FIFA 17 Ultimate Team: 9 Top Players

Are you new to FIFA 17? Familiar with all the formations? Well then, how about the players? Have you decided on the right ones for you?

Well, in case you’re wondering which player to pick for FIFA 17, here’s a countdown of the top 9 players in the latest installment of FIFA Ultimate Team.


Robert Lewandowski

Known as the FC Bayern hitman, Robert Lewandowski is the 3rd highest striker in FIFA 17. He’s known to shoot with his right foot and got a 3-star skill moves rating. A real challenge for defenses to deal with, he has an overall 90 rating in FIFA 17, with a potential of 90, and High /Medium work rates. Currently, his best stats are: ball control 87, att. position 89, composure 87, finishing 91 and reactions 88.

Jérôme Boateng

Another player for the FC Bayern is Jérôme Boateng. He’s a top ranked centre back in FIFA 17, with impressive 85 physicality and 90 defending scores in his belt. His work rates are Medium / Medium and his FIFA 17 overall rating is 89, with a potential of 89. Like Lewandowski, he prefers to shoot with his right foot, but only earned a 2-star skill moves rating. His best stats are: stand tackle 92, slide tackle 91, strength 91, marking 90, and composure 86.

Zlatan Ibrahimović

If there’s a standout striker in Manchester United, it’s Zlatan Ibrahimović. Ibrahimović is truly one of the best in the league, being the 2nd highest striker in FIFA 17 – with an 86 Physicality to go along with his 90 Shooting. He has 90, with a potential of 90, overall rating in FIFA 17 and a good 4-star skill moves rating. He prefers to shoot with his right foot, with Medium / Low work rates. 93 strength, 93 shot power, 93 volleys, 91 composure and 91 penalties are his best stats.

Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale, a right winger from Real Madrid, is all about the pace. In fact, he has 94 Pace to go along with 87 Shooting and 86 Dribbling. With a FIFA 17 overall rating of 90 with a potential of 90, nothing can go wrong with Bale. He’s one of the two players in this list who prefer to shoot with their left foot. He boasts a 4-star skill moves rating and High / Medium work rates. His best stats? A sprint speed of 95, acceleration of 93, shot power of 91, long shots of 90, and dribbling of 89.

Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer is known as the top ranked FIFA 17 goalkeeper. With a stat of 95 for Kicking and 91 for Positioning, his are the highest for each respective stat in the season. Germany’s FC Bayern is definitely proud to have him, especially with an overall rating of 92 with a potential of 92. His work rates may only be Medium / Medium, but his best stats are impressive at: gk kicking 95, gk positioning 91, gk handling 90, gk diving 89, and gk reflexes 89.

Luis Suárez

If you want to score lots of goals, you’ll definitely want Luis Suárez in your squad. With 90 Shooting and 87 Dribbling, this top ranked striker plays for Spain’s FC Barcelona. He has FIFA 17 overall rating of 92 with a potential of 92. What’s more, he’s got a killer 4-star skill moves rating. His work rates are High / Medium and his best stats are: finishing 94, reactions 93, att. position 92, ball control 91, and stamina 89.

Neymar Jr.

There’s a reason why Neymar Jr. is at the third spot in this list. This wide man for FC Barcelona is ridiculously skillful in turning a game in an instant. Which is probably why he has the 2nd highest Dribbling attribute in FIFA 17 with 95. His overall rating in FIFA 17 is 92 with a potential of 94. Impressive, but more than that, he also got a perfect 5-star skill moves rating and High / Medium work rates. His best stats are: dribbling 96, agility 96, ball control 95, acceleration 93, and att. position 90.

Lionel Messi

Nobody dares mess with Lionel Messi. And why should they? He’s a top ranked dribbler in FIFA 17 with a fantastic 96. What’s more, this Barcelona right winger is the 2nd ranked player overall in FIFA 17. With an overall rating of 93 with a potential of 93, it’s no wonder. Like Bale, he prefers to shoot with his left foot. Yet he’s still got a great 4-star skill moves rating and Medium / Medium work rates. His best stats? Well, brace yourself. They’re downright killer at: dribbling 97, ball control 95, reactions 95, balance 95, and finishing 95.

Cristiano Ronaldo

If there’s the best of the best in FIFA, no doubt it’s Cristiano Ronaldo. No other player compares, period. Which is why he got the top spot in this list, and the top ranked player in FIFA 17. His ratings are off the charts with 92 Pace, 92 Shooting, 91 Dribbling and a threatening 80 Physicality. The Real Madrid wide man has an incredible FIFA 17 overall rating of 94 with a potential of 94. It also goes without saying that he’s got a 5-star skill moves rating. Although his work rates are High / Low. Boasting the best stats of reactions 96, jumping 95, att. position 94, ball control 93, and finishing 93, Ronaldo is truly the main man of FIFA.

Our final thoughts

There you go. The best players of FIFA 17. Is it any wonder that Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo landed the top 3 spots? Of course, the other players also know how to bring their A-game. But these three are no doubt the dangerous forces to be reckoned with. So a word of advice: make sure that at least one of them is in your team. And get ready to shoot all those awesome goals!

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