Top 10 Best Characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ

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If you love the anime, or if you just love explosive clashes in general, then you will surely love Dragon Ball FighterZ. Hailed as one of the best fighting games in recent years, this video game features a big roster of 24 characters with 8 additional DLC characters to choose from. And of course, not every hero is made equal (no matter how the devs try).

So we list down the 10 most viable characters to be chosen by pros in tournaments because of the characters’ potential.


A pretty safe bet, Trunks has it all: good assists, solid projectiles on the ground and air, and good at extending combos in the corner. His level 3, despite being a low-level, does extensive damage that easily eats away the opponent’s HP. Of course, he isn’t perfect though. While he is good at a lot of things, he doesn’t really shine in any of them either. Other characters who specialize in their areas can simply outclass him, which is why we only list him at number 10.

Android 21

With her infamous Touch of Death combo, Android 21 is a force to be reckoned with in the game. She has amazing footsies and her command grab has a pretty good range that can keep her opponents on their toes. Her down heavy is also one of the best in the game, and her combo deals good damage, especially compared to some. Despite these good things about her, her greatest flaw is that you can only use her command grab for a few times, then it’s gone for good. This results in her set of mix-ups decreasing as the battle progresses, so ending the match early is better for her.


With a lot of mix-ups up in his sleeve, Hit is a pretty scary opponent that can deal massive damage with his combos. He has a solid defense and can easily counter enemies when under pressure, and he can turn the tables around without trouble when he has multiple bars at his expense. His only drawback is that he doesn’t have any projectile attacks, although he has some long-range attacks that are quite hard to dash through.

Android 18

With Android 17 on her side, Android 18 can put great pressure on her enemies even without assists from her other teammates. Much like Hit, she can also counter enemies when under pressure and chain a combo that can lead to her super. Her damage is below the average though, so don’t expect a quick battle using her. Still, her usefulness as an assist that absorbs damage and converts it into the meter makes her a great addition to your team.

Kid Buu

One of the best characters at pressuring the opponent in the game, Kid Buu’s combos are quite easy to pull off while also packing a great deal of damage. He can start combos from almost any of his attack, so a single opening can be enough for him to turn it into a disaster. His assist is also great for applying pressure, although it’s not that good for combos and mix-ups. He isn’t versatile though, and he only specializes in offense, but he really shines in it.


Very adaptable and mobile, Bardock’s move set has it all. His combo deals great damage, he has a decent corner carry, and his level one and three supers can be done both on air and ground. If you teamed him up with Vegeta, then Bardock easily has one of the best damaging sparkling combos in the game. To top it all off, he can chain in his special moves from a block, making him a solid choice in pro tournaments.

Android 16

One of the most hated characters in the game, Android 16 has a very fast command drive that can lead to a full-damage combo, which then leads to hard knockdown, making it near impossible to counter. He can also close-in the distance quickly thanks to his speed, long mediums and heavy attacks; while his normal ones have a good range so you can’t easily shake him off. He is also good at applying pressure and keeping enemies on the ground, preventing them from making aerial combos.

Goku Black

Extremely versatile like Bardock, Goku Black sits on a higher tier than the former because of his nifty teleport and full-screen command grab. He can also convert his command grab with a vanish to deal even more massive damage. His teleport skills, on the other hand, gives a lot of possibilities for his mix-ups, making him a pain to counter. His combos also deal great damage without taking much effort and he basically has every move for each category, making him fit in almost any team.


Dangerous from afar and even more dangerous up close, Cell is a mix-up monster with his teleport and full-screen command grab much like Goku Black. His projectile attacks are pretty solid, but his mix-ups and corner carry are his true treasures. Once he puts you in the corner, he can lock you in there indefinitely and deal up to 58% of your HP with just one bar of meter. He also has a solid defense, and he really doesn’t leave much room for weakness, solidifying him in 2nd place in our list.

Adult Gohan

This may not come as a surprise to some, but Adult Gohan sits on first place without much competition. Sure, he starts off weak, but he drastically gets stronger as he levels up, making it harder and harder to defeat him as the match goes on. What makes him really hard to face though is that his weakness changes as he levels up, so you have to study him in-depth unlike any other character if you want to have a chance of winning against him. Not to mention, Adult Gohan also has one of the highest 1-bar corner combo damage in the game, and he also has a move for any situation like Goku Black, making him very well-rounded and strong at most fronts.

Our final thoughts

There you have it. The top 10 best characters in the game. Don’t worry if your favorite isn’t listed on this list, as non-pro players usually don’t study the nuances of each character. What’s important is that you’re having fun, because why else are you playing if you aren’t?

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