Top 10 Best Bosses in God of War

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One of the best video games that came out this year, God of War (2018) transitions the popular franchise from Greek to Norse Mythology. Not only that, but there’s also new game mechanics as he is now fighting alongside his son. Yup. You heard that right. Kratos is a daddy now, and that just made the game’s narrative so much better. A lot of fans are a bit disappointed in the boss department though. It’s not that they aren’t fun to fight, but there is a lack of diversity in some of the designs.

Still, fighting each one of these enemies is highly enjoyable, and beating some of them can be the most rewarding gaming experience you’ll ever have. We rated each of these bosses, and give you the game’s 10 best. Here they are:

Svartáljofurr: The Dark Elf King

Much like other dark elves, the Dark Elf King is a pain in the butt to fight against. He keeps flying around and shoots unblockable magic attacks. What’s even more annoying is that he blinds you from time to time, and the lighting can be a bit distracting, making things a bit more challenging. What we find lacking in him though, is that he’s just quite average for a boss. Still good, but not spectacular.

Baldur, Second Encounter

Son of Odin and Freya, Baldur is an unkillable boss thanks to the spell her mother casted upon him. So yeah, you won’t defeat him here. Instead, you’ll just pummel him down while falling to face, while on a dragon, and while traveling through realms. It’s quite epic, but there’s not much going on either. This is one of the defining moments, however, that we are shown of Kratos’s love for his Atreus. After all, all the falling happened because he tried to rescue his son.

Grendel of the Ashes and Grendel of the Frost

Two bosses. At the same time. How cool is that? Very much. What’s more is that it’s not your ordinary two-in-one boss fight either, in which it’s better to finish one off first before the other. No. You can attack them simultaneously, and it doesn’t really matter which one you hit, because the one with the higher HP will just give up its HP for the other until they are at equal health. So, yeah. They basically share the same health bar, although it’s indicated otherwise. Aside from that, they’re just like the usual trolls that you find throughout the game. We still find this codependent health bar really unique, though.

Mattugr Helson

Yup. Another troll like the previous entry, but he’s the best one in the bunch. While we said earlier that there’s not much variety among bosses of the same type, the developers actually went wild on this one. He can blink in and out of battle, send shockwaves your way, shoot out magical orbs and summon minions to fight alongside him. While most trolls share the same patterns of attack, Mattugr definitely is a different one, making his battle more memorable and enjoyable.

The Stranger (Baldur), First Encounter

OK. This is the first boss fight that really makes you feel you’re fighting against a god and as a god. Not only in the game, but also in the series as well. Forget about those humongous trolls, the first encounter with Baldur is one of the most bad-ass ever. Send him flying and watch the trees shatter like fragile twigs, and Baldur just casually gets back to battle like nothing happened despite the destruction in the surroundings. Throughout the don’t, he to face matches you with his own strength. In fact, you won’t know you’re damaging him at all if not for his health bar.


Compared to the other Valkyries, Hildr is actually not as tough as others, per se. What makes her fight challenging though is that you have to finish her off before the deadly mist reaches you. Once the mist catches on (as indicated by the time bar above), your health will start to deplete, making it harder to win against her. It’s basically a timed boss fight, and there is less margin for error here than usual. Thankfully, she’s the eighth of the Valkyries so you should know most of their movesets by then.

Magni and Modi

Another 2v2 boss fight, Magni and Modi are quite the duo that complements each other. One uses slow but big swings, while the other uses faster paced strikes. As sons of Thor, they both use lightning attacks that become more apparent as the battle goes on. You can pretty much one-on-one one of the brothers during the first phase of the battle, while the other focuses on Atreus. This is really quite fun because you have to switch opponents from time to time, and there are many cinematic cuts during the fight, which is always pleasant to watch.


Who doesn’t love dragons? Because that’s someone we don’t want to know. Hraezlyr is the largest boss in the game and is one of the most very fun to fight. His moveset is pretty much simple, yet still very enjoyable. Why? Because he is a dragon! He flies, he breathes lightning, and he’s damn huge. There are handful phases in the battle, and each is just enjoyable as the other. One of the highlights of the fight is Kratos jumping into the wyrm’s mouth and starts hacking whatever he can. Poor dragon, but he deserves it.

Baldur and Freya, the Final Showdown

The penultimate battle that leads to the conclusion of the story, the final showdown is probably the best boss fight story-wise. There’s so much drama and action at the same time that you don’t know what’s gonna happen next. Freya wants to protect Baldur; Baldur wants to kill Freya; while Kratos wants to save Freya and his son. You got to wonder who will die at the end even during the fight. The cinematic teamwork of Kratos and Atreus beating Baldur is also quite heartwarming as it is bad-ass as it showcases their growth as father and son. They have come far from Kratos just preparing Atreus to Atreus and Kratos fighting side by side.


While Sigrun is the queen of the Valkyries and goes without saying that she’s hard to beat. Yes, it’s the queen of the Valkyries that tops this list and not the main antagonist and for a good reason. Sigrun is simply the hardest one to beat in the game despite being an optional boss, and thereby the most satisfying to defeat. She has all the unique moves of each 8 valkyries, and she utilizes them quite effectively. She can kill you in mere seconds if you’re not careful enough, so you have to be always in your toes. And if her attacks don’t scare you, then her health bar should. It’s just too big, so expect a very long yet intense fight. That is why we respect those hardcore players who have beaten her in the game’s highest difficulty. She’s already one hell of a challenge in the balanced experience difficulty, so we won’t even dare to face her higher up the difficulty ladder.

Our final thoughts

So these are the bosses that we loved the most in the game. Each of them is very interesting and very fun to play, especially those that move the story. If there’s anything we learned about these, it’s that we’re excited for what the next installment has in store for all of us.

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