Top 10 Toughest Final Fantasy XV Bosses (updated)

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Whether its post-game or during the main story, Final Fantasy XV offers a diverse set of bosses that requires different approach to finish off. So here we list the toughest 10 of the bunch that you should face off if you want a bit of challenge and have fun at the same time.


If you find the name of this monster familiar, that’s because it’s named after the Red Queen’s pet from Alice in Wonderland. And yes, it also appeared in previous iterations of the series, but definitely not as ferocious as this version. Deadly from all sides, this beast has sweeping, charge and leap attacks so make sure to anticipate its movement if you want a quick victory. It will whip its tail before charging, so take note when it starts to do so. It’s especially weak in the tails and legs, so make sure to focus your attacks on those to topple it over.


Basically an oversized cobra, the Hvitrormr is the bigger and badder brother of the Midgardsormr. It’s essentially a stronger clone of the latter and retains all of its moveset but with upgraded stats. The Hvitrormr can burrow underground and perform a surprise attack, so be wary as this can knock you out. It also spits poison, so curatives are essential to keep the team going. Just use swords, daggers and ice attacks as those weapons and techniques are its weaknesses.


Yet another reference to Alice in Wonderland, the Jabberwock is a pretty tough opponent that you have to beat. You may not have the Vorpal Sword to slay this abomination, but you can still beat the hell out of this boss if you play your cards right. Focus your attacks on its legs to cripple it, and watch out when it raises one of its legs as that means an AoE attack is imminent. This winged beast can also petrify you and your team, so keep those Gold Needles to neutralize the status ailment.


A recurring enemy in the franchise, the FFXV Zu is a giant bird with Strength higher than its HP. While a low HP translates to a faster kill, this feathered monster isn’t really that easy to take down as all of its attacks are quite fatal and can easily put any character in the danger zone with a single shot. Fortunately for you, it has blind spots that can give you free hits wherein Zu can’t counterattack fast enough due to its big size. Just make sure to use polearms, machinery and fire to deal additional damage, and avoid its gust attacks by warp-striking through it. Once the avian abomination flies in the sky, prepare to parry its divebomb to create a chance for free hits.


The stronger version of Necromancer, the Psychomancer, in its stronger variant, is mostly sought after because of its rare drop. What’s so hard about this thing isn’t really the battle itself, but the necessary conditions to actually spawn this daemon. You have to kill Ifrit first, head inside the Citadel and wait for the two Red Giants to spawn, go outside and kill everything on sight. Only then will the stronger Psychomancer spawn for you to obtain Ulric’s Kukris from. Like the Necromancer, the Psychomancer can instantly kill you with its Instant Death skill. It can also summon minions, and you should take care of those ASAP. Greatswords and shields are effective against this miscreation, and so are Light and Ice attacks.


With a rather hard name to pronounce and remember, the Mictlantecihuatl is named after the queen of the underworld in Aztec mythology. But unlike the unsightly form of its namesake, the Mictlantecihuatl is a majestic dragon with beautiful feathers contrasted by protruding bony barbs on its wings and head. This half-bird half-reptile monster uses lightning blast attacks when it’s flying and a lightning shockwave attack when on the ground. Dodging is the key to winning this battle, so always be on the move. Equip yourself with polearms and daggers to deal additional damage and use ice attacks when you can.


Featuring a single pair of wings and greyish blue horns, the Manxom is practically an upgraded version of the Jabberwock. It has massive HP, so battling this dragon takes a lot of grinding and patience. If you have fought the Jabberwock though, then you shouldn’t have much trouble facing this one as their movements are quite similar. Lances and machineries deal more damage against this boss, while using greatswords are pretty much useless. Lightning is also effective against this horror, while Ice and Light attacks deal only half of their original damage. The Manxom also has an unblockable roar attack, so be on your toes so you can distance yourself when it comes.


Closely resembling the Jormungand, the Bilrost is actually way tougher than the former. And while it drops ice units unlike its ‘cousin,’ this dragon actually still uses fire attacks that can inflict Overheat and Burnt status to you and your party members, so ready those cures when you’re about to face one. Swords and daggers deal the most damage against this creature, so employ those if you want to quickly put an end to this battle. Fire attacks also don’t work against this beast, so focus on using Ice attacks instead.

MA-X Angelus-0

The strongest robot in the game, the MA-X Angelus-0 can be a nightmare to deal with even for a high-level team (not on easy mode, mind you). This mechanical monster has very high damage and can easily one-shot ill-equipped characters. Its breakable parts, the shoulder decoration and missile launcher, are a pain to break and will only give a few moments of vulnerability. While you can lower the difficulty to easy to kill this boss, you can still defeat it on normal mode so long as you have prepared for the battle. Max out your team member’s lightning magic and bullet resistance to increase survivability. Equipping heavy-hitting weapons are also optimal for breaking this robot’s parts. Still, expect a long battle so make sure you have enough potions and elixirs.


Nothing comes close to the colossal might of the Adamantoise. Period. With a gazillion HP, this mountain-like beast easily takes the title of the toughest of the bunch as killing this monstrosity can take over an hour; and that was actually when Square Enix made things a bit easier. Thankfully though, despite the long battle ahead of you, fighting this monster doesn’t deal a lot of damage. So how should you face this beast? Simply equip yourself with Warp Factor Ascensions and start smashing! Of course, you can also order your teammates to help you in battle: Ignis’s buff and Prompto’s debuff are a must-have in increasing your damage output. Alternatively, you can wear the Ring of Lucii, cast Alterna, and pray to the RPG gods for a one-hit KO.

Our final thoughts

As you can notice, most of these bosses are only available post-game. And as such, your team must be high-leveled already if you ought to stand a chance against these fiends. In any case, preparation is the key to victory so make sure to have stacks of potions to safeguard your victory.

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