Top 10 Best Weapons and Their Mods in DOOM (updated)

If you prefer watching videos, take a look at the best Doom weapons in action above.

But if you prefer reading the list, proceed below:

I haven’t been playing DOOM for long. But let me tell you, there are many awesome weapons to use in the game. From the Vortex Rifle to Chaingun to the Gauss Cannon, it’s simply hard to choose.

So to make it easy, I decided to rank the best weapons in DOOM and see them in action. Check them out:

Static Rifle

Also known as the Static Cannon, this unique multiplayer weapon charges up its firepower every time you move around. Funnily enough, its damage decreases when you’re, uh, static. The reason behind this is to help discourage camping and to encourage fast-paced gameplay. In its Primary Fire mode, the Static Rifle changes into a single-shot weapon that deals 20 damage per hit, which scales up to 80 precision damage when fully powered. Despite its lethal power though, this weapon ranks low in this list due to its single-shot limitation. Watch this rifle in motion in the video.

Vortex Rifle

Another multiplayer weapon, the Vortex Rifle shares some similarity with the Static Rifle in that it deals more damage when fully charged. The charging method is different though. It charges up the longer you use the scope to zoom in to your enemies, making this a great long-range weapon. The downside? Your enemies will know if you’re aiming at them because of this weapon’s laser pointer. Just take a look at the video to see how it works.

Lightning Gun

A short-range energy weapon, the Lightning Gun fires a constant stream of electricity to the target. Ouch. It can dole out 8 points of damage as a primary weapon. As a weapon mod, it’s quite powerful. This weapon can create an electrified field that when it hits a surface can damage multiple targets. Double ouch. Surprisingly, as a weapon mod, it only results in 5 damage.


Also called a Delta-12 Chaingun, this weapon deals damage at a very high rate. It’s useful when fighting strong enemies as it’s equipped with 6 rotating barrels as ammo. It also boasts a high velocity range, capable of neutralizing multiple targets. Impressed yet? Well, there have been recent changes made to the Chaingun, turning it into a ballistic weapon. As a result, it can now launch a 15mm Tungsten Slug with a muzzle velocity of almost 5,000 ft. per second.

Rocket Launcher

If you want to get extra-violent and blow your enemies to smithereens, then the Rocket Launcher suits you the best. The Rocket Launcher is one of the best weapons in DOOM but also the hardest to find. It fires rocket bursts in one shot at a large blast radius, dealing high damage to enemies. As an improved warhead, it generates an even larger rocket explosion, dealing more damage. In facts, demons hit by this weapon continue to be hit with damage as they are pierced with additional shrapnel upon detonation.

Super Shotgun

The Super Shotgun is a break-action shotgun and traditionally double-barreled. It holds two shots at a time, which penetrate through targets. But unfortunately, it cannot be fired independently. Well, unless upgraded. Unlike the other weapons though, the Super Shotgun doesn’t have any modifications.

Heavy Assault Rifle

More of a machine gun than a rifle, the Heavy Assault Rifle is a versatile weapon that shoots high-speed bullets with good accuracy, which makes it a decent weapon against fast-moving opponents. Each shot doesn’t deal much damage though, so you have to rely on multiple hits to kill your enemies. This assault rifle gets a boost from its mods though – the Tactical Scope and the Micro Missiles. Tactical Scope lets you zoom in your enemies and shoot penetrating bullets (when upgraded) for a multi-hit shot, while the Micro Missiles add, well, micro missiles to your attacks.

Plasma Rifle

The Heavy Assault Rifle’s soon-to-be replacement as the standard service rifle of the UAC, the Plasma Rifle, boasts a high-ammo capacity and shoots out flashes of plasma with minimal recoil. The only downside is that each blast is relatively slow compared to other weapons, making it harder to hit fast-moving enemies. Still, its decent damage (and available modifications) should make up for this drawback, sealing its spot in 2nd place in this list.

Gauss Cannon

A powerful weapon – in fact the second most powerful in this list – the Gauss Cannon fires off steel flechettes/metal spikes at a very high velocity with a magnetized chamber. It’s so powerful that it can kill enemies with just a single shot. Well, weaker enemies, that is. But stronger monsters like Baron of Hell or Cacodemon will need more shots in order for them to be killed. As a mod, it can be turned into a Precision Bolt which you can charge a high damage shot to nearby demons when zoomed in. It’s no question that you’ll want to have this weapon in your arsenal.

BFG 9000

The most powerful weapon on this list is none other than BFG (Big Fucking Gun) 9000. Similar to the Chainsaw, but more effective to use. This weapons fires out a green burst of plasma which damages enemies as well as vaporizes them upon impact. It also causes significant splash damage to enemies that are within the proximity of the explosion. Unlike the other weapons, it has no MOD. But then, does it have to have one?

Our final thoughts

Now that you know the powerful weapons you can use when playing DOOM, make sure to acquire them. You’d sure want to be equipped with them if you want to defeat the monster and demons in the game. So what will it be? A gun? A rifle? Or the cannon? Well, whichever you choose, you’ll have to know how to use these weapons first and foremost. So make sure to watch each video to see these powerful weapons in action. And get ready to be amazed. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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