Top 10 Best Goalkeepers in FIFA (updated)

Now that FIFA is back in business – not that it ever left in the first place – with the latest FIFA 18 installment, it’s time to check out the top goalkeepers to add into your winning roster.

See their stats one by one:

Ederson Santana de Moraes

Ederson has an impressive overall FIFA rating of 86. He plays for the Manchester City and favors his left foot. He also has Medium/Medium workrates. This Brazilian shot-stopper had made waves in the 2017-18 season and he’s expected to do the same this season. His best stats are: gk positioning 82, gk diving 85, gk handling 80, gk kicking 91, and gk reflexes 87.

Keylor Navas

With overall FIFA rating of 88, Keylor Navas is on top of his game. A goalkeeper for Real Madrid, Navas was one of the leading gk in Europe last season. And why not? He’s like a machine on the field. Preferring to use his right foot, he has Medium/Low workrates. His best stats are: gk diving 90, gk reflexes 90, gk handling 81, and gk kicking 75.

Hugo Lloris

The goalkeeper for Tottenham Hotspur in England, Hugo Lloris currently plays as number 1 and has an impressive overall rating of 88. Shooting with his left foot, he also has Medium/Medium workrates. His best stats are: gk diving 88 (from 87), gk kicking 68, gk handling 86, gk reflexes 90, gk positioning 82, and gk speed 65. Thrice he won the UNFP Ligue 1 Goalkeeper Of The Year award, among other awards, and even earned nominations for his performances in the UEFA Champions League. He also helped France qualify for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Samir Handanovič

The goalkeeper for Inter Milan in Italy, the 33-year old Samir Handanovič currently plays as number 1. Known as the Batman for his acrobatic saves, he is regarded as one of the best goalkeepers and is, in fact, a two-time recipient of the Serie A Goalkeeper of the Year. With Medium/Medium workrates, he prefers to shoot with his right foot. His height is 193 cm and his weight is estimated at 89 kg. This season, his overall rating is 88. His best stats are: gk diving 87, gk kicking 69, gk handling 86, gk positioning 87, gk reflexes 87, and gk speed 54. The only stats that changed are diving (increased by 1 point) and handling (decreased by 3 points).

Gianluigi Buffon

Another playing as number one is Gianluigi Buffon who serves as a goalkeeper for Juventus in Italy, with an overall FIFA rating of 88. He prefers to shoot with his right foot and his workrates are Medium/Medium. His best stats have also seen some changes: gk diving 89 (from 8), gk handling 88, gk kicking 74 (a huge boost from 68), gk reflexes 84, gk speed 49 and gk positioning 90. Not bad for a 39-year old player. He performs exceptionally well for his team.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen

A goalkeeper for FC Barcelona, 25-year old Marc-André ter Stegen has an overall rating of 89. He stands 187 cm and his weight is estimated at 85 kg. He is currently playing as number 1 and he has a Medium/Medium workrates, preferring to shoot with his right foot. His best stats are: gk diving 84, gk handling 83 which was previously 81, gk kicking 87 which was previously 84, gk reflexes 86 which was formerly 85, gk speed 38, and gk positioning 81 which used to be only at 78 points.

Jan Oblak

Starting out with Benfica at age 17, Jan Oblak is the current goalkeeper for Atletico Madrid in Spain and plays as number 13. The 24-year old has an overall rating of 90 in FIFA, which was an improvement from the previous season. He has Medium/Medium workrates and prefers to shoot with his right foot. His best stats are: gk handling 90, gk kicking 77 (both didn’t change from previous season), gk diving 84 (formerly 83), gk reflexes 84 (formerly 82), gk speed 43, and gk positioning 87 (both stats remain the same). Oblak became the most expensive goalie of the La Liga when Atletico Madrid signed him for 16 million euros. He also won the Ricardo Zamora Trophy the previous season.

Thibaut Courtois

Thibaut Courtois is a 25-year old goalkeeper for Chelsea in England, currently playing as number 13 and has an overall rating of 90 in FIFA. While the overall rating remained the same, there have been changes in his best stats: gk diving 85 increased from 84 and gk reflexes dropped to 88 from 89, while the remaining gk handling 91, gk kicking 69, gk speed 46 and gk positioning 86 all stayed the same. His initial stint in Chelsea saw him getting loaned to Atletico Madrid where his playing prowess gained him a notoriety and was touted as one of the best players in Europe. Mastering the English Premier League, Courtois is very well on his way to attaining a rating of 90.

Manuel Neuer

Lording over the best goalkeepers in the league is none other than the top spot in this list, Manuel Neuer. The 31 year old plays as a goalie for FC Bayern in Germany at number 1. His overall rating in FIFA? A whopping 90. Preferring to shoot with his right foot, his workrates are Medium/Medium. His best stats are: gk diving 91 (from 89), gk kicking 95, gk handling 90, gk speed 59, gk reflexes 89, and gk positioning 91. These individual stats alone make him an integral part of the Bayern backbone, best described as a sweeper keeper. In fact, he’s known for his long throwing range and strength as well as his awesome stopping abilities. Currently, he holds the IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper title.

David De Gea

A Manchester United goalie, David De Gea boasts of a fantastic overall 91 FIFA rating. The 26-year old currently plays at number 1 and shoots with his right foot, having workrates of Medium/Medium. His best stats are: gk diving 90, gk kicking 87, gk handling 85, gk speed 57, gk reflexes 90, and gk positioning 86. Those individual stats were quite different from the previous season – with gk diving, gk speed and gk positioning scoring a few points below. A top goalie, De Gea has made 200+ apps and won titles including Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup since joining United.

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