FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Top 10 Best Cheap Players

Playing FIFA 17 in the long run can seriously break your game bank. Especially when you find yourself getting addicted in the game.

So an important question arises: which players can you get cheap yet competent at the same time? Well, worry no more. Here’s a list of the best cheap players in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team.

Let’s check them out:

Juraj Kucka CM 78

Ranking among the top 10% of FIFA 17 players, Juraj Kucka is a powerhouse on the field and worth 1,200 coins. He’s great at playing center midfielder, but he can also play center attacking mid without any problem. Although it takes him a while to hit top speed compared to most players – and when he does, he’ll be a little sluggish and unresponsive – he has high stamina which allows him to maintain his work rate throughout the match. He is also a very proficient tackler in midfield. His higher-than-average aggression lets him dominate defensively. You can maximize his on-field chemistry by playing him alongside the players of his club team Genoa and Slovakia, his national team.

Manolo Gabbiadini ST 84

Manolo Gabbiadini ranks 80th among all 5,252 midfielders, with his positional smart rating of 56. His preferred position is center attacking midfielder, but his strength lies in his attacking abilities, making him a more proficient forward. In fact, he has one of the highest ball-control ratings in the game. While a clumsy tackler, he’s a skilled and powerful attacker, meaning he can easily beat defenders off the dribble. What’s more, his impressive shot power always gives his team a good chance of scoring. Worth the 1,000 coins, don’t you think? Playing him alongside Sampdoria (his club team) and Italy (national team) will maximize his on-field chemistry.

Quincy Promes RM 81

Worth 950 coins, Quincy Promes is a speedster on the field. Because of his top speed, he can accelerate to a sprint – faster than most players – and can outrun most defenders. Even at top speed, Promes can fluidly change direction, cutting around defenders and showing his top-tier agility prowess. He’s a skilled passer as well and able to facilitate possession in the middle third of the field comfortably. He can distribute the ball and knock passes, allowing his teammates to make attacking runs – thanks to his high vision rating. Maximize his on-field chemistry by playing him with his club team, Spartak Moskva, and his national team, the Netherlands.

Keita Balde Diao LW 81

Available at 850 coins, Keita Balde Diao is an excellent left winger with strong attacking skills. This makes him a potentially threatening forward. He’s not a good defensive support though, so it’s best that he plays an attacking role and be used to distribute the ball throughout the midfield since he can deliver passes smoothly. Balde Diao is not exactly a good finisher, so don’t expect too much when you control him in front of a goal. Playing him with Lazio (club team) and Spain (national team) will maximize his on-field chemistry.

Yaroslav Rakitskyi CB 80

Ranking 69th among all 4,102 defenders, Yaroslav Rakitskyi has a positional smart rating of 92. His passing skills are excellent – in fact among the highest for all defenders. This makes him a solid support for a possession-based attack. His strength is above average and combined with his formidable jumping skills, it helps in winning defensive headers. Rakitskyi ranks in the top 4.4% of all FIFA 17 center backs. Which means center back is his preferred position. Try maximizing his on-field chemistry, by playing him alongside players from FC Shakhtar and Ukraine, his club team and national team respectively. You can easily get him at 750 coins.

Yannis Salibur RM 76

Purchasable at 700, Yannis Salibur can either play midfielder or right wing on the field. He’s good at containing attackers rather than directly challenging them, due to his below-average aggression. His high ball-control rating allows him the ability to control most passes played within his vicinity. And thanks to his above-average dribbling rating, he can also easily dribble past defenders even when the ball is settled. Not only that, this player also boasts 72 finishing and 78 shot power among his strengths. To maximize his on-field chemistry, play Salibur alongside players from Clermont Foot (club team) and France (national team).

Kevin-Prince Boateng CAM 79

Kevin-Prince Boateng has a positional smart rating of 93, placing him in the top 10% of midfielders. Which goes to show that his preferred position in the game is center midfielder. As such, he’s capable of facilitating his team’s possession in the midfield and considered one of the most proficient tacklers there. With his high stamina, he can easily maintain his work rate throughout the entire match. With 83 ball control, 86 strength and 84 shot power, Boateng is an absolute menace to his opponents. Play him with his club team, FC Schalke 04 and Ghana, his national team, to maximize his on-field chemistry. He can be bought at 650 to 850 coins.

Nampalys Mendy CDM 78

Nampaly Mendy works best as a center defensive midfielder. He’s a skilled tackler – one of the most proficient there is – and can dominate defensively without breaking a sweat. He has a high long-shots rating, so distance shots are quite easy for him. He defends the ball by reading passing lanes and pick-off pases. This allows him to bring about potentially lethal counterattacks. As a midfielder, he ranks in the top 20%, making him one of the most effective midfield players. Let him play with OGC Nice (club team) and France (national team) to maximize his on-field chemistry. Mendy can be bought at 600 coins, making him the third outstanding choice for a cheap Premier League FUT player.

Šime Vrsaljko RB 79

Playing best as a right midfielder, Šime Vrsaljko has a positional smart rating of 85, which places him in the top 20% of all midfielders. Like other players, he’s equipped with a high stamina that he can maintain throughout the match. But he has a low interception rating, so he rarely intercepts opponent passes. Vrsaljko ranks in the top 14.7% of all FIFA 17 players and just priced at 550 coins, making the second outstanding choice for a cheap FUT player. His on-field chemistry can be maximized by playing him alongside players from his club team, Sassuolo, and his national team, Croatia.

Andrew Robertson LB 75

Topping the list of the best cheap FUT players is Andrew Robertson. Priced at mere 400 coins, Robertson is a great left back as well as a left wing back. He enjoys an overall rating of 75, which places him among the top 30% of all FIFA 17 players. Although he’s not the strongest defender and has below-average jumping skills, he can accelerate to his fastest pace quickly – quicker than almost all of the defenders. This gives him an edge and, with his high sprint speed, allows him to keep up with even the fastest attackers. You can maximize his on-field chemistry by playing him with players from Hull City (his club team) and Scotland (his national team).

Our final thoughts

There you go – the best cheap players you can get in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. So what will it be for you? Will it be Manolo Gabbiadini? Nampalys Mendy? Or Andrew Robertson? Well, whichever you choose, make sure that the player will give you an edge in the game and give you your money’s worth. After all, who wouldn’t want to win?

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