Top 10 Most Awesome Builds for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Ten seasons after its launch, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang still reigns supreme as the MOBA of choice in the mobile arena. Recent updates and patches have changed the game’s landscape as some heroes rise and fall. We list down the 10 most awesome builds for heroes that are still viable in this season. Check them out below.

Karina (Mage/Assassin)

Karina might have been overshadowed by the arrival of Gusion, but she’s still very viable this season and still the most likely to get a Savage thanks to her ultimate ability. Being an assassin, she needs to level faster than her enemies so craft Pillager Axe first for her to help with jungling. Use Magic Shoes and Calamity Reaper next for the cooldown reduction and bonus damage. Then, make Holy Crystal and Lightning Truncheon to boost her burst damage. Final item should be Blood Wings for a huge increase in magic power and health. Since she’s gonna farm a lot, Retribution should be her battle spell of choice and Mage Emblem as her emblem.

Zilong (Fighter)

One of the best split pushers in the game, Zilong is one of the underappreciated heroes in higher ranks, but much loved in normal elo. His crowd-controlling skill can easily put one in and out of towers, giving the team an opportunity for an easy kill. Start him off with Warrior Boots for movement speed and armor, then make Haas’s Claws for lifesteal. Berserker’s Fury and Scarlet Phantom should be his next items for damage boost, then Golden Rose for its life-saving shield and magic resistance. His last item can be Immortality for better survivability. For emblems, choose Assassin Emblem and Aegis for attack and survivability, respectively.

Alucard (Fighter)

He may not be in the meta right now, but Alucard still is a good fighter especially if used in the right hands. He is a classic hero that can easily dish out huge damage with good health sustain thanks to his lifesteal. Alucard fights on the front lines, so first thing to get should be Warrior’s Boots and also Hunter’s Knife for jungling. Craft him Berserker’s Fury for those sweet critical hits, then make him Endless Battle and Haas’s Claw for added lifesteal and cooldown reduction. Blade of Despair should be his next item for a huge boost in his damage and securing kills, while his Hunter’s Knife can be replaced by Blade of the Heptaseas later on. Like with most fighters, his emblem should be Fighter Emblem, while Flicker suits him best as his battle spell.

Aurora (Mage)

One of the best mages that specialize in crowd control, Aurora can disable the whole team with her ultimate skill enhanced with her passive ability, while also dishing out great damage herself. She is a great pick for teams wherein the other members are mostly damage dealers with little crowd controlling abilities. First, craft Elegant Gem to help with her mana and health regeneration when leveling, then upgrade it to Clock of Destiny after her two other items. Next item should be Arcane Boots and Lightning Truncheon, which works well with her first item. Her fourth item can either be Glowing Wand for poking tanks or Concentrated Energy for health regeneration. Devil Tears should be her fifth item so she can bypass most of her enemy’s magic resistance by then. Her last item should be Blood Wings to greatly boost her damage and also max health points. Choose Mage or Magic Emblem for her, then Flicker or Purify as her battle spell as she doesn’t any escape skill.

Leomord (Fighter)

One of the better fighters in the current meta, Leomord boasts high burst damage and good durability, making a force to be reckon with whether alone or in team fights. Prioritize getting Warrior Boots for him early in the game for armor and mobility. His first skill should deal enough damage for killing minions and jungle creeps, so it’s ok not to get any attack items at first. Next, get Haas’s Claws and Endless Battle respectively for lifesteal and cooldown reduction. Because of the nature of his passive skill, you should get Blade of Despair at this point to complement his passive’s effects. The next two slots can be allotted for defensive items such as Wings of the Apocalypse Queen and Brute Force Breastplate. For his battle spell and emblem, Aegis and Fighter Emblem would be the most suitable.

Martis (Fighter)

Durable and with a great crowd-controlling kit, Martis is one of the top picks for fighters this season. He can easily dive into enemies and mess them up with his skills. Since he is an initiator, build him first with Warrior Boots early on. Then, get the Hunter’s Knife to help with leveling from jungle creeps. Sustain should be your next priority, so craft him Bloodlust Axe and Endless Battle for lifesteal and cooldown reduction. The next two slots should be left for defensive items such as Athena’s Shield and Thunder Belt, while you can replace the Hunter’s Knife late game with Blade of Despair. For his emblem and battle spell, pick the Fighter Emblem and Flicker for initiating and escaping.

Alice (Mage)

Pretty much snobbed in the previous seasons, Alice has been getting attention lately due to the buffs she have received, especially her passive ability. With her improved skill, she has truly become the Queen of the Apocalypse. As with most mages, get two Mana Necklaces first at the start to prevent depletion of mana. Next, buy her Rapid Boots for mobility. The extra move speed stat will help when using her ultimate. Enchanted Talisman should be crafted next for cooldown reduction, bonus HP and mana regeneration. Then, build Lightning Truncheon for further cooldown reduction and its bonus magic damage when casting skills. Concentrated Energy should be made next for its Spell Vamp, further enabling Alice to tank in team fights. Her last two slots can be allotted to Blood Wings and Immortality. For her emblem, choose Mage Emblem for added Spell Vamp and store discount, or choose Support Emblem for the bonus healing effect. For her battle spell, get Flicker for surprise attacks and additional escape mechanism or Aegis to be able to tank more damage.

Helcurt (Assassin)

With the ability to rob the enemy team’s sight, Helcurt is a formidable assassin that can help allies from afar. Build him first with Hunter’s Knife after clearing the first wave of minions to help him with jungling. His shoes should be Wizard’s Boots so you’ll easily earn gold each time you use your ultimate when helping your teammates from afar. Blade of Despair comes next for its high damage and bonus movement speed. Equip him after with Endless Battle for cooldown reduction and lifesteal, then Blade of the Heptaseas to lower your opponent’s defenses. Finally, use Berserker’s Fury and another crit-enhancing item for the last two slots. As for his emblem, use Assassin Emblem for the gold bonus with each kill. Petrify should be his battle spell to prevent enemies from escaping and to guarantee kills.

Hanabi (Marksman)

One of the best Marksman around this season, Hanabi’s ultimate can disrupt the whole opposing team’s positioning with her ultimate ability. As a marksman, focus first on getting stronger so get the Nimble Blade for farming. Equip her with Swift Boots after for the attack speed bonus, then Berserker’s Fury for those painful critical hits. Scarlet Phantom and Endless Battle should be created next for damage, sustain and cooldown reduction. Windtalker can be used next for additional critical chance, attack speed and move speed bonus. Final item can be Blade of Despair for that huge attack bonus and move speed bonus. For her battle spell and emblem, use Flicker to quickly get away from dangerous situations and Marksman Emblem to maximize her damage.

Claude (Marksman)

Highly mobile and great in team fights, Claude is the only marksman that only needs a single item to start wreaking havoc, making him a top-tier hero in the current meta. Start his build with Demon Shoes for mana regeneration, then rush his main item thereafter: Demon Hunter Sword. He should start to become useful in team fights with this alone and his ult. Focus on attack speed items thereafter such as Golden Staff and Wind of Nature. As for his battle spell, pick either Retribution for faster farming or Aegis for added defense. If you don’t have the Marksman Emblem for him, you can opt for other emblems with attack speed such as the Jungle or Physical Emblem.

Our final thoughts

These builds do wonders in battle, but the major factor in deciding victory is still your skill level and gaming attitude. So practice these heroes first before using them in ranked matches, and you’ll surely dominate the arena.

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