Hearthstone: 8 Top Tips for Beginners you may have missed

Maybe you’ve heard about Hearthstone and don’t know how to play it. Maybe you’re a newbie gamer still fumbling in the dark. Or perhaps an online collectible card video game confuses you in general.

Whether you’re one or all of the above, you don’t have to fret. I came up with an easy to understand guide to help you play Hearthstone.

Mistakes to Avoid

It’s normal to make mistakes when you’re just beginning to learn a game. Even the pro gamers committed mistakes long before they reached expert status. Seriously, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But isn’t it helpful to learn what those mistakes are beforehand? Who wants to make the mistakes they can easily avoid? Well, lucky for you, this video will show you exactly what those mistakes are and how to avoid them. Watch closely, okay?

10 Best Legendary Cards to Craft

Since card playing is the nature of the game, choosing the best cards is highly important. You must know the 10 best legendary cards to use in attacking your opponents so you can stay in the game longer. So how do you get the 10 best legendary cards to craft? It’s all explained in the video.

5 Secret Arena Tips

Do you want to know how to build the ultimate arena deck? Of course you do. Here are some top-notch secret tips to help you build an arena in Hearthstone that will give you higher chances at winning. Now who doesn’t want that? Like I said, these are some top-notch secret techniques. So it’s important that you learn to apply them.

9 Tips to Reach Legend

How about 9 simple tricks to reach Legend? This gamer right here will show you how it’s done with these 9 easy but effective tricks. Trust him, he’s been playing the game since it was still in beta. So he knows what he’s doing. He will teach you among other things how choosing your decks and swapping them the right way will get you awesome results. Yes, you read it right. Swapping decks. If you want to know how doing so will help you, go ahead and hit play.

Maintaining Board Control

If you’re using a Mage class, then you may find this tutorial video useful. Here, Trump shows how to maintain board control in the game. When you start playing, you’ll understand why having control over the game board is important. You should probably make sure you acquire some minions first. Afterwards, you’ll be able to direct minion combats and, in turn, get favorable trades and rewards. Win-win, right?

5 Tips For Better Playing

How about 5 tips for better playing? Here Kendric Swissh shows you how to play better at Hearthstone using 5 completely easy tips. If you expect to get “best” tips, then this video is not right for you. As Kendric said, these are simple tips you may find useful when playing. So forget about tricky tactics for a while. They are basic tips for the eager gamer.

3 Easy Ways to Win

Want to know the three easy ways to win in Hearthstone? Well, here are three easy and simple combos to reach Legend and win. Get to know how to utilise the Auchenai Judas, the Flaming Highlander and the Gimli Special to get the results you want. Seriously, you’ll be amazed at the tactics used in this video to hit Legend. Go ahead and try them.

Hearthstone Tutorial

Clueless about playing Hearthstone? Then this video tutorial is right up your alley. From choosing your hero to opening and making use of your booster packs to playing any of your cards to defeat your opponent, this video will walk you through the process. It will even give you tips and tricks on what moves to make to get started. So watch and learn.

Our final thoughts

Now that you know the basics in playing the game, go ahead and try them out. Who knows? Maybe these basic tips are all you need to know to be reach Legend in no time. Definitely worth the long process, don’t you think?

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