FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Top 10 Best Players To Buy

With a huge pool of players, it’s pretty hard to choose which players to include in your FIFA 17 Ultimate Team roster. Fortunately for you, I have analyzed each and selected the 10 most skillful players who you should include in your team to ensure your chance of winning.

Want to know what they are? Let’s check them out:

Leroy Sane

Hailing from Germany, Leroy Sane is a good midfielder with above average defending and passing skills. Which is why he landed the 10th place in this list. His other skills, mainly pace and shooting, rank quite low so don’t rely on him for these tasks or you’re risking losing the game. Still, if you want to make the best out of Sane, then make sure to put him in his home club and national team for on-field chemistry: FC Schalke 04 and Germany, respectively.

Andre Gray

A versatile English player who can play both as striker and center forward, Andre Gray can easily break through the opponent’s defenses, thanks to his superb speed and pace. He also has very good balance so he can easily maintain his footing when challenged. Make sure to position him outside the penalty area, and he will be a threatening shooter that can score point for the team. His aerial skills aren’t great though, so you have to assign others for that expertise.

Jack Butland

The only goalkeeper in this list, Jack Butland boasts of having above-average reflexes but has subpar diving skills, making him better at fending off long-range attacks than close-range ones. His goal kicks and punts are very accurate though, which is great for offensive play. Just make sure that his preferred foot take the clearances as his other one isn’t particularly strong.

Winston Reid

With a preferred position of center back, Winston Reid is among the best defenders in the field. He usually jockeys attackers when defending – thanks to his above average aggression – and will often win it without fouling. He’s also equipped with decent speed to prevent enemies from advancing, but his passing abilities are rather subpar, making him a poor choice for possession-centric team.

Delle Alli

One of the youngest players in the association at the age of 20, Delle Alli is a center defensive midfielder who can also play as either center mid or center forward. He can easily support the team from the back or just lead the assault himself with his top-notch dribbling skills and fast acceleration. Not only that, he is also a capable tackler who can out-maneuver attackers to setup a powerful counterattack. Impressive, huh?

Keiran Gibbs

Keiran Gibbs is one of those players whose skills rank at the top among defenders: top 20% in shooting, top 10% in pace and top 5% in passing, dribbling and defending. Pretty neat, right? Well, he mainly plays as left back, but can also fill in the position of left wing back without any trouble. His top-tier skills combined with his aggressive approach make him a solid defender even against speedy attackers, solidifying his high rank in our list.

Ashley Williams

If you’re aiming for a possession-centered team, then Ashley Williams should be one of your top choices. Quick and tough, he has a high winning rate of 50-50 balls in both air and ground, so he can easily counter the opposing team’s most formidable attackers. Just play him safe when he’s on the defensive to avoid fouling.

Roberto Firmino

Mainly a center attacking midfielder but more dangerous as a forward, Roberto Firmino is equipped with outstanding shooting, passing and dribbling skills so make sure to assign him an offensive role more than a defensive one. His first-rate vision also allows him to facilitate possession to open up the team for lethal attacks.

Adam Lallana

A skilled offensive player, Adam Lallana plays as a center attacking midfielder but also plays center mid and center forward well without affecting on-field chemistry. His decent defensive abilities and fantastic passing skills allow him to provide great support at the back to increase the team’s defenses. The best thing about him is his high ball-control rating, which allows him to quickly play on passes that can easily lead to quick and lethal attacks.

Ahmed Musa

To successfully score a point, skilled strikers are very crucial and Ahmed Musa is just that. Which is why I gave him the top spot in this list. With excellent dribbling and shooting skills, he can perform a lethal shot from virtually any place in the field. This Nigerian player is also extremely fast so he can easily outdo defenders to either score a point or pass the ball to others. Just don’t rely on him with aerials, and he will consistently perform greatly. Still one of the best FUT players there are. While it’s a tough call between the top 3, Ahmed Musa definitely takes the crown, thanks to his marvelous positioning skills as a forward. He will often find himself in the right place and time to deliver deadly blows, securing scores in a consistent manner. This consistency alone makes him an awesome member in most teams.

Our final thoughts

But this is not to say that the other players in this list are no-match for him. One great thing about each of them: they have their own sets of strengths that can help you win the game. It’s just a matter of using them right.

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