Top 10 Best New Heroes in Mobile Legends

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Mobile Legends has been around for a while. Since its launch, we’ve seen a roster of awesome characters to play with.

We’ve met the strongest ones and the most underrated ones. Now it’s time to meet the newest batch of heroes.

Belerick, Nature’s Child/Guard of Nature

A member of the tree people, Belerick is tank hero who has both offensive and helpful abilities to help his teammates to achieve victory. His durability is incredibly high for a tank and his offense is considered great. He has a very high durability but pretty low difficulty. His passive is the Flower of Life, in which he receives 30% more HP from equipment items. While Nature Speed lets him deal 250 points of magic damage to his targets, slowing them down by 40%.

Hanzo, Akuma Ninja/Assassin

An upcoming hero, Hanzo is a marksman and an assassin. He has an increased movement speed in bushes and out of combat by 8%. And he is able to scale small walls and jump over them. All of his abilities are able to deal critical hit damage. He has low durability but boasts of high offense and difficulty. Hanzo’s cooldown is twenty seconds and his recommended gear set are rapid boots or swift boots.

Kaja, Nazar King

A tank hero, was once a noble guardian of the Celestial Palace. He harnesses lightning and turns it into pure energy, surging throughout his body to deal damage to any nearby opponents. Which makes him skilled at crowd control. A trusty ally, he can grant shield-protection to his teammates during battles, which makes him an awesome support hero. His passive skill is the Eye of the Storm, in which he gains 40% speed when attacked by enemy heroes.

Leomord, Hell Knight

Resurrected by Vexana from the dead, Leomord used to be a royal knight who vowed to protect his kingdom, killing himself in despair when he failed to do so. He’s equipped with his famed sword The Oath Keeper, and his beloved horse Barbiel. His basic attacks can cause burst damage to heroes below 40% HP. He uses a momentum to charge his attacks, and the longer he attacks, the higher the damage will be. Leomord can summon Barbiel into the battlefield to deal high physical damage. And when he mounts his horse, he’ll develop a whole new set of skills.

Vale, Windtalker

An incoming mage hero, Vale takes total command of the wind, casting tornadoes against his enemies that can deal massive area of effect damage. He’s also mastered long-range spells to poke and punish enemies if they’re unlucky to be near him. His durability is not all that great, in fact somewhat mediocre, and his health is pretty much standard. His offense is also pretty weak and he doesn’t have physical attacks. Which is understandable as he is a mage, since his main focus is to conjure up spells and skills to inflict damage on enemies. Buying magical items that boost ability power can amplify his ability.

Kimmy, The Splat Queen

A hybrid of two interesting roles, Kimmy is both a mage and marksman. Which means she can both deal magical damage and physical damage at the same time. What’s more, she can attack and move at the same time. If that’s not enough, she’s a hero who auto-attacks—no need to press the button. While Kimmy is highly flexible and possesses strong long-range shooting skills, she has slow mobility and short-range attacks. The most suitable battle spells for her are Inspire, Flicker, Sprint and Retribution.

Lunox, Twilight Goddess/The Enlightened One

A hero with two-sided personality and power—chaos and order—Lunox joins the impressive roster of mage heroes. She boasts of four abilities, which is higher than the average skill count of three. A versatile mage, she can slow the effects of both physical or magic resistance, making her durable against enemy heroes using both. On the other hand, her offense is not that great. She doesn’t have enough physical power to deal enough damage and her spells can be a bit tricky to use. While her light side can be used to evade enemies, her dark side helps deal damage to finish off enemies.

Selena, Abyssal Witch

Having awaken from the depth of the abyss, Selena has unique and incredible passive abilities, which allows her to switch from Elven form to Abyssal form. Abyssal Trap lets her summon Abyssal Devils to lurk in designated to locations and smother enemy units with their bodies, dealing 350 magic damage to the target. What’s more, she channels the power of the abyss into magic arrows, firing them in specified directions. Selena has pretty average durability and offense, but high on ability effects and difficulty.

Claude, Partners In Crime

Known as the King of Thieves, Claude is a marksman aided by his partner Dexter. As a master thief, he can steal practically anything, acquiring any object he targets. He battles side by side with Dexter, who helps him attack enemy units. They employ Blazing Duet, which sees them unleashing a barrage attack to deal continuous damage to enemies within their surrounding area. He can even create Dexter’s mirror image that automatically attacks enemies. While Claude’s durability and ability effects are pretty weak, his offense and difficulty are very high.

Aulrad/Aldous, The Contractor

Topping the list is none other than Aulrad/Aldous. He possesses an awesome skill set that makes him look like an unstoppable, unkillable hero. After dealing two basic attacks, the 100% he deals next will be transformed into a shield. And once he unleashes his inner energy to strengthen his basic attack, he’ll be able to eliminate enemies in one go. Predictably, his strengths are high durability and offense while he has pretty average ability effects and low difficulty.

Our final thoughts

Now that you know the newest additions to MOBA, make sure to get to know these awesome heroes. Of course, most of them are not available to play yet, but it doesn’t mean you can’t read up and study them. Who knows? Maybe they will end up as your favorite.

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