Top 10 Best Heroes in Injustice 2

Do you know the powerful roster of heroes in Injustice 2? If not, well it’s time to get to know them. Here are the best heroes you can play in the game:

Black Canary

A member of the Justice League and the Birds of Prey, Black Canary is an expert martial artist and known to have a supersonic superpower. Classified as a Gadget user, she is introduced alongside Green Arrow and proves to be a great addition to Batman’s fighting unit. Her skills in the martial arts are said to be comparable to that of Batman, which allows her to take on a group of attackers all by herself. It also doesn’t hurt that her extensive physical training gives her considerable agility and stamina, which makes her very useful during battles. Her Canary Cry can easily shatter glass and push back enemies with sound waves, while her Sonic Scream can force enemies to their knees.


A playable hero character in Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2, Cyborg is classified as a Power User. He is part-man, part-machine and can shift his cybernetic body parts into whatever tech he needs. His body is basically Promethium metal which is shaped into a mechanical exo-skeleton, armed with advanced weaponry and constantly synced to the internet 24/7. It gives him superhuman strength and durability, allowing him to survive blows from enemies. Cyborg’s weapon arsenal is impressive. He has an arm cannon that can fire either high decibel blasts of sound or small spheres of energy as well as long-range missiles which can deal serious amounts of damage.

Doctor Fate

One of the founding members of Justice Society Of America, Doctor Fate is a cameo character in Injustice: Gods Among Us and a playable character in Injustice 2. He is a powerful sorcerer that wears the Helm of Fate, giving him the ability to see the world’s fate, and intervening when needed because of his ever present humanity. He is capable of showing impressive move sets, what with his mastery of a wide variety of mystic arts. Not only can Doctor Fate hit the enemies from all angles, he can also prevent them from dishing out environmental attacks. He has a low-tiered defense though, so it’s best that he keeps his distance from opponents.


The son of Bruce Wayne aka Batman, Robin is known as a Gadget user and an agile fighter. This is greatly in part because he’s been raised from birth by the League of Assassins. When he joined the One Earth regime, he accidentally killed the original Nightwing, Dick Grayson. Thus, he later adopted the persona. As such, he models his fighting style after Grayson’s instead of Batman’s. One of the better mid to close range fighters in the game, Robin is able to land devastating combo chains. His speed and athleticism allow him to deal out fast and effective attacks. Although he can barely restrain himself in a fight due to his emotional instability, making him slightly more dangerous. He uses escrima sticks, which are capable of channeling electricity for ranged attacks, and WingDings for long range striking.


A Power user, Aquaman was born to a human father and Atlantean mother. He is the rightful heir to the throne of Atlantis, sworn to protect the surface world against the dangers of ocean monsters, and the oceans against evil men. As he is a human/Atleantean hybrid, Aquaman possesses superpowers well above the average of both species. He not only can breathe and survive underwater, he also has superhuman strength and stamina. He has the ability to control and command all life in the sea, which he uses to his advantage when fighting with opponents. More importantly, he wields the Trident of Poseidon. It gives him control over the elements of not only water as well as lightning. Through his trident, he calls down bolts of lightning and summons tidal waves.


A member of the Justice League, the Flash is a scientist who acquired super speed after an electrical accident at his lab. Which he uses to fight crime in his city. The Flash is classified as a Gadget user in the game and solely relies on his speed to fight opponents, literally running circles around slower opponents. His speed is not one to be underestimated as he can run well past the speed of light, even faster than Superman himself. His connection to the Speed Force, the near limitless interdimensional energy, not only gives him super speed but also super charges his body to deal maximum damage to enemies and recover from wounds at a rapid rate. The Flash can even go as far as travel through time or other dimensions when he pushes his speed to its absolute limits.


Making her debut as a playable character in Injustice 2, Supergirl is Superman’s cousin originally sent to Earth to protect him but only managing to arrive decades later. She gained superpowers after absorbing the effects of the planet’s yellow sun. Her dense molecular structure and bio-electric aura give her the ability to withstand damage, even big enough to normally kill a human being. She can also be super fast, exceeding even the speed of the world’s fastest fighter jets. What’s more, she’s strong enough to deliver high-damage punches and lift heavy things. Her most notable power though is her heat vision. Like Superman, kryptonite is her greatest weakness. Prolonged exposure to it can even kill her.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the daughter of the Amazon Queen and the Greek God of Thunder Zeus. Classified as a Power user, she alternates between her lasso and a sword and shield style of combat. She’s a warrior through and through, having been trained by the Amazons and the Greek God of War Ares. Nonetheless, she’s one of the most powerful demigods alive – what with her superhuman strength, stamina and speed. Her physical training from the Amazons combined with her natural abilities make her a very dangerous opponent even to those deemed more powerful than her. She has several magically forged weapons, which gives her both protection and upperhand in battles.


The last son of Krypton, Superman was sent to Earth to escape his birthworld’s destruction and went on to become the planet’s most powerful and respected superhero. He fought against powerful enemies and managed to defeat them mostly unscathed. His Kryptonian cells can absorb and store vast amounts of solar energy from the yellow sun, which super charges and gives him power far beyond any Earth-born metahuman. As such, he possesses superhuman strength of the highest degree, stamina, superhuman speed, limited healing factor and invulnerability to almost everything, except from the radioactive element Kryptonite. These superpowers make him a very formidable foe to even gods. His abilities include flight, x-ray vision, heat vision and super cold breath among others.


The main protagonist in the Injustice series and undoubtedly the best hero in the game is none other than Batman. Forming the Insurgency, his only goal is to end the High Councilor’s tyrannical rule of Earth. He’s a Gadget user and is known for his Batcave and Mansion in the game. He avenges his parents’ death by fighting for justice, but refusing to execute his enemies. Although a mere mortal compared to the other more powerful heroes in the series, Batman is a very dangerous man. He mastered almost every martial arts style known and trained his mind to solve any problem, making him capable of holding his own even against superhuman enemies. He’s also equipped with advanced weaponry, like his explosives, Batarangs and Mechanical Bats, using them to defeat opponents.

Our final thoughts

These heroes are no doubt the best in the league. But whether it’s Superman, Wonder Woman or Batman you’re playing, employing the right strategies and techniques suitable for your character will truly give you the advantage to win every battle.

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