These are the Top 8 Pudge Hooks on YouTube. End of story.

Feeders, Noobs and nerdds of the internet, we’ve all been in the situation where your team is watching in anticipation as your Pudge is hiding inconspicuously in a bush waiting for the perfect moment to get himself some fresh meat. You move into position to land the type of hook even Dendi would dream of only to accidentally hook a creep and make the walk of shame back to your tower. What follows typically is the sound of pinging and the usual ‘Well Played’ from the chat-wheel. The fact is, you are no Dendi and can’t hook to save your low MMR life! So here, we share some of my favourite hooks from recent memory that you can watch report/ping free!

Pudge MID with Amazing Blind Hook

First up we have SingSing, known for his regular Twitch-streamed pub stomping antics. Although it’s at number 8, this one is still pretty impressive as it is literally a total blind hook into the trees through a common juking spot. What makes it more impressive is that with an Anti-Mage, you have increased mobility to think about due to being able to blink anywhere. Luckily enough, dismember was off cool down and having a haste rune in addition to a blink dagger helps finish off the relatively hard to lock down Anti-Mage.

Pudge hook Anti-Mage without vision

Next we have a video from the YouTube channel ‘ToonGamesGuys’ a demonstration of what can happen when skill and a bit of luck combine forces! It’s good to see a regular none-pro pulling off hooks like this, always fun to have it happen to an Anti-Mage too not once but twice! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Anti-Mage as long as he’s on my team and can farm efficiently!

Bulldog Pudge s4 MID Anti mage syndereN CK

Surprisingly, he can play other heroes other than Natures Prophet and Brood – here’s the meme master himself, Admiral Bulldog from team Alliance with a great Force-Staff hook combo that even Undying looked to be surprised about! As you are probably aware, he normally takes the offlane or jungle so it’s something a bit different to see him play a Pudge, and more surprising to see him play Pudge competently

Na’Vi vs ROX DotaCinema

It wouldn’t be a list of ‘best hooks’ without seeing the man himself in action! Here’s Navi’s Dendi equipped with the ‘Dragonclaw hook’ cosmetic following the trend of ‘blind hooks’ as seen previously. It’s worth noting that from the spectator view here you can see what is happening in the enemy jungle but from Dendi’s perspective, the hook was totally blind. Definitely impressive stuff that shows why he is thought of as one of the best Pudge players that there is.

Pro Pudge hook

Ever wondered what would happen if Derren Brown or David Blane were Dota players? No? Well, I’d like to think that if they were, these would be the types of plays that would be made on a regular basis. It’s Another Anti-Mage hook by the seemingly psychic Pudge. Almost spooky! Can’t help but admire the Pudge song playing in the video too which was made by ‘Miracle of Sound’.

Pudge Hits Blind Hook On Charging Spirit Breaker

Now I’m not sure what scarier to a support, a charging Spirit Breaker or a Pudge ready to hook. Now you could say this hook was just pure luck and I wouldn’t argue with that, but it’s still a great hook that deserves to be in my top 3. The video is from YouTuber ‘Sample Text’. Maybe this is the Dota equivalent of someone jumping in front of a friend to save them from a bullet. Either way, check it out!

Dendi Pudge Dota 2

Here we have a great Dendi hook, this time on a Doom Bringer. You notice that a lot of pro players know exactly when to stick around, even on low HP whereas lower skill players are commonly seen walking back to the fountain to regen. Knowing when to stick around and when not to is somewhat of a sixth sense that you develop through playing a lot of Dota. Here we see just how well it can pay off for you and your team if you make this judgement correctly.

Dendi Pudge + Puppey Chen Fountain Meat Hook

Here’s the best of the best. When you first think about Pudge, it’s hard not to automatically think of Dendi and for good reason. The man is a god when it comes to owning the mid lane, and a god when it comes to playing Pudge and landing incredible hooks. The most memorable hooks that come to mind from Dendi are from ‘The International 3’. Back in the good old days when Puppey and Dendi were on the same team working all sorts of magic for Navi. Here we see the commonly criticized and controversial ‘fountain hook’ combination that has to be my favorite out of all of the other hooks listed.

Our final thoughts

So there you have it, 8 of my favorite hooks of all time that I keep coming back to. I hope you have enjoyed your time away from the trench-tier pubs that you are familiar with, hopefully you feel inspired to practice to enough to become the next Dendi hooking your way to the top, one scrub after another. Failing that you could always ping, report and feed your way to the bottom. Either way, hopefully I’ll see you in game for some fresh meat and free MMR!

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