Top 10 Best Villains in Injustice 2

You’ve learned who the heroes in Injustice 2 are. Now it’s time to get to know the villains they fight against.

That said, you can view the video above for a quick summary with all the action or delve into each character with the videos below. So, here are the top 10 villains that make Injustice 2 a must-play game:

Captain Cold

One of the Flash’s enemies, Captain Cold is a member of Gorilla Grodd’s Society seeking revenge for the murder of his sister at the hands of Superman’s Regime. He is equipped with a cold gun that allows him to deliver incredible long-range attacks and serious close range ones. He’s packing impressive health and defense stats, making him a balanced and easy character for beginner players to master. Although not exactly a combo heavy character, Captain Cold has impressive moves of his own. He can set up traps and hit his opponents with overhead attacks. Low defense can be a weakness so it’s best to employ his long range attacks. His special moves are Cold Blast, Death-Cicle, Cyclotron Charge, Glacier Grenade and Cryogenic Blast among others.


Scarecrow was once a brilliant psychologist who descended into madness and became obsessed with spreading and experiencing fear through his chemical experiments. He inspires terror in his victims, letting their own fears cripple and destroy them. During battle, he is in his exaggerated monster form armed with a sickle to grab and pull his opponents close, and then proceeding to attack them. His moves can cause a lot of damage and have the longest range of attack. Hence he’s considered as one of the strongest characters in the game. While he has strong attack skills though, his recovery time tends to be slow. Death Spin, Scythe Grab, Toxin Breath and Fear Toxin are just some of his special moves.


Officially classified as a Power User, Bane is known as one of Batman’s enemies. He’s intellectually gifted and educated in the ways of crime. His body, which was already trained to physical perfection inside the Peña Duro prison, is further enhanced to superhuman levels thanks to the experimental drug Venom. Bane uses his speed and super strength to his advantage in battles. It allows him to overwhelm his mortal enemies with powerful strikes. His special moves include the Body Press, Bane Bomb, Raging Charge, Venom Uppercut and Vengeance of Bane among others. His addiction to Venom is both a strength and a weakness, as going through withdrawals can greatly weaken him.


Known as the world’s greatest marksman, Deadshot is a hired assassin willing to commit any murder for the right price due to a notorious suicidal death wish. Hence he is one of Batman’s arch enemies. He’s also been a member of Checkmate, the Killer Elite, the Secret Six and the Suicide Squad. Deadshot’s ability, health and defense are good and his speed and combo potential more than makes up for his lack of brute strength. In fact, he has excellent range and can easily take down 50% of an opponent’s health in a single combo chain. What’s more, he has no problem with fighting in close quarters as he can corner enemies by keeping ranges and pinning them down with multiple shots. Trick Shot, Bullet Barrage, Assassin Knee and Never Miss are just some of his special moves.


A Gadget User, Joker is a known Batman arch-enemy who uses a wide array of comedic but highly deadly weapons. Known to be responsible for setting the events of the Injustice series, he caused Superman’s fall into tyranny and the latter’s war with Batman’s insurgency. Joker may not be one of the strongest characters in the game, but he can very well hold his own in battle and prove himself to be a worthy opponent. He has the ability to close the distance effectively through a variety of combos that also cause serious damage. He doesn’t possess any special powers, but he’s incredibly athletic and hides lethal weaponry in his suit. His special moves include Crowbar, Laughing Gas, Chattering Teeth and Acid Blossom.


Surviving a massacre at the hand of the Manhunters in his sector, Atrocitus is the leader of the Red Lantern Corps and became an enemy of the Green Lanterns vowing to take revenge on the Guardians of the Universe. He’s a character with excellent strength and health stats as well as fast combo chains, especially with the aide of his feline companion Dex-Star. He’s better to be on the offense the whole time than to be on the defense though, due to his easily telegraphed attacks. But if played right, Atrocitus can be a very deadly opponent. His special moves are Rage Charge, Blood-nado, Napalm Vomit, Life Drain and more.


A megalomaniacal genius, Brainiac roams the universe and collects knowledge to increase his intellectual and scientific prowess. He’s also obsessed in imposing his superiority so he captured Krypton’s greatest cities and eradicated what he thought was left. In the game, he’s a very powerful character with good defense, strength, and top tier ability stats. Although he has considerably lower health stats. And he makes up for it by fighting long range and dealing out powerful attacks. In fact, his combos are some of the deadliest moves in the game. It also doesn’t help that he’s equipped with metallic arms, making it hard for opponents to get close to him. Tendril Swing, Dox Drill, Cybernetic Charge and Skull Ship are his special moves.

Gorilla Grodd

A super-intelligent telepathic gorilla, Gorilla Grodd gained his power after an alien spaceship crashed in Africa. The ship’s pilot originally gave Grodd and his tribe intelligence, but he also gained telepathic and telekinetic powers. He uses these powers to enlist others in his mission to conquer the planet and to fill void of power left by Superman’s Regime. As such, this made him a very powerful character. While he has a very low defense, he is extremely quick and can close the distance between himself and a long-range opponent. Since he’s larger, stronger and faster than the average human being, he uses his brute force apart from his powers to overwhelm his enemies. Employing both his powers and abilities makes him a deadly enemy. Primal Lunge, Stampede, Ground Pound and Brutal Punch are just some of Grodd’s special moves.

Black Adam

Also a Power User, Black Adam is an Ancient Egyptian prince that was given incredible powers, derived from six gods and heroes of the ancient world, by the wizard Shazam. As such, he rules his nation of Kahndaq with an iron fist. One of the best anti-heroes in the game, he possesses high tiered strength and top tier abilities and defenses. However, he only has low tiered health. It’s his sheer brutality that makes him a force to be reckoned with in the battlefield. He can defeat his opponents from a distance with a barrage of close and long range combos and powerful attacks. A few of his special moves are Black Magic, Lightning Storm and Boot Stomp.


Ranked the best villain in the list is none other than the Lord of Apokolips himself – Darkseid. Darkseid is a being of pure hate incarnate demands the total subjugation of all existence. He leaves a wake of suffering and obliteration and his obsession is to seek the Anti-Life Equation. With an invincible body an limitless strength, and an army of Parademons under his command – not to mention the annihilating power of his Omega Beams – Darkseid is a real threat to the world and everyone who crosses him. That said, he’s also easily one of the most powerful characters in the Injustice series. He’s virtually resistant to physical harm just like Superman. And like the latter, he also possesses superhuman strength. His special moves, aside from Omega Beams, are Palm Blast, Flying Knee, Boom Tube, Doom Stomp, etc.

Our final thoughts

Knowing the top villains of Injustice 2 definitely gives you a good feel on what you’ll be up against once you play the game. While they may be intimidating and powerful, keep in mind that they all have weaknesses you can take advantage of. Just make sure to know what they are and you’ll be all set.

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