Our Top 8 Trading Videos that prove you’ve been doing it all wrong

Are you currently languishing in the lower bowels of FUT’s divisions, consistently moaning about a lack of coins? Then fasten your seatbelts, for you’re about to be taken on the ride of your life, with life-changing revelations and FUT trading secrets! We’ve collected the 8 best videos regarding methods, guides, tips and tricks so that you can go from Mccarthy to Messi and Ramsey to Ronaldo in no time. You’re welcome!

Web App Trading – 1K – 5K

Although admittedly not the largest YouTuber, iHazCarrot (what?) brings up an interesting point of utilising the web app for trading, which is vital for those players really looking to get some coinage. What’s most apparent about this video is that trading does take a lot of time and work, but anyone genuinely can make some profit through alternate avenues like position modifiers. A quick shout out to his intros too, GG.

FUT Easy Trading Tips / Methods

Okay before you watch the video, I’m going to tell you in advance, Dirty Mike is a tool. He is wearing a hat and sunglasses in the video, and over-pronounces phrases like “Wham, bam, thank you mam!”. But bear with him, as a FIFA player he is incredible, and his guides aren’t bad either. In this video he primarily focuses on trading silvers, low value players and using foresight. Intriguingly, this video is also part of a series of his journey through FUT, which is worth a watch too.

5 Ways To Get Free Coins – No Trading!

DTT comes up with some inventive methods here ranging from utilising catalogue rewards, to exploiting the use of numerous accounts. Admittedly, he does wear headphones twice the size of his head and presents a stereotypical European accent, but what he’s saying does make sense. Interestingly, he discusses the trading of consumables such as contracts and fitness cards, an avenue which is definitely worth looking into, as well as club item trading. Even more interestingly, he actually discusses 6 ways to get ‘free coins’, not 5 (illuminati Confirmed?!).

Trading to 100K in a day

Although not explaining a trading method per se, UniqueRiggers actually shows us his sniping and how he genuinely trades up to 100k within a few hours. For those cynics out there, this is certainly a video to watch, as an overexcited teen (assumedly), makes 30K + profits on individual cards such as Jordi Alba, Wellington Silva and the almighty Emile Heskey. Riggers is a youtuber who does post sensationalist video titles, however, he follows up on these big claims with some pretty impressive trades.

How to trade in FIFA

For those of you that don’t know NepentheZ, he’s a man with Thor’s voice, a glorious beard, and questionable haircuts. Seriously though, Nep is one of the most well-informed and intelligent FIFA YouTubers out there, and in this video, although a few months old, he gives ‘an idiot’s guide’ to basic trading in FUT 16. Again, this is targeted more at those who are just dipping their toe in the FUT trading pool, but solidifies the concept of buy cheap and sell high and how this can multiply into large amounts of coins. Oh, and he says doo-doo, teehee.

Best Inform Trading Methods

xAcceptiion unfortunately sounds like he’s got a kazoo stuck up his snoz, but it doesn’t make his video any less useful (although the excessively loud irritating hip-hop music might as you’ll see at number 2).Interestingly, xAcceptiion starts with less than 10K, a position which the majority of FIFA users will be in, and talks us through how to make bank up to 1,000,000 (allegedly). The video focuses on trading Informs, and how to take advantage of the current TOTW (Team of the week, keep up!). One thing to keep in mind here, is the EA 5% Tax, which isn’t always addressed in trading videos, so be cautious young adventurer!

Best Coin Making FIFA 16 Trading Method

A second entry from Mr. Kazoo nose himself, although he sounds less kazoo-y here (cue the aforementioned overly prominent hip hop music). He talks about high-end chemistry styles (Hunter, Shadow, Catalyst) and how to take advantage of firstly the chemistry cards themselves, and secondly unsuspecting users who sell players with these chemistry styles applied *evil laugh*. You’re going to start seeing a reoccurring theme of taking advantage of other users who don’t have a Scooby-doo about the transfer market.

The Ultimate Guide to Trading and Making Coins

Capgun Tom, with his luscious flowing locks of auburn hair, tops off our countdown with a solid and comprehensive guide on some of the best ways to make coins in FUT. Here he covers a lot of the basics including BIN Price (Buy It Now), EA’s 5% tax, and catalogue coin boosts. For those trading n00bs out there and the real MLG’s, it’s a great video to start, as it addresses trades from 25,000 coins right up to 1,000,000 coins +.

Our final thoughts

So there you have it, a comprehensive list of nerdds certified FUT trading videos guaranteed to set you on your way to making billions, maybe. As mentioned throughout the article and the videos a few key things to keep in mind:

  • EA 5% tax needs to be taken into account when making any trades
  • Sniping: Use in moderation, as overuse can lead to banning
  • Utilise the FUT web app
  • Don’t have a silly haircut, mispronounce words, or do anything that I don’t approve of in a FIFA YT video; or you will end up with a catty paragraph like above (sorry)

Happy trading!

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