Top 10 Toughest Robots in Horizon: Zero Dawn (Updated)

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Stunning graphics, beautiful music and thrilling gameplay, Horizon: Zero Dawn seems to have it all. Not to mention: robots. The very awesome robots. And, yes, they can be challenging to take down. So we list the top 10 of the bunch, from simple nuisance to the most frustrating, and give you tips on how to face them head on.


Formerly number 9 is the Snapmaw. The only amphibious machines in the game, Snapmaws are simply giant crocodiles that can blast breaths of ice. While they seem slow due to their enormous size, they can actually perform quick lunges and tail attacks to quickly bring your health down to the red zone. Their weak spot? The Freeze Sac under their jaw will explode if you destroy them, disabling their ranged attacks and dealing tons of damage. Those are pretty hard to target though, so you can try aiming first at their Blaze Canister located just behind their heads, which would also trigger an explosion if it’s hit with a Fire arrow.


Previously from numbewr 8 is the Sawtooth. Agile and aggressive, Sawtooths’ attacks are exclusively melee. Don’t be fooled though as they can easily close in the gap in a matter of a few seconds, so always keep moving or you’ll be disembodied by their relentless claw and fang attacks. Fire arrows are your friend when dealing with this apex predator as they are heavily susceptible to fire. Shooting the Blaze Canister on their chest will trigger an explosion and heavily damage the beast, so take note of that part when engaging one.


Backing up a step from number 7 is the Ravager. Horizon’s robotic wolves, Ravagers are medium-sized robots that hunt their prey in packs. Like the Sawtooths, these robotic animals are very dangerous in close combat with their claws and fangs. What makes them even deadlier than Sawtooths is that they’re also capable of attacking from afar thanks to their Ravager cannon attached to their backs. Ironically, you can dismantle these cannons from these beasts with a Tear arrow, and then use these now-detached cannons to quickly finish them off.


Moving from number 6 is the Glinthawk. One of the most annoying robots in the game, Glinthawks are generally not much of a threat on their own. However, they usually form in flocks of threes, which makes them thrice as deadly as they strike you simultaneously. Their ranged attack is a freezing breath that slows and causes you damage over time, all the while making you more susceptible to their swooping attacks. Of course, they are not without weak spots. Their Freeze Sac on their chest is especially vulnerable to fire attacks, so make sure to steady your aim on these when you face them. Not only will they be unable to attack from afar, but they will also fall to the ground once you destroyed the aforementioned part, giving way for a finishing blow.


Taking a huge leap from number 10 is the Corruptor. With a sleek black exterior and alienish look, Corruptors are easily distinguishable from normal mechanical beasts in the game. That’s actually because they’re from a different era, and are designed for war. They are highly mobile and can perform great leaps that can cause a lot of damage if not properly dodged. What’s worse is that they can control other robots to help them fight, so make sure to deal with them ASAP or their mob will corner you as they launch fire blasts from afar. A good way to deal with these pesky robots is to destroy their two launchers atop their head, which should neutralize their ranged attacks while also causing significant damage.


Equipped with overwhelming firepower, the Deathbringer is the game’s epitome of destruction. With its great offensive capabilities, it can easily deal with multiple targets, whether near or afar, so attacking it in groups barely makes it easier to take it down. It’s pretty slow though, so at least you don’t have to worry much about its melee abilities. Still, its long-range weapons – mainly its missile launchers and twin machine guns turrets – are still a pain to deal with. Thankfully it overheats quickly, so destroying its cooling components and attacking it with Fire weapons can easily cause high damage to this abomination.


Moving down from number 3 is the Behemoth. Designed to look like a rhinoceros, these colossal creatures should never be engaged in closed quarters due to their devastating melee attacks. They’re also equipped with gravity manipulators that enable them to hurl boulders and projectiles in multiple directions, so even staying from afar isn’t exactly safe. Your best bet is to always be on the move when fighting against these robots, and watch out for openings to counterattack. Shock weapons can wear down the Behemoth, so make use of those to create an attack opportunity. You can also use the Ropecaster with a Tie Down ammo to temporarily immobilize the rampaging beasts, and get some free shots.


Previously from number 4 is the Thunderjaw. One of the most famous enemies in the game due to its uncanny resemblance with the T-Rex, the Thunderjaws are massive robots that stand taller than a two-storey building. With their huge size, they can easily kill you with their melee strikes so quick dodges are necessary if you ever dare to approach them. Their ranged attacks are also deadly, but should be easier to dodge as they all charge up first before firing: from the Disc Launchers to the Canon Bursts. While the Thunderjaws are heavily armoured, they also have plenty of weak spots that you can utilize to bring them down. Hitting their two canisters with the appropriate element will deal more damage and make them more vulnerable. They suffer from the most damage from their ‘heart’ though, so you should also focus your attacks on that area.


Somewhat resembling a mole, the Rockbreaker are some of the largest and deadliest machines in-game. Highly durable and agile, these mechanical beasts are rather hard to hit as they mostly hide underground before they launch a surprise attack. Fortunately, these monsters leave a dust wake when they burrow underground that pinpoints their location. The dust wake gets larger when they’re about to surface, so get ready to aim and run when you see one. Once they have resurfaced, you can slow them with Freeze weapons and aim for the digging arms. If all four legs have been destroyed, these beasts are almost as good as toast as they can no longer burrow underground. Of course, that’s not really easy to pull off, so patience is your key to victory when you fight them.


If you thought fighting a Rockbreaker is a nightmare, then taking down a Stormbird is simply hell. Which is why they’re on the top spot of this list. They’re twice the size of Glinthawks, with a wider array of long-range and melee attacks. Their Thunder Clash is especially deadly, which can easily shed almost all of your life in one fell swoop, so make sure to be ready to run when they start charging electricity on their body. Of course, their range attacks can also be lethal so make sure to deal with the robots’ Lightning Gun (located on the chest) real quick with a Teardown arrow. Thankfully, they don’t congregate with others so you only need to focus your attention to this aerial mechanical beast. Just prepare yourself for a long fight and equip yourself with plenty of ammo.

Our final thoughts

Taking down robots in Horizon: Zero Dawn will only get easier once you get your mods and proper equipment. So invest your time in getting upgrades rather than charging to main missions head-on without any preparation, because chances are, you’ll repeat your battles from campfires. Just keep these tips in mind and you’ll be all set.

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