Top 10 Most Powerful Moves in Mobile Legends

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You’ve met the different characters in Mobile Legends – from the most powerful to the underrated and to newest ones.

Now it’s time to find out the best moves in the game. Here are the top ten most powerful moves:

Akai’s Hurrican Dance

Akai, the Panda Warrior, may look cuddly and cute. But in truth, he’s a master of awesome martial arts techniques. This tank hero deals powerful blows. And one of them is the Hurrican Dance. It’s where he spins like a tornado for 3.5 seconds and hits enemy targets. He knocks back enemy and deals 180 Magic Damage, plus 100% Extra Physical ATK. During this time, Akai will be immune to all CC and will have increased movement speed by 30 points.

Minotaur’s Minoan Fury

A powerful tank with amazing durability, Minotaur Son of Minos has very high durability and good with crowd control. Minotaur’s best move is definitely the Minoan Fury. It’s when he enters a rage-save state where he continuously recovers rage. And the more he charges his skill, the more rage he recovers. During this state, he smashes the ground 3 times then sends shockwaves, dealing 180 Physical Damage and slowing down enemies by 180, plus 85% Total Physical Attack.

Harley’s Deadly Magic

Harley, the Mage Genius, is a powerful mage. He’s tricky and cunning, making him a force to be reckoned with. He’s capable of being a marksman while dealing magical damage. He locks enemy targets then launches a fire ring, which can be blocked by other heroes. But it deals 200 Magical Damage that generates a big fire ring around the target, allowing Harley to deal the damage to the target, plus 60% Total Magic Power. During this period, it deals 100 and 40% loss HP.

Irithel’s Strafe

A marksman, Irithel Jungle Heart has specialty reap and the first hero to have her own mount- Leo the tiger. She has high damage and powerful AOE attack skill. What’s more, she can shoot while moving, giving her advantage against enemies. Her Strafe allows her to shoot a round of arrows, which deals 250 physical damage to enemies within the area while reducing their physical defense by 15 for 3 seconds, increasing 60% Total Physical ATK.

Chou’s The Way of Dragon

A very strong team player, Chou Kung Fu Boy, has awesome abilities that can pick off enemies and destroy them completely. Having him in your team will give you a huge advantage during team fights. His The Way of Dragon technique sees him casting a roundhouse kick to knock back the enemy and deal 320 Physical Damage, increasing 110% Total Physical ATK. It can also be used to chase up enemies in the air and deal at least 320 Physical Damage.

Kagura’s Yin Yang Overturn

One of the strongest mages in the game, Kagura the Onmyouji has awesome shield and mobility. Her Yin Yang Overturn technique is just one reason why she’s one of the best. With her Seimei umbrella, she deals 260 Magic Damage, knocking back and slowing down enemies, increasing 120% Total Magic Power. On the other hand, without her Seimei umbrella, she deals 330 Magic Damage to surrounding enemies and reduces their movement speed through an unbreakable link.

Roger’s Wolf Transformation

Roger, the Dire Wolf Hunter, transforms into a werewolf. Which he uses to his utmost advantage during fights. He’s a beast in the battlefield, slaughtering everyone that dares to stand in his path. Roger uses Wolf Transformation to lunge forward and turn into a wolf, dealing 200/300/400/500 Physical Damage, which causes enemy movement speed to drop 90% and lasting 1.5 seconds. His wolf form increases his physical and magic defense by 25, his movement speed by 25.

Lancelot’s Phantom Execution

If there’s a perfect assassin, Lancelot the Perfumed Knight has burst damage and hits the enemy targets smoothly. His Thorned Rose is an exceptional skill. But his Phantom Execution deals out the best damage. Charging for a short period, Lancelot performs an executioner’s strike in a forward direction. He’s invincible during the process and deals 400 Physical Damage to his enemies, increasing 180% Total Physical ATK.

Moskov’s Spear of Destruction

Moskov, the Spear of Quiescence, is a highly offensive hero and has high difficulty. For his abilities, he powers up shortly and throws out the Spear of Destruction to deal 480 Physical Damage to enemy targets along a straight line, increasing 140% Total Physical ATK. This move also provides a buff of increasing 10 points to attack power and stacks up to 5, which lasts 8 seconds.

Fanny’s Cut Throat

And the best moves in the game belongs to none other than Fanny. Her Cut Throat is definitely a huge force to be reckoned with. In this move, he initiates an attack on an enemy, dealing 500 Physical Damage and increasing 240% Extra Physical ATK. Then if in case it hits enemy target with a Prey marker, the damage will then increase by 20% per stack. Now is it any wonder why this move is the best?

Our final thoughts

Now that you know the best and powerful moves of Mobile Legends, it’s time to give them a try and watch how you decimate enemy lines fast.

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