

Moving down from the top spot is Nana. Small and adorable, Nana is a rather squishy character that deals unimpressive burst damage for a mage. For this reason, you are likely to get flamed if you choose her in a ranked match. Of course, damage really isn’t her forte but crowd control. Her second skill alone is the most reliable CC skill in the game as it only targets heroes and instantly disables them without any warning. She can also disable the whole team at the same time with her ultimate skill, although it needs proper positioning and timing. She is also a pretty good laner with her first skill, which can be used for poking and harassing as well. Her passive is just icing on the cake as it gives her and nearby allies coins for faster item acquisition. Nana can be acquired with 6,500 Battle Points or 299 Diamonds.

Bane, Lord of the Seven Seas

Half-undead and half-seafood, Bane is a mishmash of things not only in looks but also in skill set. His second ability is a healing skill that you’d expect from a support, while his ultimate skill is an area-of-effect attack similar to a mage’s. Strangely enough, this odd combination is actually what makes him loved by his fans. While his ultimate skill can easily destroy a turret in seconds, you can use it to peel or disrupt enemies during team fights thanks to its large area-of-effect. His passive and first skill also slows down enemies, which is effective for chasing. Just make sure to pick him with the right team composition to make the best out of this evil pirate. Bane is worth 6,500 Battle Points or 299 Diamonds.

Rafaela, the Wings of Holiness

For a healer, Rafaela’s heals are actually underwhelming, which is pretty much the reason why she’s underrated. However, healing isn’t really all that there is to her. Her passive lets her first skill to slow down enemies and her second skill to hasten up herself and her allies, which are both great for escaping and chasing. She can also prevent tanks as her first skill can reveal hidden enemies in bushes. To top it all off, her ultimate skill can stun enemies within a linear area, allowing carry heroes to effectively deal damage to the opposing team. You can get Rafaela for 6,500 Battle Points or 299 Diamonds.

Vexana, Necromancer

Taking a giant leap from number 6 to the top spot is Vexana. A scary mage in looks and abilities, Vexana is rarely used due to the difficulty in timing her second and ultimate skill. If done right, however, she’s a powerhouse that you need to be careful of in team fights. She can disable enemies and lure them towards her with her first skill and deal a massive amount of damage in an area with her second skill. Her ultimate ability also deals continuous damage for ten long seconds, so you can’t teleport back to your base during the duration of the spell. And if you’re unfortunate enough to die by her ultimate, you’ll be summoned back to life only to become her puppet. Vexana can be acquired with 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds.

Our final thoughts

Now that you know the underrated heroes in Mobile Legends, it’s time to decide whether you want to play them or not. If you do, make sure to maximize their skills and abilities. Remember that they may be perceived as weak, but when utilized properly, they can be strong contenders too. So don’t dismiss them just yet.

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