Top 10 FIFA Ultimate Team Best Packs (updated)

Whether you want to add a top-rated player to your squad, sell items, or store them for future use, the ultimate goal is to get the best packs in the FIFA Ultimate Team series.

So how do you do that? Well, I made a countdown of the best and greatest packs in the game to help you move along.


Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

Like the other two packs, the jumbo premium gold pack is a common pack and can be bought with 300 FIFA points or 15,000 coins. The awesome part? It doubles the size of a premium gold pack with an extra rare. This pack includes 24 cards (20 gold + 4 silver, and 7 of them rares) which you can use to build a strong squad.

Rare Gold Pack

Another common promo pack opener in FIFA is the rare gold pack. It’s considered as one of the most popular as it always gives good results. Worth 500 FIFA points or 25,000 coins, the pack boasts of containing the most unique gold items – all 12 of them – and 12 rares as well.

TOP 100 FUT Champions Pack

The most wanted pack of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, the top 100 FUT champions pack has a guaranteed 44 TOTW gold players and an ICON. There’s a downside though: it’s only available as a monthly reward for who ranks in the top 100. Which means you need to be one of the best FIFA players in the world to get it.

Rare Electrum Players Pack

A mix of both gold and silver items, you can get rare electrum players pack for 30,000 coins or 600 FIFA points. This 12-pack may be rarely featured in the store, but it’s the best version of the Electrum pack and offers improved odds over the Standard, Premium and Prime variants. It’s also a lot better value than the Prime Gold Players pack as all of the items are guaranteed to be rare players.

Ultimate TOTW Pack

Yet another rewards pack is the ultimate TOTW pack. While the top 100 FUT champions pack is the most wanted pack of FIFA 18, the ultimate TOTW pack is the most wanted pack of FIFA 19. It’s guaranteed 11 TOTW gold players, but only available as a weekly reward for who ranks in the top 100.

Mega Pack

One of the biggest packs in FIFA 17, the mega pack contains 30 cards (26 gold + 4 silver and 18 rares). Impressive, right? Which is why the price is quite steep. You’ll need 35,000 coins or 700 FIFA points to get this pack. But with players like Lovren-82, Cahill-83, and Hart-84 among others, you’ll get higher chances of building a winning squad.

Rare Players Pack

Get ready to get the most unique and top-rated players in a single pack: Welbeck-80, Gundogan-85, Meier rated-79, to start with. This pack contains 12 cards – all gold and all rares. Definitely worth the 50,000 coins you’ll pay or the 1000 FIFA points to be deducted from you.

Rare Mega Pack

What’s even better than the mega pack? The rare mega pack! This is the biggest pack yet with a whopping 30 items (26 gold + 4 silver), all rares. You can avail this limited promo pack by paying 55,000 coins or 1,100 FIFA points. With this, you can get players like Moya-81, Aurier-83, Carvajal-83 and Abdennour rated-80.

Jumbo Rare Players Pack

This pack is unique in terms of top-rated players because it consists of single player packs. If you want to get this promo pack, you’ll need a whooping 100,000 coins or 2000 FIFA points. Then you’ll get to enjoy 24 cards – all gold and all rares. Now who’s winning?

Ultimate Pack

Still, the ultimate pack is the best and the greatest pack that you can ever open in the game. Which is why it’s on top of this list. Why, you ask? Well, it contains only the most unique and top-rated FIFA players, 30 cards – all gold and all rare – all in a single pack. This, right here, is the perfect pack. Never mind that it costs 125,000 coins or 2.500 FIFA Points. Still worth it!

Our final thoughts

Now you know the best opening packs there are in the FIFA Ultimate Team series. Do you already have something in mind to acquire? If you ask me, I’d go for the ultimate pack. Very expensive, sure. But definitely worth the investment.

But then again, all of these packs are. Which is why they all made the list in the first place. So whatever you choose, make sure it’s the perfect fit for you. Happy playing!

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