Top 10 Most Powerful Heroes in Mobile Legends 2019

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So you’ve heard about Mobile Legends and want to play the game. You already know about the underrated heroes. But what about the most powerful ones? Then look no further.

Here are the strongest of heroes that can carry you to Mythical Glory. Check them out:

Yi Sun Shin, Spirit of Navy

No one has a higher chance of accidentally killing someone than Yi Sun Shin. And even without breaking a sweat! One thing you should know about him is that his ultimate skill has a global range that reveals enemies’ location while also damaging and slowing them down. And unlike other marksmen, he actually deals more damage at short range thanks to his passive ability. His 2nd skill is also one of the best lane-clearing skills in the game, while his first skill lets him escape sticky situations with ease. Yi Sun Shin is worth 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds.

Natalia, Bright Claw

The sneakiest character in Mobile Legends, Natalia is one of the most annoying heroes to play against, what with her three skills and one passive. Her invisibility lets her easily invade enemy territory, steal resources and perform surprise attacks that will prevent you from using skills. On the other hand, her smoke bomb makes her immune to basic attacks and slows down her enemies, making it easier for her to run away. Natalia can be unlocked for 32,000 Battle Points or 599 diamonds.

Karina, the Shadow Blade

Known as the KS Queen, which stands for either Kill Secure or Kill Steal, Karina is one of those few heroes that has a high chance of scoring a savage (aka penta kill). Her skills’ cooldown is significantly reduced when she kills a hero, so she can easily spam it from the first enemy to the last. So make sure to go back to your base when your HP drops below 50% because your death is imminent with her around. Keep that in mind. Karina is worth 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds.

Hayabusa, the Shadow of Iga

Once a top ban priority in draft picks, and known as the strongest ninja in his generation, Hayabusa is very much a force to be reckoned with. His ultimate skill alone can one-shot a lone full-health hero, so don’t make the mistake of single-handedly facing him unless you’re overfed. Combine this with his second skill and he can easily kill you and escape unharmed. Hayabusa costs 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds.

Grock, the Fortress Titan

Nobody deals as much damage as Grock very early game – maybe save for Lancelot – which is pretty outstanding considering that he is a tank. His first skill makes him immune to crowd-control skills (CC) when near walls while also dealing hefty damage when fully charged. He can also block pathways with his 2nd skill, which can be used either for running away or securing a kill. Of course you have to stick near walls when using him to maximize his passive and greatly increase your defences. Grock can be acquired with 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds.

Harley, Mage Genius

A mage, a marksman and an assassin: Harley is a jack of all trades. His passive lets him deal magic damage with each of his basic attack, which can rival marksmen’s damage late game. He can also suddenly popup from nowhere – from the bushes, mostly – using his 2nd skill and execute the fatal combo of his ultimate and first skill. After dealing damage, he’ll simply run away to safety again with his 2nd skill so prepare your CC skill if you want to catch and eliminate this annoying little guy. Harley costs 32000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds.

Cyclops, Starsoul Magician

Cyclops may claim that he is an astronomer, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a killer. If anything, he uses his knowledge of the stars to crush his enemies one by one. His planetary attack combined with his cooldown-reducing passive lets him deal multiple high-burst damage in a short period of time. And just in case you want to escape, he’ll trap you with his ultimate skill and not without taking a portion of your life. Cyclops costs 15000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds.

Kagura, Omyouji Master

Umbrellas may be harmless in real life, but the same can’t be said in Mobile Legends with Kagura in town. Her first skill’s long range is perfect for poking and harassing enemies, which is quite hard to dodge when her umbrella is out of her hand due to its unpredictable movement. Her 2nd skill, meanwhile, lets her escape from deadly situations with its purifying effect, so don’t make the mistake of disabling her with her umbrella in hand. She can also stun enemies with her passive while gaining a small shield to absorb attacks. Lastly, her ultimate is a high-damage CC skill that spells doom to enemies during team fight. Kagura can be acquired with 32, 000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds.

Lancelot, the Perfumed Knight

Beauty, immunity, mobility and insane damage: this fancy assassin’s got it all. Lancelot can easily dive in and out of action with his first skill or even chain multiple enemies with it. He can easily eat half of his opponent’s HP with his 2nd skill and finish them off with his 3rd skill right after. What’s worse is that he becomes untargetable during this time, so there’s really nothing much you can do but die and watch him leave unscathed with his fabulous hair. Lancelot can be unlocked with 32,000 or 599 Diamonds.

Fanny, the Hovering Blade

It should come as no surprise that the hardest hero to master is the one who is the hardest to deal with. In the right hands, Fanny is an unstoppable threat that needs to be taken care of ASAP. Her cables let her fly across the map near instantaneously so she can easily steal unguarded turrets then jump into team fights right after. Because of this unparalleled mobility, she doesn’t need to equip boots, freeing one more item slot for either attack or defence. Her cables also don’t have any cooldown and can trigger her main killing skill nonstop when flying over enemies, which pretty much means death. The downside? You need to play her at least a couple of dozen times, before you can even think of unleashing half of her potential. Fanny is worth 24,000 Battle Points or 499 Diamonds.

Our final thoughts

While these characters are definitely the strongest, it’s still up to you whether you can fully utilize them or not. Your mastery of your hero plays a more important role than the hero itself on dictating the battle’s outcome. So hone your skills and game on!

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